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Today's Prayer Partnership request posted by The Presbyterian Church in Canada <> on 02/23/2017
As millions of people are displaced across the globe, join in prayer for asylum seekers looking for a place to call home.

Update on "In ICU" originally posted on 2/6/2017:
"Please pray for G, who suffered a heart attack and stroke and is still in danger although stable in..." (more)
Praise Report posted on 2/22/2017: Thank you for your prayers. G has now moved to a rehab unit in the same hospital. Healing has been slow but steady. Please continue to pray for him and for his family as they support him through the recovery process. God bless you all.

Job obtained posted on 2/21/2017
Praise God Mark and M have been hired. They start their new position on March 3rd. This includes accommodation. Dear Father this has been a long hard road but Your Ways are best. Thank you partners for your prayers. All praise to God who doeth all things well Amen

Sherry posted on 2/20/2017
Please pray for my husband John who is going for surgical consultation regarding cancer Tuesday, Feb. 21. Please pray for peace of mind and for effective, early treatment.

Friends in grief in SE Asia posted on 2/19/2017
A Muslim lady has Ca that has recurred since several courses of chemo and radiation. Her American husband has been with her making sure she gets the best treatment. They are poor. Her mother, aunt and uncle have suddenly rejected him, taken their two children and still insist on more chemo. Please pray for the family to accept his loving diligence and all of them learn to trust in Jesus. Will there will be healing or kind, dignified end of life?

Hip Surgery posted by Ruth on 2/18/2017
My friend Mary's son Gary has had his hip collapse, and he has been awaiting surgery for some time. Gary heard yesterday that his surgery will be at 8 a.m. next Thursday. We’re just praying for God’s intervention that would allow the surgeon to perform the best type of hip surgery possible. She asks: Please pray with us. Thank you!

information posted on 2/18/2017
My friend is waiting for his doctor to send a form with information to Government so that he can claim his disability. The doctor promised to send it a month ago. He has had the form since October 2016. Dear Father You know the holdup please grant an early resolution to this problem. May Your Name be praised and Glorified. Amen

Update on "My brother" originally posted on 2/16/2017:
"Please pray for healing for my brother N. He was diagnosed last Friday with "flesh..." (more)
Praise Report posted on 2/18/2017: Thank you for your prayers. N's leg had to be amputated above the knee. Please pray for healing. God's will be done.

Debt Scam posted on 2/17/2017
Just heard that the incident involving my credit card has been investigated and it has been declared a fraud and so I am no longer responsible for the amount. My Card is clear now of the debt. Thank you for your prayers. All Praise and Glory to Our Father Amen

Please pray for Michael. He has cancer posted by Kathy Newman on 2/17/2017
Please pray for Michael. He has an inoperable brain tumor. He can hardly walk, and he's almost blind. He's in pain at times. Please pray that he gets the right medical help. Pray for his doctor's for wisdom, knowledge, skills, and discernment. Pray that God will heal him and restore him Thank you and God bless!  

Prayer for speedy recovery posted by Fred Moyse on 2/16/2017
B's hip replacement for 22 Feb and been cancelled and is now is on 12 Apr. Rather disappointing but God is in control and all in his time. Pray for patience and for her surgery in Apr. Thanks to all who are praying for her.

Please keep praying posted on 2/16/2017
Please pray for R L B J L J and S, who are the children, parents and grandparents in a time of marital separation. This weekend a physical move takes place, which will be really tough on many levels. Pray with thanks that God's love is constant, and that He is powerful to heal relationships. May He strengthen and guide each person through these times of inner turmoil...helping them to lean on Him!

Went to be with Jesus posted on 2/16/2017
Thank you for your prayers they found our daughter, she has gone on to be with our Lord. Thank you once again, please pray for us as we bury our beloved daughter in Jesus name

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