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Today's Prayer Partnership request posted by The Presbyterian Church in Canada <communications@presbyterian.ca> on 09/22/2018
God, You have called us to be caretakers of Your beloved creation. We pray that all people will work toward the protection of the environment, walking more lightly on Your good earth, and working together to address climate change.

Prayers for Successful Surgery posted on 9/22/2018
Prayers would be very much appreciated for DR for successful surgery on October 10th to repair a torn rotator cuff in his left shoulder. The same surgery done on his right shoulder was not successful. He would also be very grateful for prayers for some solution to be found for that shoulder as well. Thank you to any and all who include DR in their prayers.

More On "Suicidal Unemployed", originally posted on 8/11/2018:
"Please pray for EM whose relationship seems beyond healing. He is a good father of three but needs..." (more)
Update posted on 9/18/2018: EM phoned me at 2 AM today, said he loved me and sounded like a suicide note? I phoned him at 10 AM today. He said he saved the life of someone who had an overdose yesterday, getting him into treatment. EM takes pain killers for three fractured vertebrae. He'll start physiotherapy today, paid through his disability pension. He cooks meals and gets exercise with his children but their mother is aloof and he does not know why. Please pray for treatment, healing, salvation and jobs.

Prayer posted on 9/16/2018
Please pray for reconciliation between brother and sister and their families.

More On "Medical", originally posted on 8/7/2018:
"Please pray for healing for both of my shoulders, tears in the rotater cuff. One doctor suggested..." (more)
Update posted on 9/13/2018: Thank you for your prayers. The surgeon had the results of the MRI and said he can't repair the tendon. I would have to have a shoulder replacement. He thinks if I can manage I shouldn't have surgery. Please pray for healing of both shoulders. Thank you.

Grandson Marcelo’s Air Force Bootcamp Graduation posted by Cheremiah on 9/10/2018
Friday September 14th our grandson Marcelo 4th will be graduating from Air Force bootcamp. A big thank you to all who joined with us in praying for him. He starts a 5 month school in Texas immediately after boot camp but is going to try and come home to Arizona for a Christmas visit. He’s grown so much! Physically (gained 10lbs) Mentally (more focused, alert, and determined & stable) & Best of all grown more Spiritually (Says God is even more dear to him, and he cannot do without Him) Thank you again. Amen! Cheremiah

Miserable Single Mother posted on 9/10/2018
She is complusive, judgemental and has angry tirades against her mother, brother, aunt and sons. Alcoholism is treated with breathalizer test required before being allowed to drive. Brought up by teenaged mother as sister by harsh grandmother and great grandparents, high school drop out with GED. Please pray for salvation and love of the Word.

A possible bad situation posted on 9/10/2018
An upcoming event where other people will be drinking to excess is causing me to be so upset that I feel sick to my stomach every time I think of it. I'm not a drinker but the rest are and I have no choice but to attend since it will be out of the country. With time running out I don't know what to do other than to ask for your prayers and put my trust in God to intervene in what could be a very bad situation. Amen,

More On "Prayers for the family", originally posted by Ruth Burk on 8/24/2018:
"You have been praying for Dave for sometime now and he is improving on a daily basis. I would like..." (more)
Update posted on 9/10/2018: Dave is improving with physiotherapy, but still needs prayer for headaches and fatigue. Linda is still working with ISMC and the ESL program is looking for conversation partners in Guelph. Monthly support is also a matter for prayer.

Up coming Job posted by Fred Moyse on 9/7/2018
Please pray for B for a position that is up coming in October. It is a full time job and he needs it to be able to pay his rent and bills. God is good and I pray this is the right position for B. He works hard and is willing to do whatever it takes to get full time work. God is in control and we need your prayers. Thanks to everyone. With God all things are possible. Help me to let go and let God.

Healing and Reconciliation in SW Ontario posted by Jay Bailey on 9/4/2018
Please pray that those Presbyterian and other church members near the Grand River who have the interest and the gifts feel the call to join the volunteer committee for planning the Two Row on the Grand.

health posted by josephinekamau322 on 9/1/2018
Hello my fellow Christians. Please join me in prayers for my Down Syndrome daughter Gracie. Almighty and ever living God, I thank You for being so loving to us all. Thank you for being my daughter's Physician. I might never know what she goes through since she is mute, but You know it all. Heal her stomach, I pray, and take her through the endoscopy. I commit the doctor who will do This procedure to You, Jesus. The healing and the whole process is in Your Power. Thank you and Amen. Josephine

Friends who lost a daughter posted by G. Joel Jongkind on 8/31/2018
Please pray for Minnie and her husband, they lost their only daughter some months ago and now he is very ill and struggling They are sorrowing the loss of their daughter and depressed about her husbands health.

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