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What An Example

December 21, 2001

Joseph, called upon by God to stand by his pregnant fianc

True Love

December 18, 2001

When Joseph discovered that Mary was pregnant and decided to break their engagement, he was not aware who had fathered the child. This revelation did not come until after his mind was made up. Joseph's decision was righteous, and not … (read more)


December 13, 2001

It was the week before Christmas. Calgary, Alberta, Canada, had just become our new home and we were excited about going Christmas tree shopping. The first Christmas tree lot that we visited was a great disappointment, as the trees resembled … (read more)

Sign Language

October 30, 2001

In our short lane, there are signs at the end of each driveway. One sign is a national flag. Another simply sports a surname. A third displays a fire number. But the fourth and fifth driveway signs really intrigue me. … (read more)

The Second Chance

September 25, 2001

The phone would ring and the vet would be on the other end. "Can you come? Another dog has arrived." Sometimes the animal had been abandoned. Sometimes it had been abused, flung from a car travelling the highway, and rescued … (read more)

The Overcomer

September 22, 2001

Tammi, our Sheltie, was already two when she joined our family. Having previously lived in a kennel, she was also incredibly shy. She was so timid, in fact, that she would literally climb up the back of my legs and … (read more)

The Cauliflower Tree

September 11, 2001

It had been a hot sunny day, and we had spent most of the afternoon at the town pool. As we meandered home, stopping to chat with a neighbour here and there, or pet one of the many dogs behind … (read more)

The Road

September 7, 2001

Crews had been working on our road for almost two years. Then, one day, they were done! Interestingly enough, the final section to be completed was right where we lived, as the crews had worked from either end toward the … (read more)

Going To The Birds

August 21, 2001

Alex and Ivy form a very entertaining couple. She is devoted to him and he to her. They do, however, have their moments, when the air becomes heavy with tension, or to be more precise, ruffled feathers! Alex and Ivy … (read more)


July 28, 2001

We could only choose one out of all the needy dogs at the animal shelter and we chose Grace. Tied up, pregnant and abandoned, left to die before the age of two, she had been discovered by a shelter worker … (read more)

God's Real Home

July 22, 2001

This past week people were devastated when one of the oldest and most beautiful churches in our district burned to the ground. Everything perished. The one-of-a-kind inscriptions of the creed, the Lord's Prayer and the Ten Commandments, lovingly hand-carved by … (read more)


June 30, 2001

Pepper came to us at the age of 16 weeks from the local pound. He was due to be euthanized the afternoon of the day my husband asked me (in the morning) to see about locating a watchdog for our … (read more)

Inside Out!

June 29, 2001

As I was cleaning windows last week, I realized anew that cleaning only one side would not complete the job. When I first began, I thought that only the outside really needed doing. Yet as I wiped away the film … (read more)


June 10, 2001

On my knees cleaning the bathtub, I was not aware of what was happening behind me, until it was too late! First came the growl-like "Woof", then the thud, then the scream. Leaping up, I turned to discover our cocker … (read more)

Following His Lead

June 5, 2001

I can count on my dog, Buddy! He will get me home, come sleet or snow, rain or hail, heat or darkness. Buddy is reliable and will keep me on the right path that leads me home. I, however, must … (read more)


May 28, 2001

Our black Labrador retriever, Cherry, had one goal in mind: grabbing the roast from the oven! As I opened the stove door and began pulling out the rack in order to baste the sizzling meat, she made her move! Her … (read more)

Joey Been

January 25, 2001

Joey Been was a wanderer, hence his name: he'd been everywhere! Thus when our cat did not come home one day, we were not overly concerned. By the third day, I began actively to call him. After a week, the … (read more)

52 Colouring Books

December 29, 2000

When I was five years old, I received the most wonderful Christmas present: 52 colouring books, each with 7 pages — one book for every week of the year, one page for every day of the week. A large box … (read more)

Christmas Enthusiasm

December 12, 2000

Having five dogs is always interesting! In fact on any given day, there is seldom a dull moment in our home. As Christmas approaches, however, the term "interesting" rises to a brand new level. Once the dogs' Christmas presents are … (read more)

Christmas Ribbons

December 8, 2000

The little bells gently tinkled as I took them from their box: family heirlooms, Christmas treasures, to be cherished from one generation to the next. The faded scarlet ribbons from which they hung were mere slips of what they had … (read more)

Journey To Bethlehem

December 2, 2000

The story of Christ's birth is probably one of the most touching stories ever told — a young and very pregnant woman journeying by donkey and foot to a town far away, only to be met by closed doors and … (read more)

Ever Watchful

December 1, 2000

The other night, the dogs and I almost got caught in the dark on an unlit road winding through the forest. Upon arriving home from work, I quickly glanced at the setting sun before starting out and figured we had … (read more)

Seeking And Taking

November 20, 2000

Now that the hours of daylight in our part of the world are increasingly shorter, my daily walking routine with the dogs is anything but routine! And if the dogs and I are to maintain our physical exercise, I must … (read more)

The Fullness Of Barren Times

November 14, 2000

The landscape seems so barren, now that the trees have been stripped of their foliage. Yet, I can see so much more: the neighbours' house across the way; the far side of the lake; the dogs as they run through … (read more)

Simon Gobble Up

October 29, 2000

Our dog Simon loved food. He would eat almost anything! One time he consumed a whole pound of cooked bacon — our supper. A loaf of bread, a chocolate cake that wasn't even for his birthday, plus all the candles … (read more)

The Generosity Of Receiving

October 26, 2000

A friend of mine is quite elderly and frail. In the past he has always been a dynamic man and enjoyed giving generously to others. Now, however, since experiencing three minor strokes plus the death of his wife a month … (read more)

Place And Pace

October 18, 2000

Walking five dogs successfully requires a system. Each of the dogs therefore has a place within the fan shape that is most effective when walking a number of creatures. If one or more of the dogs begin crossing over or … (read more)

Seize The Moment

September 18, 2000

But how can people call for help if they don't know whom to trust? And how can they know whom to trust if they haven't heard of the One who can be trusted? And how can they hear if nobody … (read more)

Looking Back

August 7, 2000

It was a gorgeous summer raspberry-picking day! My daughter and I packed up our containers and motored away. Disappointment awaited, however, as the patch had been almost picked out. Still, we had travelled a fair distance to our destination, so … (read more)

The Reflection

July 23, 2000

As I walked my dogs along the road beside our lake, I was impressed by the scenic beauty reflected in the still waters. So perfect was the reflection, if I had photographed the moment it would have been difficult to … (read more)

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