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A brother in the Lord! posted by Ruth Baker on 5/12/2018
Father God, my heart goes out to brother Bob H., one of Your own that I came to know through this devotional site. May he experience Your presence strongly in his life daily, and may he receive great blessings from Your throne of grace. May he experience Your unconditional love always, in Jesus our Saviour's name. Amen.

More On "Ms", originally posted by Sandra Horne on 5/9/2018:
"I have stepped out in faith to start my own business in the food industry. I am doing so alone and..." (more)
Update posted on 5/11/2018: Thank you all so very much for the prayers and encouraging words. I feel your love, which has given me more strength and hope. May God bless you all! Thank you.

More On "Healing and relief from pain!", originally posted by Ruth Baker on 5/10/2018:
"After X-rays showing damage to my knees, I ask you, Lord, to take control of this problem as well..." (more)
Update posted on 5/11/2018: Went to orthopedic appointment, got steroid injection in left knee for bone spurs and bone degeneration, and had to be fitted for a brace. I'm not sure if insurance will cover the cost; it is nearly $1,000.00. Please pray that God will make a way to have this brace covered or heal my knees. All of your prayers are greatly needed and appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to pray over everyone's prayer requests. God be with all.

More On "Transition", originally posted on 4/28/2018:
"April 29 marks the final service of Chalmers Presbyterian Church in Hamilton, Ontario. After over..." (more)
Update posted on 5/6/2018: Thank you for your prayers. The first service together was uplifting and welcoming. The theme of the sermon was to let our light shine bringing the gifts of the two congregations together. Our closing hymn was “We are one in the Spirit”. Singing this reinforced the fact that we are now one congregation, sisters and brothers in Christ letting our light shine.

Concussion posted by Ruth Burk on 5/3/2018
Physical concussion / mental concussion ... which is worse? Likely both at the same time. Please pray for TJ as she tries to heal from a physical concussion and learns through a harsh email that she no longer has a job because some of her co-workers were no longer supporting her but lashing out at her. Thankfully, she is in good hands with a friend in another city and is able to get some needed rest and quiet.

Lower Stress Level posted on 5/3/2018
Please continue to pray for B. He really needs more shifts and work to meet his expenses. Seems that everyone is praying and his hours have become less. Satan is attacking and we have to pray for B because God is the one who is in control and can turn this around. I truly believe God will meet his needs with our prayers.

Healing posted by Ruth Baker on 5/1/2018
Great-granddaughter (3 years old) is being tested for a digestive disorder. May the Lord guide the medical people to find the cause and cure for her healing without causing discomfort or fear for her. May her parents and step-parents know and surrender to Jesus.

Close to home posted by Ruth Baker on 5/1/2018
Father, son-in-law M is a contractor in construction. The past several years, his jobs have taken him and his workers out of state or far from their homes. It is a hard life for a family to deal with. He is a Christian man and needs You to guide him to jobs in His trade close to home to keep him and his crew working steadily without the need to travel far from their families. Help him to be able to reserve his Sundays and free time to honor You, Lord. Bless my daughter and grandchildren also. They are a Christ-believing family.

Prayer for ex-brother-in-law posted by Ruth Baker on 5/1/2018
Father, F. Is going through some major medical problems. He has kidney failure and has had surgery for skin cancer. He has many issues and I am not certain if he has ever accepted Jesus as Saviour. If he has not become spiritually awakened, may he find peace and deliverance in You today. Heal him in body, mind, and spirit.

Praise God posted by Ruth Baker on 5/1/2018
Thank You, Lord, that my daughter's adopted children, 8 and 9, have made the choice to be baptized. Baptism and confession of their faith in Your Son was performed at Sunday's service. May they grow to become strong Christians and spread Your light to all those they encounter each day. In Jesus' name, we also pray for deliverance for their biological family.

Jessica in Texas/Breast Cancer posted by Timothy Page on 4/30/2018
For those who have been faithfully praying for my niece, Jessica, in Texas on her breast cancer struggle, she sent me this latest update: Thank you for the continued prayers. Treatments are still going good. I had number 8 on Friday and it was a tough one, but I was back to feeling better by Saturday. I am still working Monday - Thursday and keeping life for the most part pretty normal. Still haven’t really been “sick” yet just more exhausted and a little upset stomach every now and again.

More On "Communications and Values", originally posted on 3/25/2018:
"I have offended family and colleagues while praying to be able to warn, guide, enable and inspire...." (more)
Update posted on 4/26/2018: Please pray for discernment between promptings of Holy Spirit and the evil one. Opposition is heavy.

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