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Today's Prayer Partnership request posted by The Presbyterian Church in Canada <> on 03/30/2017
Remember Earth Hour tomorrow. Give thanks for congregations that are taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint. Pray that we may reflect God's love of creation in our lives.

American widower trying to get documents posted on 3/30/2017
His SE Asian wife died of Cancer March 5. Please continue to pray for comfort and wisdom for him and his son 8 and daughter 12, who have American passports and are dual citizens. There are still many conflicting leads from officials re papers needed for exit. Angels have protected them in their home and school, from being kidnapped by local relatives. He is disposing of furniture and hunting for the registration for his motor bike, so he can sell it. Please pray for discernment also regarding much advice from relatives and friends about adjusting and choosing a job and schools in southern or mid west USA.

Grand Niece going to Vimy posted on 3/28/2017
Natalie in grade 11 and her class are going to Europe for the memorial at Vimy Ridge April 9. Her father, my brother's adopted aboriginal son asks prayer for their safety and blessing. Pray also for his daughter Tristen who is finishing first year University and going to Jasper for a second summer as a tour guide. Please pray for my brother who has trouble walking because of weak leg muscles because of strokes, some years ago. He also has prostate cancer problems, although the PSA is kept down.

Stress posted on 3/27/2017
I pray for my friend in a new position and she feels so upset because she is constantly forgetting things. She is obsessing about it and this giving more stress and so more forgetfulness. Father drop Thy still dews of quietness down and let her rest in You peace. To You be the Glory Amen

Update Praise and Prayer posted by Ruth on 3/25/2017
Neurosurgeon encouraging today and said he found Dave a lot better than he expected. He told him, "You are going to get better but it is going to take time." Pray for the March 28 meeting with all the care providers and family to discuss any decisions that need to be made. Thank you. Linda.

Job posted on 3/24/2017
Please pray for C he needs full time employment. He is working part-time but not given enough hours to live. He is young and needs to pay rent. I know God is good and with all your prayers I am sure God will provide him with a full time job. Please give C the courage and confidence to go looking for a full time job. He really needs our prayers.

Update on "Healing" originally posted on 2/5/2017:
"Please pray for M who has cancer. She is in extreme pain and cannot bear it any longer. Please pray..." (more)
Praise Report posted on 3/24/2017: Thank you so much for your continued prayers for M. Sadly she passed away recently. Please keep her husband and family in prayer as they go through this difficult time.

Update on "Upcoming Scan" originally posted by Lori Ciccanti on 3/17/2017:
"My husband will have another CT scan on Tuesday, March 21. Please pray for a good report."
Praise Report posted on 3/22/2017: Praise God, the results of my husband’s CT scan once again showed the cancer remains stable! This is truly remarkable because on average the chemo medication does not usually work long-term. We are very grateful to the Lord for carrying us through the past 5 ½ years and for the wonderful friends we’ve made through this prayer line. You are such a blessing to us both. In His Love, Lori

Fracture posted by Kirsty Locke on 3/21/2017
My Dad has a fracture. Please pray that he heals well and does better soon.

Update on "Aunt Gayle" originally posted by Gayle on 3/10/2017:
"Korena in Calgary was just declared cancer free. Praise the Lord. Prayer is requested as she..." (more)
Praise Report posted on 3/21/2017: God is so good! Korena is making plans to go back to work on April 3. Her heart and kidneys will be monitored weekly on an ongoing basis but she is doing much better now.

Housing Request posted on 3/20/2017
Please pray for my 30 year old daughter. She is a single mom and her children (10 and 8) father does not pay child support , he is presently unemployed, she works every day but only 3.5 hours each day . She is trying to get more hours but nothing available yet. Her children's fathers parents own the home she currently lives in and let her live there rent free ( in place of child support) for the past year but gave her notice to move by April so that their son can move in. She is trying to find an affordable apartment but no luck so far. Please pray that God will lead her to a place that is close to her work because she does not drive, and clean and affordable. Thank you prayer warriors.

Sherry posted on 3/18/2017
Thanks to our loving God! And thanks to you who prayed for John. He has a lung biopsy booked now for March 22nd and chemo begins March 23rd. We are so grateful for the start of treatment!

Husband Suffering from exterme anxiety posted on 3/16/2017
Due to a recent life changing physical event, my husband "Dew" is suffering terribly from anxiety. He desperately needs the Lord's healing as well as some sleep. Please pray for him. Thank you and God bless.

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