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Once you have a feed reader in place, with your mouse, left-click and drag over the following URL to highlight it, and click on the "Copy" icon in your browser's menu bar.

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What is a Feed Reader?

A feed reader automatically checks for updates on websites that the user chooses. The content from many different websites is gathered into one place for easy reading by the user, saving the time that the user would spend visiting all the different websites involved. Feed readers with podcasting capabilities are also able to download media files and automatically load them onto media players like iPods.

What is a Podcast?

A podcast is an audio broadcast streamed across the Internet for users to download onto their computers and portable audio devices.

Subscribing to a specific podcast "feed" enables a user to automatically update their computer with the latest edition of a particular audio broadcast, known as a podcast "channel."

The word podcast combines the words "iPod" (Apple's popular portable MP3 device) and "broadcast" to describe the ability for anybody — from independent producers to large media corporations — to create audio broadcasts to share online.

What PresbyCan Daily Devotional Podcasts Are Available Today?

  • PresbyCan Daily Devotional for Monday, November 19, 2018: Turning Wounds Into Wisdom by Rose DeShaw (listen now)
  • PresbyCan Daily Devotional for Sunday, November 18, 2018: The Bears by Lynne Phipps (listen now)
  • PresbyCan Daily Devotional for Saturday, November 17, 2018: Go For A Tea by Brenda Vargas (listen now)
  • PresbyCan Daily Devotional for Friday, November 16, 2018: The Birthday Party by Cheryl Mariano (Cheremiah) (listen now)
  • PresbyCan Daily Devotional for Thursday, November 15, 2018: Faithful Planning by Scott Williams (listen now)
  • PresbyCan Daily Devotional for Wednesday, November 14, 2018: He Knows by Sharon Y. Greer (listen now)
  • PresbyCan Daily Devotional for Tuesday, November 13, 2018: Chug-a, Chug-a by Steve Ollerenshaw (listen now)

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1 comment on this post.
  1. PresbyCan Feedback:

    Thanks, Steve, for the good word.

    Done it myself. Good story. Thanks.

    Thanks, Steve. Lord, keep us from pushing that button!

    Great Sharing. Too funny,

    Great story … and great message! I think I will take it to read at the next church breakfast.

    That was such a good devotional, could feel your panic!!! And so true about sin.
    God bless.

    Hi Steve,
    That one extra zero sure did cause a lot of error and confusion. I liked how you compared it to sin. Blessings to you today.

    I love such a devotional as this one of yours today, that sticks in the brain and comes back to teach and shine the light of God’s goodness on us. Thank you for this particularly astute one as it helps me again today, Steve. I am grateful.

    Oh, thank you, Steve, for sending this thought. What an experience you had! I can visualize the scene. Yes, whenever we make mistakes, our dear Lord is so much more forgiving than a banking machine.
    May God bless your day today.

    Well, I wish our ATM would give out more than $200. Maybe I should move to Canada; however, it happens to be cold today in Texas, enough to last me for a while.
    Thanks, Steve, for your devotional… of making something out of an everyday occurrence. We can all benefit from looking at life from that perspective.

    What an experience! Thanks for sharing the lesson learned with us and for writing this devotional. Isn’t it wonderful how God can bring good from our mistakes! By the way, whatever did you do with all that cash? Apply it to your line of credit? That’s what makes sense to me. Then you and your bank manager could share a good laugh… or maybe not. Praying everything is ok now. Blessings.

    Hello Steve,
    Thanks for your devotional. Quite a happening to experience at the click of a machine button! We can easily commit a sin so quickly also but thankfully we have our Lord to turn to and receive His forgiveness and encouragement to follow the right path.
    Blessings to you.

    Dear Steve,
    I felt compelled to comment on your daily devotion of today “Chug-a, Chug-a” but actually about the very irresponsible bank that you bank with. That’s right, they are irresponsible, not you. Sure, you got a bit careless and made a mistake but what if you were forced to withdraw that much under duress?
    The bank that I deal with has a fixed daily ATM withdrawal limit of $500. This is for my own protection should someone steal my card for forces me to withdraw money under duress. A limit like this would have automatically rejected a withdrawal request for $2800.
    You need to speak with your bank about this for your own protection.
    God bless!

    Good one Steve!

    To Steve Ollerenshaw,
    Thanks so much for a real gospel message.
    We pray for power not to sin, knowing the grief sin costs our Lord.
    Keep writing.

    “Wow”! I can just imagine how your heart must have been pounding!
    Thanks for sharing this.
    I will be speaking to my bank to place an override on the amount limited.
    These days you just don’t know who is watching!!
    God is indeed an amazing God, and “yes” he watches over his children.
    Have a blessed week Steve.

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