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Urgent Request posted on 7/11/2017
My Son-in-law "N" is in urgent need of your prayers. He's been ill for a year but has neglected to have the Doctor check him out. Yesterday morning (Mon.) he started profusely vomiting blood and my Daughter "V" insisted that she take him to the Hospital. This morning (Tues.) he was to have an Upper-GI done. Their youngest Daughter "S" has been getting into all sorts of trouble and is out control. She had a Concussion and her personality drastically changed after that and hasn't been the same since. With all the stress we figure "N" probably has a bleeding Ulcer. Please pray for healing for "N", that God's power will change "S" back into the loving child she was, and give "V" and their oldest Daughter "D" support during this difficult time. Amen.

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