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Cancer returned posted by George L Myers on 8/5/2018
Our good friend and fellow believer, who had a large part in my salvation, had, 5-6 years ago, spots show up on his colon, that they treated with drugs and a new kind etc. But two and half years ago, it was worse and given only six months or so. But he researched and found a radical new surgery treatment, that a surgeon in Calgary, since those in Toronto said that he was too old for this radical surgery, who operated, cleaning out a lot of stuff, and cleansing his whole insides with liquid chemo. With much prayer, he did recover and was back playing golf in a few months, and given a few more years. Now, after several years of clear reports, he had an enlarged nodule show up on his routine follow up scan. The biology report showed that it was indeed cancerous. He may be facing further surgery or more. Please pray that the Lord will deal with this spot and any others and remove them totally from his system.

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