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Today's Prayer Partnership request posted by The Presbyterian Church in Canada <> on 04/24/2017
Give thanks for all volunteers who are the heart, hands, and souls of their church communities as we celebrate National Volunteer Appreciation Week.

Update on "Retired nurse. President of small non profit organisation" originally posted on 4/21/2017:
"Please join me in praying to receive urgent positive answer from choir that is to participate in..." (more)
Praise Report posted on 4/23/2017: Dear friends who Have lifted my request to the Lord Jesus who said we should ask to the Father In His Name. This morning I woke up strengthened, believing It is done. Our prayers have been answered. I can now see it all in my mind and my heart. I am at peace, trusting and rejoicing. It is all in His Hands. Thanks be to God and to you for your prayer Ministry. With thanksgiving and praise,

Kidnapping in Mexico posted on 4/20/2017
I rec'd a call about a friend who's relative was kidnapped in Mexico and they want a big ransom. Please pray for this situation to be resolved without hurt or death. The next 1- 2 days are critical.

American Widower and two children posted on 4/20/2017
They have moved from Indonesia and arrived safely in the midwest USA yesterday. Please continue to pray for discernment regarding much advice from relatives and friends about adjusting and choosing a job and schools. The 12 year old girl clings to her hijab, grieving for her mother who died of Cancer, relatives and life style.

Update friend posted on 4/19/2017
For all who have been praying thank you. This friend is the wife of Mark and they got a live in position. There is a lot to learn but they are happy there. The stress is from friends who demand she be available for them and give her a hard time because she is not. She has always said yes to demands and these people can not understand why she is not at their beck and call. They say terrible hurtful things to her. Her day begins at 6am and ends around 11 pm if on call. Father help her to deal with these people. Your will be done and name praised Amen

Divorce posted on 4/19/2017
I have a conference coming up regarding my divorce. Custody is involved. The situation is very difficult. Please say a prayer for me and my child and for all involved.

Loses balance posted on 4/18/2017
Please pray for my brother WS who has trouble walking because of weak leg muscles because of strokes, some years ago. He has prostate cancer problems, although the PSA is kept down. He is learning to drive an electric wheel chair, but bumped into the pole by his bed and loosened it from the ceiling.

Update on "Facing your fear" originally posted by SisterC on 2/24/2017:
""O" battles his need for affirmation and approval from his peers. Please pray for his..." (more)
Praise Report posted on 4/17/2017: Thank you for your prayers. God has shown Himself strong and enabled "O" to experience the peace that He so freely gives through a great teaching and learning exercise. God gives us what we need to grow in wisdom and to overcome those things which hinder our walk of faith. Again, thank you so much!

Hip replacement posted on 4/17/2017
Please pray for me I am going tomorrow morning, Tuesday 18th for hip replacement surgery. I am a very nervous person so please pray for me and all those who will have part in the surgery or recovery. As the Bible says, do not be afraid as the Lord is always with us. Thanks

Update on "A six year old boy had brain damage at birth" originally posted on 3/7/2017:
"For financial help in education he needs and accurate neurological and cognitive report. One hand..." (more)
Praise Report posted on 4/16/2017: I spent two days with this dear family. A correct diagnosis has not yet been made yet for this 6 year old overactive slow learner who is demanding and uncooperative. Please pray for meaningful counseling and Jesus' healing presence for him, his brother 4 years older, his parents, teacher and friends. His brother is polite and kind but pays little attention when spoken to.

update on Gary posted by Ruth on 4/15/2017
Gary had a follow-up appointment for his hip surgery on April 11th and learned that all is going well. There are no restrictions to his activity. His other hip pains him and surgery has been scheduled for November. On the negative side, his ulcerate colitis has flared up and he is reacting to the medication. Among other things, it keeps him from sleeping at night. We are praying that God will undertake for Gary in all things. Thank you for your prayers.

Praise and prayer posted by Ruth Baker on 4/14/2017
Praise God for forgiveness, Salvation and unconditional love. This is the reason we celebrate this Holy season. Would like to ask you all to agree with me in prayer that my Son in law and daughter receive the finalization and approval for the adoption of D. and F. They are siblings that were in long time foster care from an abusive lifestyle from both parents and other family members. These children need stability and they love my daughter and her husband as the children are greatly loved by them.... Also that my Son E. will be a positive part of his son A. and grandson W's life. It has been many years of hopes and prayers... W. is now over 2 years old and less than 20 miles from us but we have not met him... A. is my first grandson and W. is my first great grandchild. It breaks my heart that they are alienated from my son's side of their family. Please lift these heartfelt requests in JESUS HOLY NAME. I believe in miracles..

More Good News for Kathy posted by Ruth on 4/12/2017
We visited the radiation doctor yesterday and she was pleased with the results of this treatment ... apart from the never-ending itch! Please pray that this subsides quickly as the nerve endings rejuvenate. Next step is to see the cancer doctor in May. Thanks for your prayers.

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