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Update on "White haze hides vision of left eye" originally posted on 6/10/2017:
"This white haze has been heavy for 2 or 3 hours each day for 3 weeks, and a light haze remains all the time. The Ophthalmologist says it is Optic Migraine. The cataract lenses implanted 10 ears ago are clean and the retina is healthy. He found I needed new glasses although I had a new prescription a few months ago. I went to an Optometrist and she wrote a very different prescription. The Optician says it is too strong and that the two are very different. Maybe I don't need new glasses but another diagnosis. My vision apart from the haze is quite good for a short while every day. I have an appointment with my GP on June 19. I'll ask for a referral to a Neurologist. Please pray for healing."
Praise Report posted on 8/3/2017: A CT Scan showed I have a meningeoma, so I have an appointment with a neurologist on Aug 10. Meanwhile a blood test indicated my synthroid dose was too high so my doctor lowered it from 1.75 to 1.50, three weeks ago. Since then the white haze seldom comes on and is less opaque.

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