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Sweet Potato

May 30, 2014

A small apartment is my home now, and the many tiny gifts given to me over the years decoratively enhance my room. There are some angel figurines, pictures, and Bible verses around that make my simple existence comfortable and content. I …( read more )

Faithful Servants

April 22, 2014

It has been an eye-opener to me to find the many servants representing Jesus in my life. Many have shown their special gift in servanthood, walking the second mile with me. I recall an incident when I enquired of church members if any …( read more )

Bible Study

March 28, 2014

I had moved to a new community and looked for a church to go to, a church that would be Christ-centred and welcoming for a newcomer. In no time, I was involved in a Bible study, and at one point, I was asked how I had found the study. My …( read more )


February 25, 2014

I was told by medical personnel not to be surprised about some symptoms that I was asking about. They said that at 85, one can expect signs of memory loss, pains that were not there before, or dimming eyesight. At one point, a healthcare …( read more )

In All Things

February 5, 2014

I think of the many situations where, looking back, it was obvious that something supernatural was taking place, but I didn't know at the time that it was God with me. Each situation was a stepping stone to walk with God more closely, …( read more )


January 23, 2014

It has become difficult for me to position my left hand over the keyboard. I keep on finding new words coming out that do not make any sense. It is like having a strange limb that does not know what it is doing. I am, of course, asking …( read more )

To God Be The Glory

November 25, 2013

It is always a joy to be with family after a long absence. For many years, I have been settled, living on my own. My large family keeps in touch, except for a few who have become distanced for whatever reasons. A recent family …( read more )

Oh, How I Love Jesus!

November 18, 2013

Lately, I have had more trips to medical appointments, in turn resulting in more tests, even in a neighbouring city. To find the distant places can be a challenge, but if instructions are given to ease the way, it is easy and …( read more )

Rushing Waters

November 9, 2013

My years in farm country were filled with lessons from each changing season. When rainy season came, it would rain for days. The rush of rain was heavy at times and the downpour loud. There would be damage where the streams of water made …( read more )

River Of Pleasure

October 30, 2013

In the midst of mundane happenings and basic, routine, everyday tasks, some days turn out to be extraordinary. So it was when I walked to a nearby store and the only thing occupying my mind was the item that I needed from that particular …( read more )

An Outing

October 15, 2013

On a sunny spring afternoon a few years ago, I took a drive around my new neighbourhood, on roads unfamiliar to a newcomer. Nevertheless, I enjoyed my outing in the farm country where more fields opened to the view, with farm houses a …( read more )


September 19, 2013

At 84, I think of childhood days, and some events come vividly to mind. There came a time when my parents bought a building lot from a farmer just on the other side of the river where we lived. The foundation for our new home was made of …( read more )

Meaning And Purpose

September 2, 2013

Recently, I have had a need for a computer technician. It has been amazing to watch a young person going through the different phases of fixing my computer, clicking keys to control the manifold systems with understanding and skill, …( read more )

Family Reunion

August 27, 2013

Once again, a family reunion was arranged, and many of the family journeyed hundreds of kilometres to be together. From the beginning, there was excitement, anticipation, and joyful preparations for the event. The destination property …( read more )

Extraction Of A Tooth

July 25, 2013

It did not take long to seek for help for my toothache. I was able to put up with the increasing pain for only a day. A phone call was quickly made and an appointment set for dental evaluation. I was yelping in pain when I was told that …( read more )

Music Lessons

June 22, 2013

My daughter gives music lessons. I watch the children come for their lessons with mom or dad, the little feet eagerly stepping in; some come running to the door. I hear the little hands on the keys getting a song together. Whether the …( read more )

Blind Spots

May 30, 2013

It was years ago when I was still young, married, and already had two children. We came to Canada as a family, with enthusiasm, learning about life in a new country. In two years, we had an old model car, and after getting his driver's …( read more )

Why Go To Church?

May 11, 2013

It was a windy Sunday morning to walk the few blocks to church. The wind was against me as if trying to keep me from getting ahead. Debris was flying all around, and the wind's fury tried to pick me up every step of the way. Having some …( read more )

I Will Pray For You

April 27, 2013

It is nothing short of a miracle when a Christian has an open opportunity to say, "I will pray for you! Do you know Jesus loves you?" One day, I was sitting on a park bench when two young men stopped to share a weed. I got up and went …( read more )

Decisions, Decisions!

March 13, 2013

My desk lamp was not the best light for my purposes, yet I lived with it. Although the lamp was seemingly otherwise in good condition, I did not realize that I was being blinded by the silently harmful light. For years, I let it be my …( read more )

Godly Recycling

February 16, 2013

The seasons change almost too quickly for my liking. But this is the way it is, and I must comply, even though I would prefer to see a recycling of the times from bad to better – a recycling of all that lacks consideration and …( read more )

War Christmas

December 24, 2012

Why is it that we rarely appreciate what we have, until it is taken from us by financial circumstances, natural disasters, or war?

It was on November 30, 1939, my tenth birthday, that Russia attacked eastern Finland. We said goodbye to …( read more )

Knits And Purls

December 10, 2012

Knitting has been one of my hobbies, and although I'm not an expert, knitted items for family and friends are especially found under the Christmas tree.

I keep an eye on the rows so that the pattern stays uniform in all the knits and …( read more )

Their First Encounter

November 12, 2012

"Where has the time gone, anyway?" I was wondering out loud, looking at the date while routinely opening the restaurant for another day. Coffee was hot and ready, and in silent devotion to God, I sent a prayer heavenward: *Dear God, …( read more )

Seasons Of God's Redeeming Love

October 7, 2012

Just a little while ago, springtime — a season of rebirth and awakening — brought new life, leading to the bounty of summer. But summer is over, and another season has followed. Walking hand-in-hand with joy and hope have come … (read more)

Giant Knees

September 26, 2012

Taking my usual health walk one day, I took a rest on a park bench before continuing my effort. So it was that the tiniest of tiny bugs flew to rest on my knee. With my poor vision, how I … (read more)


September 5, 2012

Recently, I experienced a setback in regard to a simple surgical procedure on my eyes. I had carefully completed all the needed preparations for the forty-five-minute surgery, only to be told at the last minute that it had to be … (read more)

The Spring Of Water

June 22, 2012

I had heard of a spring where one could go for drinking water. I packed bottles in my car and drove the distance to fill them with clear water. The drive in itself through the country was enjoyable. Rolling fields … (read more)

The Checker Game

June 5, 2012

My twelve-year old grandson asked if he could install some games on my computer, knowing that I am not a game person. I gave him permission to install a couple, waiting to see what games he had in his mind … (read more)

High Wind – Higher Faith

April 20, 2012

A 100-kilometre-per-hour wind seemed like a lot more on my seventh-floor balcony when I struggled to get out to remedy a situation that had the two chairs on the balcony in the gusting wind. One was securely tied into the … (read more)

The Feet Of Those Who Bring Good News

February 26, 2012

Since the new year, I have renewed an old habit of distributing gospel of Christ tracts with the title, Four Things God Wants You to Know. My daily walks around the block also mean opportunities to talk to people passing … (read more)

Spiritual Skates

February 5, 2012

My walks take me by a skating rink, and I enjoy watching the young and old pleasure skating to music that swells from speakers. A young one who barely walks is in good form with small skates and loving hands … (read more)

The Gift Of Giving

December 22, 2011

I have knitted a few sweaters, socks, and such for family and friends to open as Christmas presents. I am a steady customer at the wool shop, and while shopping, I meet other grandmothers selecting wool for baby shawls, afghans, … (read more)

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