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Faith, Focus, Follow

November 26, 2014

Joshua and Caleb have profoundly influenced my life with their faith and optimism. As two of the twelve spies sent forth to give an account of the promised land, they alone returned with a positive report, in stark contrast to the …( read more )

Giants Or Grasshoppers?

February 27, 2011

As our reconciled family was moving on in the knowledge and love of our Lord, we found ourselves failing to maintain godly peace in our home, which resulted in devastating, ugly, harmful, warring disharmony. Mercifully, God's all-powerful revelation truth did … (read more)

Let's Go In

July 4, 2000

One morning last week on the way to work a song came on the radio that recounted this very story from the book of Numbers. The title of it was, appropriately, "Let's Go In". The song really got me thinking … (read more)

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