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More On "Lift the burden!", originally posted by Ruth Baker on 2/3/2018:
"Daughter and husband have been going through adoption process of two children for over a year. Every time the final court date comes to complete the adoption their is a delay. This has become very stressful for the family. The children have been living with them for the past several months, but the left g all p a person have yet to be signed to complete again adoption. The kids adore my daughter and husband and the children are greatly loved by all. May God please bring this to completion of they are to be the parents legally. In Jesus name. closure is greatly needed to release the stress off the children be caught up in the system again. They have lived through much abuse and foster care for years...May the Lord bring peace finally to all! Amen. All glory and honor to God above..."
Update posted on 3/14/2018: Praise the Lord, my daughter received a scheduled court date 3/28/2018, for the finalization of the adoption of their two miracle children that came into their lives! They were unable to have children due to complications. They tried to get pregnant but it did not happen. So after over 10 years of trying they decided on adoption. God sent a miracle and they now have a 8 and 9 year old (they are brother and sister). Please continue to pray that all goes as planned with no more obstacles. They have been going through the adoption process for over a year! Things kept coming up to cause delays of the final court date! In Jesus name all things are possible.

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