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Looking another job.! posted by Ruth Baker on 7/15/2017
Irresponsibility on my grandson T.'s part, he may have lost his job with his uncle. Given a raise he was doing great. He depended on his uncle E. for transportation to and from work. E. Stopped to pick him up,T. didn't answer his door. T. Keeps late hours and over sleeps and does not get up on time. His uncle E. refuses to stop to get him now, so that ended his transportation for work. It has turned into a mess and non verbal communication between all. Every one seems to be talking about the problem except for those it involves! My grand son can not afford to loose his job. He has another baby in the way in several months and also has a 2 year old daughter. Satan seems to really be working hard to keep T. down, May he call out to the Lord for deliverance and help. His uncle M. is a Christian man and has given T. chances in the past. I pray he does not give up on T. In Jesus name may all issues be resolved and victory come. amen

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