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More On "Son injured his ankle and his wife sprained her elbow", originally posted on 6/7/2018:
"I found out last night that while I was away on vacation my Son "J" badly injured his ankle because he landed on it when it turned side-ways as he stepped off a friend's porch. His Wife "S" sprained her elbow when it was hyper- extended because their youngest daughter jumped on it. They both need healing prayers. God please heal them quickly & completely. Amen from a concerned parent."
Update posted on 7/8/2018: My Son "J"'s ankle is slowly healing but he can't bend it certain ways or sit on the floor with his two little daughters. My daughter-in-law "S"'s elbow is healing but still sore. Please continue to pray that they have full healing soon. Thank you Prayer Warriors for your continued dedication to this site. God will help those who need him and call upon his name. Amen.

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