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Update on "Fighting for Life" originally posted on 9/9/2017:
"Please pray for my friend "Gloria" who has almost given up fighting for her life! She is getting weaker and weaker day by day! She has talked to her doctors about assisted dying, but needs witnesses to sign the paper, before the doctor will go ahead with it! I was asked to sign this paper, but I said no I can't do that! I believe in miracles, I told her. She was very disappointed and is now looking for other people to do this. Please pray for strength for "Gloria" and I, while the following days are probably numbered, either by the disease getting her first, or her taking the matter into her own hands! Please pray for a miracle! Thank you for listening and praying!"
Praise Report posted on 9/30/2017: We are still waiting on that miracle from God! "Gloria" has found the two signatures that she needed for this assisted death to take place. Now she is being interviewed by doctors. She has a 10 day grace period to change her mind! She is really filling up with fluid and struggles day by day! Her kids are in denial and won't help her, so she really struggles! I do what I can, but sometimes I feel it is not enough! I try to keep her spirits up and help her focus on living each day, day by day! Please God help her in all her struggles! Please pray for a miracle! Thank you for praying!

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