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Amazing Grace

July 19, 2000

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, That saved a wretch like me! I once was lost, but now am found; Was blind but now I see. For approximately two months, as a Pastoral Visitor, I have been visiting someone who … (read more)


June 13, 2000

"Mom, I am so looking forward to coming home for a week!" exclaimed my youngest daughter over the telephone. Cindy, in her second year of university, was coming home during "Reading Week", always an anticipated pleasure! In reality though, she … (read more)

The Visitation

May 28, 2000

I have recently completed an eight-week pastoral visitation-training programme and have learned a great deal. I have always enjoyed talking and listening to people, as every person has a story to tell. We just need to take the time to … (read more)


April 15, 2000

Have you ever driven along on a highway or road and just happened to notice how a branch from one tree and another branch from another tree criss-crossed and formed a "cross" — but then as you drove by very … (read more)

Dark Skies

April 7, 2000

One of the hardest things that I have ever done in my life was to visit a friend in the hospital who was dying of cancer on the brain stem and the liver. I had just recently started visiting her. … (read more)

In The Eyes Of The Beholder

April 1, 2000

Do you know that God knew you even before you were born? He formed each one as He wanted. He is the Potter and we are the clay. Each one of us is a precious child of God, a masterpiece, … (read more)

Washing Laundry

February 21, 2000

The other morning I was sorting the laundry into piles of cottons, polyesters, darks, whites, and heavily soiled clothes. My usual, mundane ritual of sorting and throwing the various piles of clothing into the washing machine turned into an adventure … (read more)

Body Talk

February 7, 2000

In my living room is a sectional sofa. This sofa is approximately fifteen years "old". It has endured claw marks by our cats, being jumped on by our children, and getting sprayed on by different kinds of foods and drinks. … (read more)

A Blanket Of Snow

January 25, 2000

It is snowing again today. Each white flake that is falling is intricately different from every other. Each one is a perfectly designed work of art. The snowflakes remind me of how God has created each one of us very … (read more)

A Sacrificial Resolution

January 11, 2000

With the new millennium at hand, I have thought about doing something — like losing a few unwanted pounds. I have been on numerous diets in the past, only to realize at the end that short-term diets do not work … (read more)

A Happy Ending

December 30, 1999

Have you ever read a story in a book that you never wanted to end? One time that happened to me. The story had me laughing, crying, amazed and intrigued as I turned the pages. At times, I imagined myself … (read more)

Wonderful News

December 21, 1999

Recently I became a first-time grandmother. What a wonderful feeling! What anticipation! What a miracle! What wonderful news! Sierra Marie was born on September 16th, weighing 4 pounds 9 ounces, and six weeks premature. A preemie! So tiny, so precious! … (read more)

A Plastic Revelation

December 15, 1999

A few years ago, a piece of plastic, approximately 7" long, 2" wide and 1/8" thick, was circulated and sold everywhere. This piece of plastic had a solid background, and the forefront had tiny lines in the middle, going upwards, … (read more)

A Renewed Encounter

November 24, 1999

Do you remember that special day when you first asked Jesus into your heart? I remember that special day very well and the events and situations that came with it. I remember writing, "Jesus saves!" and "Jesus loves you!" on … (read more)

Shiny Tree Trunks

November 7, 1999

Not long ago, I was looking out my kitchen window and I noticed how the leaves on the trees in the woods were slowly changing to bright colours of orange, red, brown and yellow. These woods, at this time of … (read more)

A Free Gift

October 26, 1999

A few months ago, and with the help of a very gifted publisher, I began writing, and have now written a total of seven devotionals. My devotionals are inspired by the Holy Spirit and given to me without cost. They … (read more)

Heavenly Treasures

October 22, 1999

While I was preparing for a garage sale that we had at our church, I remember looking at the crystal in the wall unit and quickly discarding the notion of giving that away. "It is still in such good condition," … (read more)

Life Stitches

October 7, 1999

One stitch at a time. The point of the needle pierces through the material downward and upward. After many hours, days, weeks and sometimes years, a picture is created. My hobby is cross-stitching. I have been working on this particular … (read more)

A Precious Gift

September 24, 1999

Some time ago, we had a garage sale at our church. Just before that event, I was rummaging through some stuff that I had packed away, and also some stuff that I was giving to the local Salvation Army. As … (read more)

Spiritual Wisdom Teeth

August 30, 1999

Every morning, I floss between my teeth, rinse and then brush my teeth. I brush them very vigorously and also massage my gums at the same time. I go through this routine faithfully every day. If I didn't go through … (read more)

Heavenly E-Mail

August 27, 1999

I was part of a planning committee for our family reunion. This committee had been meeting for several months, discussing, planning, delegating and even setting up various committees to make sure that the event would be a success. The day … (read more)

Self Examination

August 8, 1999

Our church is a liturgical church, which means that our congregation follows an outlined service in a Book of Worship. We always say the "Lord's Prayer" at one point or another, and it seems that on this one particular Sunday, … (read more)

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