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Today's Prayer Partnership request posted by The Presbyterian Church in Canada <> on 07/22/2017
Pray for the Youth in Mission participants who are in Hungary to take part in the ecumenical Starpoint Festival with young people from around the world.

Elder posted by Jay Bailey on 7/20/2017
Please pray for the organizers, volunteers and participants in the Two Row on the Grand, a Healing and Reconciliation journey with Indigenous and non- Indigenous people paddling together through Brantford, Six Nations, Caledonia, Cayuga, Dunnville and Port Maitland to Lake Erie from July 21-28.

Job needed posted on 7/20/2017
All praise to the Lord. M has been offered a part time position at the daycare. It is a large establishment and M sees there are opportunities for full time work. Father this is the type of work very dear to M's heart. Guide her as she goes for orientation next week. Thank You Father Amen.

Medical posted on 7/19/2017
Pray for son who needs a medical appointment very soon, so he can get surgery during the summer holidays. His appointment got cancelled. Also pray that his twins will get good results on their upcoming tests. Thank you for your prayers.

Healing posted on 7/19/2017
We ask for prayer for Rev'd Steven Smith for recovery and healing after surgery this morning.

work in Dubai posted by Lizle on 7/19/2017
God I pray that You bring the right agency through whom I have to work for the right job for myself and WM and that my daughter would be at the same school where I would teach. God I'm scared I don't know if it is Your will. I pray that You lead myself and WM to do Your will in this regard. I pray in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen

Keep me close posted by Lizle on 7/19/2017
Lord please keep me close . I feel like I have drifted away from You these past few weeks, Being far from You makes me anxious Lord. God forgive me my sins and help me to forgive people who want to harm me and my family. God I pray that I always strive to do things Your way. I pray that You lead me and give me wisdom to always do Your will. Thank You for all my blessings God. God please take this anxious feeling away. Keep my enemies from succeeding in their plans to harm me or my family Lord.I pray in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit Amen.

Update on "Drugs distort another life!" originally posted by Ruth Baker on 6/26/2017:
"Pray for B. and his family. They found his 50 year old brother R. dead in his bed due to drug..." (more)
Praise Report posted on 7/18/2017: Cousin Is back in ICU with complications due to cancerous tumors in her brain. May the will of God be done and if no miracle is in sight may she transition to the arms of Jesus peacefully without suffering. In Jesus name even in healing of body of death may the light of Jesus shine to all who are praying for Linda.

Update on "Urgent prayers needed!" originally posted by Ruth Baker on 7/8/2017:
"My son in laws mom D. is given only days to live! Test showed she has leukemia that is at the stage..." (more)
Praise Report posted on 7/18/2017: Donna went to be with the Lord peacefully while daughter son in law played Christian music she fell asleep in the peace of our Lord. Please continue in prayer for family and loved ones who are grieving. In Jesus name amen

Respect posted on 7/18/2017
I come again asking for prayer for E & J in their marriage. I had posted that things seem to be better. They don't seem to respect each other or their feelings. Pray that the medications needed by E will be taken and have a great result. She seems depressed may her doctor counsel her wisely. Dear Father look in love on these Thy Children and may Your Name be glorified. Amen

Update on "Job needed" originally posted on 6/26/2017:
"Please pray that "M" Mark's wife will get a suitable job. She has many gifts and..." (more)
Praise Report posted on 7/18/2017: M had an interview yesterday which seems ideal. Many applied for same position. May hear later this week or early next week. Father I pray that this will be Your Will so that there will be stability in M& M lives. Above all May Your Name be praised and Glorified. Amen

Harassment Unbearable posted on 7/18/2017
Please pray for CH to find peace of mind, hope and wisdom. Pray for him to be able to forgive and pray for a neighbor who demands he be evicted from the condo where he has lived for 20 years. She moved in last year. She spreads false accusations. Please pray for her too for healing from whatever misery prompts her to be so harsh. CH needs healing from seizures and hopes to be able to drive a car again. He walks to gather news items. He does digital news beautifully but needs energy and enthusiasm to get enough stories and ads to make a living.

Looking another job.! posted by Ruth Baker on 7/15/2017
Irresponsibility on my grandson T.'s part, he may have lost his job with his uncle. Given a raise he was doing great. He depended on his uncle E. for transportation to and from work. E. Stopped to pick him up,T. didn't answer his door. T. Keeps late hours and over sleeps and does not get up on time. His uncle E. refuses to stop to get him now, so that ended his transportation for work. It has turned into a mess and non verbal communication between all. Every one seems to be talking about the problem except for those it involves! My grand son can not afford to loose his job. He has another baby in the way in several months and also has a 2 year old daughter. Satan seems to really be working hard to keep T. down, May he call out to the Lord for deliverance and help. His uncle M. is a Christian man and has given T. chances in the past. I pray he does not give up on T. In Jesus name may all issues be resolved and victory come. amen

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