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Sometimes I Forget

April 6, 2000

Lately I have been watching some war movies. I like the way that they deal with some ethical issues. One thing I have noticed now is that in a lot of war movies you can usually find a group of … (read more)

Carrying Our Bibles

March 26, 2000

One thing I have noticed while going to some churches is that many people do not carry their Bibles with them. I have always wondered why this is so. I have seen Bible studies where people come without a Bible. … (read more)

Putting On A Uniform

March 22, 2000

When I was in high school, I had a good friend with whom I did a lot of things. One thing we did that we should not have done was drink. Our parents found out about our drinking. My friend's … (read more)

Do Not Touch That

March 20, 2000

When I was serving in the navy, I worked on electronics, so I had access to electric components. One of those components was a capacitor, a device that stores up electricity. I used to charge up these capacitors, and then … (read more)

I Am A Big Boy, Daddy

March 14, 2000

My son is four years old now. He is starting to get to the age where he wants to do everything on his own, and he is realizing that he is no longer a little baby. I always find it … (read more)

Going To The Doctor's Office

March 8, 2000

Probably like most men, I do not like to go to the doctor. I hurt my back, and it has caused me pain for years. It was not until my wife finally just took things into her own hands by … (read more)

Give Him Praise

March 5, 2000

Earlier last year, my brother was lying in a coma and his brain activity had almost ceased. I thought that this was it for him. I was making arrangements to fly home so I could be there when he passed … (read more)

Speed Limit Signs

February 26, 2000

As drivers or passengers on the roads, all of us have seen speed limit signs. These signs tell us what the maximum safe speed is for travel on a given road. Now we can travel at that speed and have … (read more)

Why Me Of All People?

February 24, 2000

Recently, I talked to a lady from China via the Internet. As we chatted, the topic of religion came up. She told me that she went to church, but that she could not believe in Jesus. I asked why, and … (read more)

Climbing The Corporate Ladder

February 22, 2000

I asked a friend recently how he enjoyed his week's vacation at home with his three kids while his wife was gone. He told me that he had enjoyed his time so much that he wished he could quit his … (read more)

Wedding Band Mark

February 15, 2000

When I was serving in the navy, I noticed something that always bothered me. Guys who were married would take their wedding rings off to go out to clubs. They did it so that the women they met there would … (read more)

Talking To A Wall

February 8, 2000

The other night I was trying to get my son ready for bed. I had called him down several times to his room to get changed, but he did not respond. He was busy doing his own thing. Finally, I … (read more)

Fear Of Rejection

January 30, 2000

One thing I have struggled with in my life has been the fear of rejection. I just never wanted to face rejection. When I was in high school, I never had a date, because I was afraid of being rejected. … (read more)

Let It Snow, Let It Snow

January 26, 2000

When I moved to Alaska, one thing I noticed was that there are not many lawns which are taken care of. I like a nice lawn, because I like to go out and enjoy it in the summertime. But up … (read more)

Baking A Cake

January 22, 2000

I do not like to admit it a whole lot, but I do enjoy baking. One thing I have learned through mistakes is that the ingredients for a cake must be added correctly. There is a reason why the measurement … (read more)

Eye Surgery

January 12, 2000

When my son was born, he had a lazy eye. As he got older, the eye got worse, because he was not using the eye. When we took him to the doctor we were told that if nothing were done … (read more)

Upstairs Heat

January 7, 2000

In my home, my wood burning stove is located on the upstairs level. This is great to keep the upstairs of the house heated, but the downstairs does not get any of the warmth which is put off by the … (read more)

Opening The Gate

January 3, 2000

At my place of employment, we must have a fence around our site for security reasons. There is a gate that is about ten feet wide, where a person can enter in their vehicle. The motor that was opening this … (read more)

Home Abroad

November 19, 1999

When I was serving in the American Navy, one thing I noticed through my travels was that the ship we sailed on was for us America. When in a foreign land, one could always come back on the ship and … (read more)

Running The Chainsaw

November 9, 1999

With winter coming once again, I need to get wood cut so I can use it to heat my house. My brother-in-law gave me wood from his lot, which he is clearing. Since he had been clearing this area, most … (read more)

Casting Shadows

November 4, 1999

The work that I perform involves tracking satellites. To accomplish this we use satellite-tracking dishes, which are very similar to TV satellite dishes. There is the dish portion and then the feed, which is mounted in front of the dish. … (read more)

Playing Children's Games

October 27, 1999

My son is four years old and in that stage where he likes to play games. When we get home for the evening, I am usually recruited to play these games. Sometimes this is difficult for me. When one plays … (read more)

Camouflage Christian

October 16, 1999

Hunting season has come around once again this year. I remember that, when I first started to hunt, one of the regulations in the area in which I was hunting required hunters to wear at least 100 square inches of … (read more)

Potato Chips: No One Can Eat Just One

October 14, 1999

One thing I enjoy doing is getting a good movie to watch on a Saturday night, and sitting back with a big bag of potato chips, watching the movie while I munch away on the chips. I must admit that … (read more)

Cleaning The Woodshed

October 9, 1999

When my family and I moved into our new home, the previous owners had left a bunch of firewood in the shed. I started to go through this wood to see how much of it I could use. As I … (read more)

Lost And Alone?

October 1, 1999

The first fall I went hunting here in Alaska, the weather was rather warm for the time of year. As a result of this warm weather, the leaves had not yet fallen off the trees. So when we got out … (read more)

Learning And Growing

September 27, 1999

As many of you know, my brother was recently in the hospital. He had fallen into a coma, and things did not look too good. My brother was born blind, and had retarded growth. He has always suffered from seizures … (read more)

Dirty Coffee Cup

September 23, 1999

One of the coffee cups I have in my office is a white one. I like to drink coffee at work, so my cup gets some good use. I am also lazy because I do not like to wash my … (read more)

Pulling Suckers

September 16, 1999

I enjoy having a garden during the summer. I enjoy growing things, and I love the taste of fresh vegetables, which are sometimes hard to get here in Alaska. I really like fresh tomatoes, so I try to take very … (read more)

Designated Hitter

August 28, 1999

I remember as a young child asking my dad why there were designated hitters in the game of baseball. Why was it that normally pitchers do not bat, but must have a designated hitter to take their place in the … (read more)

Team Member

August 22, 1999

When one joins the armed forces here in the United States, one must go through boot camp. I went through the navy's boot camp to prepare for my service. Upon our arrival, we had our heads shaved, and we all … (read more)

What About Tomorrow?

August 19, 1999

As a parent, it is easy to worry about our children. I worry about my son when he goes to day-care. Will he be safe there? I worry about the bad things which happen in the world, and whether I … (read more)

I Was There

August 14, 1999

In the mid-1980's I enjoyed the group U2. I enjoyed their music and some of their lyrics. One song that I enjoyed a great deal was called "When Love Comes To Town". I liked this song because the group did … (read more)

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