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Today's Prayer Partnership request posted by The Presbyterian Church in Canada <> on 08/19/2018
World Humanitarian Day – Ask God to give strength to the millions of people whose lives have been disrupted by conflict. Pray for humanitarian workers sharing God's love for the world.

Upcoming Trip is upsetting me posted on 8/18/2018
We have a upcoming trip in October and it's upsetting me. I feel that I'm going to be what they call "Odd person out" because my Husband will be so busy with his family that I'll be ignored. I've had that happen many times before and I'm having anxiety attacks about this. Please pray that God gives me the power to put away my anxiety and gives me the "Peace that passes all understanding". Amen.

Prayer Needed posted on 8/18/2018
Pray for daughter-in-law who was in an accident. She said that a fellow made an unsafe lane change and side- swiped her car. There is a lot of damage, but supposed to be repairable, but very expensive. The fellow isn't admitting that it was his fault. Pray that things will work out well for her.

More On "Dave update", originally posted by Ruth Burk on 7/28/2018:
"Thursday was Dave's 6 month follow up at the neurosurgeon. The cat scan showed everything the..." (more)
Update posted on 8/18/2018: Dave returned home by last evening. Dave did well with the Cat Scan and the shunt procedure. He had another Cat Scan to check out the procedure yesterday afternoon and then was cleared to return home late afternoon,. All is okay and the doctor who checked the Cat Scan said the shunt had been placed properly and that there was indication of some reduced size in the ventricles. Thank you for your continued prayers. Linda

More On "My sweet dog needs prayer", originally posted on 8/4/2018:
"My dog was limping, his toe is sore and swollen. It might have a piece of his nail stuck in the..." (more)
Update posted on 8/18/2018: Thank you for lifting my Dog Sonny in prayer about his painful foot. We saw another Vet for a second opinion and sadly he too said that Sonny’s toe must be removed. Please pray as we can decide on the proper Vet to do the surgery, for all to be done correctly, and for Sonny to be healed completely. Pray also to enable me to take great care of him as he heals. He is a big blessing and we love him so much. I trust the Lord hears and will answer all prayers. May He meet everyone's needs.

Grandson boot camp update posted by Cheremiah on 8/17/2018
I received both a phone call and a letter today from grandson Marcelo IV. Letter started with ( maybe you remember the song) "Hello Mudda! Hello Fadda! Here I am... at Camp Granada". He has a very bad cold and chest congestion, and also wrote that he is leaning and depending upon God more and more. I do so thank everyone for their prayers. Love Cheremiah

Healing posted on 8/17/2018
Good morning fellow prayer warriors. Please join me in praying for a young man (Kamau) in ICU with cancer. He is fighting for his life. Pray for God's intervention. In Jesus Mighty Name I claim the healing of Kamau, Doctors have their own limitations but You Lord You have the power. A word and he will be well in the great Mighty Name of our Lord Jesus Christ I pray. Amen

More On "Update", originally posted by Lori Ciccanti on 8/13/2018:
"We still need lots of prayers. The results of my husband’s scan showed a slight increase of..." (more)
Update posted on 8/16/2018: Praise God, we have good news! The doctor said there's no cause for concern or need to change the treatment at this point. Comparing the images side by side on the screen, they are nearly the same which indicates the cancer has remained stable. Once again, thank you all so much for the many prayers that continue to be a blessing to us. In His Love, Lori

More On "Relationship Restoration", originally posted on 6/26/2018:
"Please pray for God to arrange to restore my relationship with J , and to provide a way for it to..." (more)
Update posted on 8/13/2018: Tuesday, I found out that J is getting reassigned for approximately 6 months...we will be states away from each other but I want to believe this is God at work. Also, because of the situation at work J and I have not communicated much in the last 6 months but he made a point to let me know face to face about the reassignment before it came out in official email ......Today was the 2 yr anniversary of when we first hung please keep us in your prayers over the next few months Thank you so much!

More On "Son", originally posted on 7/22/2018:
"My son is off to his dad’s for an extended period. I won’t be able to talk to him over..." (more)
Update posted on 8/13/2018: He came home last night. We are having a marvelous time! We have actually gone on a trip and he is proving to be a wonderful travel companion. He is going to meet some new people on our trip. Please pray that this goes well and that he is able to have a few relatively carefree days. Thank you for praying for our situation. He has some more transitions to make before school starts so your continued prayers would be appreciated.

Suicidal Unemployed posted on 8/11/2018
Please pray for EM whose relationship seems beyond healing. He is a good father of three but needs a job. He is meeting with his mother in a few minutes. I pray for wise faithful support. I pray for a sense of God's salvation to fill their hearts. His partner RB has mood disorders and feels neglected by friends and picked apart on e-mail. May she too sense the love of Christ meeting all their needs.

Upsetting Time posted on 8/10/2018
I'm going through a very upsetting time. May God grant me the peace that passes all understanding and sort out all my problems. Amen.

healing and peace posted on 8/8/2018
Please pray for me as I am facing a potentially serious health issue, including major surgery. Pray that God will be very near and bring peace of mind and healing. At the moment, I am very afraid. Thank you.

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