In 1894, the United States mint in San Francisco made twenty-four coins. That's not many.

The superintendent, John Dagget, knew how valuable that they would be some day. So, he gave three of the dimes to his daughter, Hallie. "Hold on to these, my dear," he said, "and they'll be worth much more than ten cents someday."

Hallie skipped home. But on the way, she stopped in for some ice cream — and used one of the dimes that her father had just given her.

In 1981, one of the 1894 coins surfaced. It sold for $34,100! Little Hallie didn't realize the value of what she had been given.

Do you?

The people in our lives are sacred gifts from God. They might not seem like much. After all, they get bad breath, speeding tickets, and mediocre work evaluations just like everybody else. Like a dime in a pile of dimes, nothing appears to make them stand out.

But they have a value beyond anything that we can ever imagine.

James 1:17a – Every good and perfect gift is from above. (NIV)

The people around us are gifts from God. And they enrich our lives beyond anything we can ever imagine.

So today, it's simple: not squandering the amazing gifts that God has placed in our lives. Let's make sure that someone who matters to God knows how much they matter to us.

Prayer: Lord, help us to realize the value of the people that You have placed in our lives, and help us to express our appreciation in a way that honours You. In Jesus' name, we pray. Amen.

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Matthew Ruttan <>
Barrie, Ontario, Canada

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