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Update on "Gary is Doing Well" originally posted by Ruth Burk on 6/23/2017:
"Gary was in our prayers a few months ago regarding hip replacement surgery. He seems to be doing OK but He does not sleep well and is usually tired. He had a follow up appointment with the surgeon on May 23rd and the doctor was very pleased that everything was as it is supposed to be. He told Gary that he can do anything he wants now – so he has been out golfing and is looking forward to getting in a couple months of hockey before his next surgery. Many thanks for all your prayers, and one or two over the summer would be good. THANK YOU!"
Praise Report posted on 8/21/2017: Just a Praise and Prayer note: Gary's repaired hip is perfect and he has no pain at all in it. The other hip pains some, but not too badly yet. He expects to have surgery on it in November. Sleep is a problem for him and he is always tired, partly because of the lack of sleep and probably partly due to his other health issues. But he is coping well and going on vacation with his wife for a twelve day cruise in the Adriatic etc, to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. Thank you for all your continued prayers for Gary.

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