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The Lesson

May 13, 2009

Over the past five years, my daughter and I have experienced one heartache after another, as we have been used or abused by people. Financially, we lost a large amount, due to a close relative who cheated us. I lost … (read more)

Rolled Away

April 12, 2009

Sometimes our situation seems impossible. I have gone through many such times. I have lost family. Jobs have been terminated. Finances have gone by the wayside. Such situations boggle the mind. They are simply unmanageable without help. In musing upon … (read more)

The Christ-Bearer

April 5, 2009

As Jesus rode into Jerusalem, He did so, riding upon a donkey — a young colt. The little donkey took him through the throngs of people crowding the city. Many were thrilled to see Him and acknowledge Him for who … (read more)

"Behind You"

March 24, 2009

I am the baker in a busy little shop where there is one phrase which we all hear over and over again: "Behind you." When I am busy carrying loaded trays or straps of bread from the proofing room, I … (read more)

P.S. I Love You

March 21, 2009

In our home, Sunday evening is movie night. We open our home to anyone who would like to come for fellowship and to enjoy a movie. Recently, we watched a film entitled, "P.S. I Love You." The story is about … (read more)

The Learning Process

February 11, 2009

Learning to use my first computer was a long, tedious task. Today, however, I wonder how I could ever get by without it. Learning to lean on Jesus is also a task which can take much practice and perseverance. We … (read more)

Purrfect Contentment

February 1, 2009

Once again, I was awakened by a loud, contented purring close to my ear. My old cat Ginger was at it again. Well advanced in age, he finds it difficult, due to his old teeth, to chew dry food anymore. … (read more)

The Procrastinator

January 13, 2009

A person I once knew lived in a very remote area with a driveway that was almost inaccessible in good weather and absolutely impossible to navigate during the winter months. One year as winter approached, the heating oil tank needed … (read more)

The Greatest Gift

December 24, 2008

As Christmas fast approaches, we spend time contemplating the best gift we can give to those on our list. When we choose successfully, not only do we bring joy to them, but also our own hearts are greatly blessed. How … (read more)

The Perfect One

December 21, 2008

One of the things I enjoy most about Christmas is the traditional tree. Last year, my daughter and I drove miles before discovering the perfect specimen. Hiking through deep snow, I was eager to reach and take home my prize. … (read more)

Fence Jumping

December 12, 2003

We once had a dog that always had to go over the fence! Sarah was never content with the space at hand, even though she had ten acres where she could run and romp and play. At the time, we … (read more)

Where Are You Looking?

December 8, 2003

As Christmas approaches, I am reminded of a habit my collie, Belle, exhibits whenever we are out walking, and another person or vehicle approaches us from behind. Instead of continuing to look forward while she is walking, she tries to … (read more)

One Of The Best Gifts

December 4, 2003

Pepper came from the local dog pound. Gregarious and active, he loved nothing better than our walks to the post office each morning. One morning, however, all that changed. Another much bigger dog was tied to the fence in front … (read more)

Wide Steps

November 3, 2002

Our home is perched on a hillside, overlooking a lovely, quiet body of water. Until this summer, to reach our basement or to proceed to the lake's calm shore, we have always had to pick our way carefully down that … (read more)

Keep Going!

August 20, 2002

It all began with a mental pep talk. I can do this, I thought, just one board at a time. Our deck is quite large and was desperately in need of staining. The job was mine to accomplish. The heat … (read more)

Ear Problems

June 7, 2002

Our hound, Grace, had grungy ears. Smelly, dark, oily yuck coated the inner ear canals, even blocking them in some places, impairing her hearing and causing her great discomfort. Allergies seemed to be the culprit behind this phenomenon. According to … (read more)

Down the Line

June 4, 2002

The fence around our daughter's yard had been going up nicely, but now there was a problem. The section we were working on would not line up properly. Though it was at ground level at the previous post, it was … (read more)

The Secret

June 1, 2002

Have you ever thought about the fact that flowers have no choice whatsoever as to where they are planted? Bulbs tend to be planted by gardeners. Some seeds are planted, but many are scattered. Some are picked up by the … (read more)

Look Who Forgot!

January 23, 2002

My dachshund, Toby, is very clever. Sometimes, however, he does not want to listen to me, or he forgets to do what I ask him. One day, Toby went to work with me at the church. In my office, he … (read more)

What An Example

December 21, 2001

Joseph, called upon by God to stand by his pregnant fianc

True Love

December 18, 2001

When Joseph discovered that Mary was pregnant and decided to break their engagement, he was not aware who had fathered the child. This revelation did not come until after his mind was made up. Joseph's decision was righteous, and not … (read more)


December 13, 2001

It was the week before Christmas. Calgary, Alberta, Canada, had just become our new home and we were excited about going Christmas tree shopping. The first Christmas tree lot that we visited was a great disappointment, as the trees resembled … (read more)

Sign Language

October 30, 2001

In our short lane, there are signs at the end of each driveway. One sign is a national flag. Another simply sports a surname. A third displays a fire number. But the fourth and fifth driveway signs really intrigue me. … (read more)

The Second Chance

September 25, 2001

The phone would ring and the vet would be on the other end. "Can you come? Another dog has arrived." Sometimes the animal had been abandoned. Sometimes it had been abused, flung from a car travelling the highway, and rescued … (read more)

The Overcomer

September 22, 2001

Tammi, our Sheltie, was already two when she joined our family. Having previously lived in a kennel, she was also incredibly shy. She was so timid, in fact, that she would literally climb up the back of my legs and … (read more)

The Cauliflower Tree

September 11, 2001

It had been a hot sunny day, and we had spent most of the afternoon at the town pool. As we meandered home, stopping to chat with a neighbour here and there, or pet one of the many dogs behind … (read more)

The Road

September 7, 2001

Crews had been working on our road for almost two years. Then, one day, they were done! Interestingly enough, the final section to be completed was right where we lived, as the crews had worked from either end toward the … (read more)

Going To The Birds

August 21, 2001

Alex and Ivy form a very entertaining couple. She is devoted to him and he to her. They do, however, have their moments, when the air becomes heavy with tension, or to be more precise, ruffled feathers! Alex and Ivy … (read more)


July 28, 2001

We could only choose one out of all the needy dogs at the animal shelter and we chose Grace. Tied up, pregnant and abandoned, left to die before the age of two, she had been discovered by a shelter worker … (read more)

God's Real Home

July 22, 2001

This past week people were devastated when one of the oldest and most beautiful churches in our district burned to the ground. Everything perished. The one-of-a-kind inscriptions of the creed, the Lord's Prayer and the Ten Commandments, lovingly hand-carved by … (read more)


June 30, 2001

Pepper came to us at the age of 16 weeks from the local pound. He was due to be euthanized the afternoon of the day my husband asked me (in the morning) to see about locating a watchdog for our … (read more)

Inside Out!

June 29, 2001

As I was cleaning windows last week, I realized anew that cleaning only one side would not complete the job. When I first began, I thought that only the outside really needed doing. Yet as I wiped away the film … (read more)


June 10, 2001

On my knees cleaning the bathtub, I was not aware of what was happening behind me, until it was too late! First came the growl-like "Woof", then the thud, then the scream. Leaping up, I turned to discover our cocker … (read more)

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