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Update on "Job Requests" originally posted on 6/6/2017:
"My poor Son-in-law "J" has been unjustly let go at work so he needs another job to help my Daughter "J" support their family of 6. He's feeling defeated and my daughter can't stand the pressure of supporting their family alone anymore. An older Friend of ours "D" is in desperate need of a closer job. Currently, he has to drive three and a half hours each way to and from work plus work straight nights. The job is exhausting him and it's affecting his health according to the medical tests he's been given. He's put in a resume` in where my Husband works and it would be great if he could get in there. Please pray for these two men who need God's help in their lives. Amen."
Praise Report posted on 8/2/2017: "J" got a job but with little pay. "D" got a pay raise but still wants a closer job and one that's not straight nights.

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