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More On "Urgent Request", originally posted on 11/20/2017:
"Awhile back I posted a request for prayers for my Daughter "J' and her husband "J". They've been having terrible marriage issues due to his drinking. While we were away yesterday my Daughter left an urgent call on our Answering-machine. We don't know all the details yet because we were unable to talk to you. They had a huge fight and her husband kicked a door in to get to her. She was bracing the door and she sustained tissue damage to one of her arms and had to go to the Hospital. Her spirit is so broken and she's unable to take anymore stress. I'm very concerned about my Daughter's well-fair and that of her four Daughters. Please pray for this escalating situation. God please touch their troubled souls, fix what's going on and give them strength to get through the rough days to come. Amen."
Update posted on 1/10/2018: My Daughter's husband's determined to seek help which is a start. They have been getting along a lot better. On the other hand, the two oldest girls have been causing a lot of problems and bullying them to try to get them to break up. My Daughter called me again the other day to tell me more about what's been going on and told me that her Spirit's been broken to the point where she' lost her faith, At this point she says there's basically nothing left of herself to put back together. This is breaking my heart. Please Prayer Warriors please intervene on my Daughter's behalf, Merciful God heal this family while there's still a family to fix. Amen.

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