Can Faith Really Be Lost?

November 5, 2002
by Anne Russell

Romans 6:11-12 – In the same way, count yourselves dead to sin but alive to God in Christ Jesus. Therefore do not let sin reign in your mortal body so that you obey its evil desires. (NIV)

Have you ever reached out to turn the light on and it didn't work? One time when that happened to me, my first thought was that the bulb was burned out and that I should replace it. But then I noticed that the overhead fan, which is never turned off, was also not working! My next thought was that the fuse or breaker for this part of the house was either off or defective.

As I ventured through the rest of the house, it was obvious that all of the power was off. It seemed to be ages until I noticed that the fan had started once more. I tried the light switch, and, lo and behold! the light came on. The power company had called out workers who knew how to correct the problem.

Around the same time, I met someone I had not seen all summer. Upon inquiring where this person had been, I didn't get a direct answer. It was only much later that I learned that she hadn't been out to church because something was missing. She seemed to have lost her faith.

Then I thought of the light that wouldn't glow because the main power source had been turned off.

Is this what happens when people seem to have lost their faith? Most probably, the temptations of Satan have cut off the light. How, then, do we fix that up?

With the light, I simply waited for the power company to rectify the problem. So, in the case of spiritual problems that need fixing, we must call upon God, our power source, and pray that the Holy Spirit will once more bring light back to our friends.

Although we can pray, stand by our friends, and help them talk it out, in some cases, we need to call specialists who work for the eternal power company and who know how it all works.

In other words, sometimes we need to encourage counselling. Then, as we pray and stand in our own faith, we can wait and watch for light to flow once more into that person's life.

Prayer: Dear Lord, we come to You this day, praying for people who have lost Your light in their life. They have faltered on their journey and need help. We pray that our prayers and the prayers of others will loose Satan's clutches on them, that they may seek the power that is stronger, that only comes from You. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.

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Anne Russell <>
Brampton, Ontario, Canada

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