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Update on "Hurricane protection!" originally posted by Ruth Baker on 9/9/2017:
"Pray for all those In Texas and those in Florida and other areas hubby these hurricanes and those who had to evacuate from their home! Suspected families protect their homes and put a syrup of protection over their bodies! Bless them with enough to make it through this devastation.! Have those that can help in any way of financially have the heart to release all to God's instruction. In Jesus mighty name. May these storms and hurricanes to back to the waters and disappear for all time. AMEN"
Praise Report posted on 9/10/2017: Just reading over this prayer I submitted, I see several mistakes from changes that spell check made that changed words entirely. I believe you get the idea of my request to pray for all those going through devastation through whatever reason God will bring them through it and handle all their needs. I know God understands what my prayer is for!!! In Jesus name. amen

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