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More On "God answers prayer!", originally posted on 4/26/2018:
"After one huge obstacle after another, God has brought them through and answered every prayer! The family soon to expect their third child has sold their house and bought a relative's house after all. The relative found a very nice smaller house. They are helping the relative move out so they can make some repairs and move in - all before the baby comes. Please pray that the husband can now get out of jury duty so he can finish all that is on his shoulders in a very short time. He owns his own company and needs to work to support his family, as along with this move and new baby come higher bills. May God continue to care for them and meet every need over and above. May God also bless his wife and baby with a safe delivery. Thank you all for your faith and prayers! God is so faithful! May their lives daily bring God glory!"
Update posted on 5/14/2018: God is so faithful and is answering every prayer. They are all moved in and he did get out of Jury Duty. Please pray they can make home repairs and set up his shop to continue making a living. Also for a safe delivery for Mother and Child. Thank you for your love and prayers! Life can be very hard at times- but knowing Jesus makes all the difference. (Psalm 34)

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