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Let Him Go

January 27, 2007

Having things we love in this world can bring us great comfort and also great pain, for example, our cat — an inside cat that somehow got outside. He had been sick just a month before, so this added to … (read more)

Grieving The Holy Spirit

February 15, 2006

Last summer a rock was thrown into the window at the gym where I work out. It was no little rock. It was huge. The whole big window was smashed into tiny splinters all over the carpet. The damage was … (read more)

"Oh, My God"

January 7, 2005

Most Christians cringe when they hear profanity in the world. "In the good old days", the misuse of God's name seemed to come only from hard-living, tough-looking fellows standing on street corners. Just last week while watching an episode of … (read more)

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