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Today's Prayer Partnership request posted by The Presbyterian Church in Canada <> on 02/17/2018
Pray for young people as they discern their calls to participate in Youth in Mission trips this summer.

White haze in left vision posted by Myrtle Macdonald on 2/15/2018
The white haze in my left eye since May totally blocked my vision on Dec 7. I was sent to retina specialist Dr. Hugh Parsons the next morning. The Dec 20 B Scan (ultra sound) showed blood in the vitreous. It may be due to a vitreous tear near the 2003 cataract surgery. He has seen me several times. Another scan shows a little improvementl My vision is fuzzy through the haze. He is reluctant to do surgery and thinks there will be further improvement.

WS Slowly settling posted on 2/15/2018
Jan 30 my brother WS moved from Assisted Living into Residential Care. Three friends helped downsize furniture and things. Much was moved to my home to be sorted later. He needs or misses some precious things given away. He is sad among strangers, many of whom have dementia. I had the physiotherapist assess him. She is there one day a week for 87 residents. She said she would ask the "Movement Lady" give him therapy to walk again.

Surgery went well posted by Ruth Vaughn on 2/14/2018
First thank all who prayed for my friend Marie. Her surgery for colon cancer went well today. I ask for further prayers that her pathology report comes back with no metastases to other areas. Thank you.

Prayers for Bill posted by Mary Elyn Carroll on 2/13/2018
My friend had heart surgery and is doing well. Please keep him and his family in your prayers.

Gods will in my daughters life posted on 2/12/2018
Please pray for mysef my daughter her father and the mediater on Wednesday so that the decisions made there is what God wants. He knows her heart and he knows what scares her even if she cant communicate it that God will put it in our hearts so that we know how to help her. I pray that she wouldnt be forced to do things that make her anxious but that everybody would rather look and work towards helping her. I pray in Jesus name Amen.

More On "Court", originally posted on 2/7/2018:
"Please pray for me I am going to childrens court tomorrow Im scared and anxious. Please pray that..." (more)
Update posted on 2/12/2018: Thank you for your prayers your encouraging messages it carried me through that day.I feel it went well the magistrate refered us to a mediater we going there Wednesday and have to go back to court on Friday .Words cant express how thankfull I am I wasnt scared or anxious when I got thère and I know it was your prayers . Thank you.

More On "Sherry", originally posted on 1/14/2018:
"Thanks to all of you for prayers! John did well at surgery; the surgeon took out a 2nd spot on his..." (more)
Update posted on 2/9/2018: Late yesterday we received with thankful hearts the wonderful news that the 2nd spot removed from John’s lung was BENIGN. This to us is a very good sign that all is well at present. We thank our loving God, and we thank YOU for your prayers.

More On "Asking prayer for my husband", originally posted by Lori Ciccanti on 2/3/2018:
"Lou is going to have a full body CT scan this Monday, February 5th. Please pray they will not find..." (more)
Update posted on 2/8/2018: Praise God my husband's scan showed the cancer is stable! The only thing new was some atelectasis of his lung. The doctor explained it's not serious and can be improved by exercising the lungs with a breathing devise. Thank you all so much for praying us through another scan. We continue to hope in the Lord and pray for total healing, according to His will. In Jesus' Love, Lori

Ms. posted on 2/7/2018
Please pray for my innocent Autistic disabled son David an inmate at DCJAIL. He has suffered his 5th assisted suicide attempt by being forced to swallow cylinder batteries. 3 surgeries in less than a year. No one can identify him at the crime yet he was arrested in Feb. 2016 waiting 2 years for trial. Now they are abusing him to take a plea to spare the expense of a trial by physical abuse. He lies naked in a suicide cell against policy. I am to speak 2/15/18 before DC City council in testimony against DOC in Washington DC. USA.Healing, deliverance,and Freedom for my son. Anointed Favor on me to speak that God will convict hearts and stop this evil.

More On "Prayers for my daughter-in -law Christy", originally posted by Mary Elyn Carroll on 2/2/2018:
"Christy is in the hospital; she has a clot in her renal gland and something showed up on her heart..." (more)
Update posted on 2/7/2018: Christy came home from the hospital yesterday. God bless everyone who prayed for her and her family.

My Husband`s very sick posted on 2/4/2018
Please pray for my Husband A who`s very sick. His COPD has started acting up again and his lungs are very sore and inflamed. There`s a lot of congestion and his cough is terrible. He feels awful and is also considering taking the day off work tomorrow which he would never do usually. Please God heal your Servant, my Husband A quickly. Amen.

Fighting cancer posted on 2/4/2018
Please pray for my longtime friend M, who is struggling with colon cancer. Right now he is in the ICU with pneumonia. Please pray also for his spouse and son. Thank you, Lord, that you never leave us or forsake us. And thanks to each of you for your generous prayers.

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