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The Light In You

December 6, 2003

As I checked out of the grocery store, I glanced at the magazines on the rack. In the one that caught my attention, Christmas trees were being called "holiday trees". The magazine displayed a wreath and candles, but the article … (read more)

Because We Believe

July 3, 2003

Statistics Canada recently came out with the results of a survey on religious affiliation, in which it reported that 16% of Canadians do not belong to any religion at all. When I heard this on the radio, while I was … (read more)

This Little Light Of Mine!

November 24, 2001

I had a fire drill the other day, so I looked at the torch that we have for evening use. I checked the battery by placing my tongue across the terminals to see if it would give me the expected … (read more)

Five Loaves And Two Fishes

April 19, 2001

On a morning not unlike any other, a young man climbed out of his Jewish bed with visions and dreams of magic performed by an amazing Jewish miracle worker. Rumours had flown all over his small village that Jesus might … (read more)

Easter Hands

April 15, 2001

A long, long time ago, on a remote Mississippi Delta cotton plantation, an old man told a wonderful story to a group of children that not one has forgotten. The old storyteller's name was Jaybird. As he slipped into the … (read more)


May 17, 1999

For most of us, remembering is a nostalgic recollection of events that surprised, warmed or worried us. Smells create instant sensations of comfort or caution. We recall wonderful events in our past, and suddenly remember things we promised to do. … (read more)

Death Of A Vision

April 20, 1999

Last April, the Daily was attracting about 60-80 readers a day to our website, after two years on the Internet. A year ago today, Monday, April 20, 1998, I wrote computer instructions that would automatically send out the devotionals by … (read more)

Hosannas And Palms

March 28, 1999

There is always something wonderful and stirring about Palm Sunday. Many of us celebrate by waving palm fronds in our churches just the way the people did at the triumphal entry of Christ into Jerusalem. We sing songs with the … (read more)

The Magnet Of The Cross

April 11, 1998

The sky darkened as Jesus died. It was as though the sun itself could not bear to look down upon the deed people had done. This very same darkness awaits all who dismiss Christ from their lives. The temple veil … (read more)

We Wish To See Jesus

October 30, 1996

At last I've worked my way through all 454 pages of the manuscript and the copy-editing stage is finished. I admit that I did sneak more than one look at the title page to see how it looks with my … (read more)

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