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Today's Prayer Partnership request posted by The Presbyterian Church in Canada <> on 09/21/2017
On this International Day of Prayer for Peace, pray for the safety and wellbeing of those living in conflict situations. Pray also for organizations like Project Ploughshares that advocate for peace.

Update on "Light to come into their lives!" originally posted on 9/13/2017:
"My grandson T. Is still a mess. He has no job. He ask his uncle M. to hire him again but the..." (more)
Praise Report posted on 9/21/2017: I want to praise the Lord that job offers have been opening up finally for T. Although so far they are only part time and minimum wage it is something until God opens doors for him to do his part for his family obligations. He owes over $1000 in back support for his daughter and if not paid soon be could be placed in prison. He is still getting high on marijuana and if he would stop he might be able to acquire a better job and get his life in order! He has been jobless for several months sure to his own lack of dedication! In Jesus name may God give him the heart too so what is right in Spirit, mind and body. All praise and Honor to the Lord God! Amen

I'm in a lot of pain posted on 9/20/2017
Twelve weeks ago I sprained my back. The Doctor told me that the recovery time would be 4-6 weeks. The main muscle running down the left side of my back is still swollen and painful plus there's swelling in my lower spine area. At the time this all happened I also injured my neck, shoulders, arms, and hands. At this point I have to limit what I can do because of the agonizing pains. We are due to go on vacation in two weeks and I'm concerned about the state of my health especially with the 12 hour round trip ride in the car. Your prayers would be most welcome. Please God help me during this difficult time. Amen.

Prayers needed for my youngest Daughter posted on 9/20/2017
My youngest Daughter "V" has been going through some rough times with her health and her two teenage daughters. She just phoned to tell me that she has three lumps in her breast that keep growing in size. Her Doctor is sending her to a specialist to determine if she needs surgery. These lumps are very painful and could become cancerous so she's afraid. Her husband "N's" back has gotten worse again. He has 6 herniated discs and has been suffering for many years. Your prayers for my beloved family would be greatly appreciated. God please help them in their time of need. Amen.

Update on "Desperate time" originally posted on 8/23/2017:
"My Daughter "J'" is in a desperate condition due to her marriage ending. She's..." (more)
Praise Report posted on 9/20/2017: Things are slowly working out between my Daughter and her Husband. He is now talking a bit about their issues. His Father was a physically, emotionally, and sexually abusive man who beat "J" to keep him from talking. "J" will need Counseling for his past and his drinking problem. At present he's trying to give some financial support for the children. This past weekend they were supposed to talk to the children to explain what's going to happen now. He's living with a friend but about twice a week he stays with the family. Your continued prayers would be greatly appreciated. God please help them. Amen.

update re form posted on 9/20/2017
Mark has received news that after all this time the doctor needs some answers before he will sign the form. He will be seeing doctor on 28th Sept. Please pray this matter will be ended and they will receive the money they so desperately need. Also pray his wife may get a new job. She physically cannot do this one but the management wants her to stay till they get a replacement. Father in Thy mercy look on your children. To You be all praise and Glory Amen

Re: Jobs Needed posted on 9/20/2017
Back on June 6 I posted a request for my Son-in-law "J" and friend "D" to receive new jobs."D's" new job is a lot closer for him as well so it cuts down on the 6 hours of driving time. Thank-you prayer warriors and our precious Lord Jesus for his help. Amen.

for my daughter M. son M. and husband M. posted on 9/18/2017
My daughter M. and son M. suffer from mental illness. My daughter never feels well doctors don't listen and meds are not helping her. My son Mark has no ambition on his meds only feels like sleeping everyday says hes bored but does not make an effort to do anything about it. Says its to hard. My husband struggles with the concept of God and Jesus although he prays with me he does not want to hear the WORD I am feeling stressed and lost and know it is only my Creator that can fix with prayer Amen

Dave continues to improve posted by Ruth Burk on 9/17/2017
Dave continues to doing well and progressing so thankful for that. Please pray for: 1. team meeting Monday morning: OT, PT, speech pathologist, doctors, etc. to talk about Dave's progress and continued plans and potential time to continue there for rehab. 2. possession of the condo on Sept. 29; sale and moving out of our house by October 24. 3. all the sorting, packing, and other things that have to be done before then. 4. an apartment for Jon - he viewed an apartment and put an application in a property management drop box Saturday - it would be good to have this settled -- less stress and uncertainty for both him and me. Thank you for your continued prayers. Linda

Healing and deliverance. posted by Ruth Baker on 9/17/2017
Father you know B. D. (My son in law D's brother). He has been hospitalized due to some complication with his physical health. May all be done to bring him to complete healing of the body, mind and Spirit. May be come to believe and trust in you for Salvation through Jesus your s on for we ask all in Your name Jesus AMEN.

You know me posted on 9/16/2017
God You know me. You know my hart. God I,m being accused of cheating at an interview. God I pray that You will give my lawyer the insight the wisdom to see and to find ways to defend me. Lord I pray that You will put us five steps ahead of all my enemies. I pray that the truth will come out Lord. God I'm so dependent on You there is no one I can turn to but You Lord. God I pray that when I hear from my lawyers that it will be positive. I pray in the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen

Help to make right choices posted on 9/16/2017
Please pray that my grandson will have the wisdom, knowledge, confidence, fairness and assertiveness to make the right decisions at work. He is having a really, really hard time and things have to change. He really needs the guidance from our Lord to make these changes. Thanks, glory to God to take the impossible and make them possible.

Update on "Sherry" originally posted on 8/15/2017:
"Thank you from our hearts for your prayers! John has restarted chemo. He is now awaiting a..." (more)
Praise Report posted on 9/15/2017: John saw the thoracic surgeon who ordered a lung biopsy on a possible metastasis. This was successfully performed yesterday. A PET scan is also booked. Please pray these tests will provide info. towards a cure. We are greatly blessed to have such care and we rejoice in God's provision!

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