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More On "Husband with depression", originally posted on 1/8/2018:
"Please pray for my husband who has depression after a mild stroke. He has had teeth removed and needs to get the partial plates so he can eat easily but due to inclement weather this has been delayed as we live in a rural area. Please pray for safety and confidence on the roads for me to take him to appointments. In Jesus name I ask. Amen"
Update posted on 2/3/2018: Thank you to all that have been praying on my husband's behalf. He is some better but the delay in getting the partial plates so that he can eat is not easy. We had an appointment on the 25 of January,no other appointments needed and now they say the final teeth will not be ready until the 26th of February. This long delay is not acceptable and it isn't helping the depression. I've asked them to try to get them done sooner. Please pray they will and that the weather will let me get him there to pick them up. None of the teeth left match up with each other so eating is very difficult.

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