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Eternal Joy

October 30, 2017

When the practice of Hallowe'en is upon us, I am bothered by the activities of the day. It just rubs my spiritual health the wrong way. I have seen the dark side of that day and night. For many, the scarier the decorations for the day the …( read more )

To Judge Or Not To Judge

May 29, 2017

"Judge carefully" … "Do not judge" … "Judge for yourself" … "Stop judging" – the Bible Well, is it okay to judge or not? The above texts aren't helpful, are they? It's no wonder: They're extracted from their contexts! Furthermore, …( read more )

Harassment Of Believers

March 26, 2017

We have a subscription to a Dutch-language newspaper which is published here in Canada and consists mostly of news and articles about and from the Netherlands. In the December 2016 issue, there was an article about a political party in …( read more )

Expect The Unexpected

March 19, 2017

Ominous clouds threatened as my wife and I eased into the parking space. Hot, humid weather had been the pattern for the past week, so pop-up showers had been increasing. On this particular evening, I had a wedding to officiate. A few …( read more )

Not Alone

November 28, 2016

The second I started singing "O, come, O come, Emmanuel," I knew that I was in trouble. It was going to be difficult, of course, but this soon? The first hymn of the first Sunday in Advent, 2015, and already I was crying. How was I, a …( read more )

Servant King

November 15, 2016

Recently, I attended the memorial service of a Christian friend. While I have gone to many such events, this one impacted me as no other has done. This woman's life, from the time she became a Christian, was one of service to others. The …( read more )


September 1, 2016

{Walking Sparky, I am hot. But then, today, who is not? At ninety degrees, God sends a breeze. I knew He would, 'cause He's so good. He answers me before I call, And sends His breeze for one and all.} What I have just written is called …( read more )

A Second Chance

December 24, 2015

I was eleven years old in Budapest during the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. Many Hungarians used that brief slit in the Iron Curtain to flee to the west. For domestic as well as political reasons, my 17-year-old brother took off in the …( read more )

A Flight Of Fancy

August 11, 2015

Looking out the front window, I notice that the sky is a lovely shade of blue with many white, fluffy clouds adding to its beauty. However, as I step out the front door in anticipation of a refreshing walk with my dog, Sparky, I am …( read more )

God's Reset Button

January 10, 2015

A reset button is a useful feature whenever things go berserk — like when our television screen goes jiggly or our computer freezes up. A simple push of the reset button or a click on the restart icon sets things back in order. It's …( read more )

Heed The Warnings

February 26, 2014

It seems that this winter has brought storms and weather in severity that some places haven't seen before, or for many years. The Great Lakes in North America contain one-fifth of the world's fresh water. For the first time in decades, …( read more )


September 16, 2013

Recently, I went to the local bike shop to see about handlebar tape for my bike. I have been using hockey tape on them, but over time, it seems to get sticky, so I decided to see what the bike shop sold. I didn't let on that I had been …( read more )

The Clock

May 17, 2013

One of the most treasured gifts I own is a wall clock which was given to me by my mother when I moved into my very first apartment. Throughout my life, this battery-operated clock has been my companion as I have moved; it has survived for …( read more )

Upon This Rock

November 13, 2011

In 155 A. D., Polycarp, bishop of Smyrna (Izmir, in modern Turkey), entered the arena. Before an angry, bloodthirsty crowd, the proconsul tried to persuade him to renounce his faith in Christ at the age of 86: But when the … (read more)

Spiritual Gifts

June 15, 2010

A while back in our small group, we were talking about our spiritual gifts. So we decided to do a survey to see what our individual spiritual gifts are. We realized that we all knew ourselves pretty well in that … (read more)

Seasons Of Growth

March 23, 2010

Living in New Brunswick, Canada, we are certainly well acquainted with the seasons. Every season brings with it its own unique beauty. While I may complain about the cold winter weather (more so since getting older) and scooping the snow, … (read more)

A Joyous Welcome

December 8, 2009

When I think of hospitality, the image that comes to mind is my golden retriever's greeting for my son. When my son comes back for a Christmas visit, she absolutely throws herself at him. Tail wagging and tongue lolling, she … (read more)


November 24, 2009

Midge is one of my smallest dogs. She is a silver dapple, long-haired dachshund, and she is very special. Midge loves everybody. No matter who comes to our door, she graciously welcomes them with her gently wagging tail and quiet … (read more)

First Time For Everything

March 19, 2009

I am sure that we have heard it before: "There is a first time for everything." Locking keys in the car fits into this category, as I found out today. I have been driving for thirty years, and locking my … (read more)

Missing The Obvious

April 27, 2008

I have been driving for just over thirty years. When I first began to drive, it was very rare to have to put your own gasoline in your car. Over the years, it has become harder and harder to come … (read more)

Giving Our Gifts

January 26, 2008

Recently, I had lunch with two young men who both want to serve the Lord. One of them is a pastor who is in between churches at the moment. The other is a person who survived a horrific accident three … (read more)

Our Aunt

January 16, 2008

After caring for our elderly aunt, aged 89, from a distance for a while, the doctor told my husband and me that our aunt was no longer capable of living on her own. She was suffering from Alzheimer's. We then … (read more)


January 9, 2008

A while back, in our small group, we were talking about our spiritual gifts. We decided to do a survey to see what our individual spiritual gifts were. We realized that we all knew ourselves pretty well in that area. … (read more)

Pass It On

December 9, 2006

All right! I admit it! I am a regifter! I disagree with the few social experts who insist that it is indelicate at the very least and downright rude at its worst. I regift. I learned it from no stranger. … (read more)

On A Trial Basis

October 17, 2005

I can remember when all stores were closed on Sundays. Even gas stations had hours late Saturday evening and early Monday morning but were closed on Sundays. There was a store in Toronto that even closed all its show windows … (read more)

Bread Breakers

July 22, 2005

One of the best programs that our church offers is called "Bread Breakers". For six months in the year — usually October through March — people in our congregation open up their homes, once per month, on a Friday or … (read more)

Sign Language

October 30, 2001

In our short lane, there are signs at the end of each driveway. One sign is a national flag. Another simply sports a surname. A third displays a fire number. But the fourth and fifth driveway signs really intrigue me. … (read more)

Strangely Silent

September 12, 2001

The sky is blue, with only a few puffy white clouds drifting by. I saw the last of the diverted aircraft landing at Toronto's Pearson International Airport. Everywhere I went it seemed strangely silent. Tragedy has struck our neighbours to … (read more)

Going To The Birds

August 21, 2001

Alex and Ivy form a very entertaining couple. She is devoted to him and he to her. They do, however, have their moments, when the air becomes heavy with tension, or to be more precise, ruffled feathers! Alex and Ivy … (read more)

Babies In Christ

August 12, 2001

The other day in church, I was observing a young child playing with a very unusual toy. The child had a candy-cane-shaped container, filled with chocolate candy, and he was using it as a hook. All throughout the service, the … (read more)

A Dog By Any Other Name

October 22, 2000

About three years ago, our daughter, who had recently returned home from university and was living in the new apartment we had fixed up for her in our basement, asked if she could bring a dog home. We already had … (read more)

Add Ministering To Our Thanks

October 8, 2000

Several years ago, I noticed there was a Clergy Appreciation Day. Considering that we sleep for about 8 hours a day, the remaining 16 hours aren't very long to extend one's thanks to someone who is virtually on call 24 … (read more)

The Ring

May 7, 2000

Years ago, I wore a little family ring on the last finger of my left hand, but had long since moved it to the last finger on my right hand. One night recently, thinking a change was in order, I … (read more)

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