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Update on "update re form" originally posted on 9/20/2017:
"Mark has received news that after all this time the doctor needs some answers before he will sign..." (more)
Praise Report posted on 9/30/2017: Mark had a successful visit with doctor the forms will be signed with in the next two weeks. Pray for good results of tests to be done. also that he is not discouraged as he waits. May God's perfect will be done. Amen

Update on "Fighting for Life" originally posted on 9/9/2017:
"Please pray for my friend "Gloria" who has almost given up fighting for her life! She is..." (more)
Praise Report posted on 9/30/2017: We are still waiting on that miracle from God! "Gloria" has found the two signatures that she needed for this assisted death to take place. Now she is being interviewed by doctors. She has a 10 day grace period to change her mind! She is really filling up with fluid and struggles day by day! Her kids are in denial and won't help her, so she really struggles! I do what I can, but sometimes I feel it is not enough! I try to keep her spirits up and help her focus on living each day, day by day! Please God help her in all her struggles! Please pray for a miracle! Thank you for praying!

Prayers for grieving family posted on 9/29/2017
My close friends & their family (The "D" family) are grieving the passing of their Father, and Grandfather. Please pray that they might find comfort during this difficult time. May God enfold them in his tender wings and give them his soothing peace that passes all understanding. Amen.

Tumor in his lungs posted on 9/29/2017
MS has a cough, cold sweats and feels tired. An X-ray shows a mass by his esophagus and spine his family doctor said. A biopsy and CT scan are ordered for Oct 20. A qualified specialist is 300 miles away. His wife JS, some years ago had healing of a smashed leg after prayers through Prayerline, She asked me to request prayer for him. She wants prayer again for weakness and pain in one of her wrists. Pray also for her to be trusted by her daughter-in-law and eldest son for more time with grandson 5 years old and grand daughter 9 months.

orlanda posted on 9/29/2017
Please pray for A + P and their family. They are dealing with some devastating family circumstances. May God give them strength, courage and patience as they move forward.

Continue in prayer. posted by Ruth Baker on 9/29/2017
May we all continue to pray and do all we are able to assist those who have taken great loss during this hurricane season. May all find a strong faith in our God through this experience! Praise the Lord for all the protection He provides! Amen

Till death do us part! posted on 9/28/2017
Grandson C. will be saying his wedding vows to the love of his life Gracie. The wedding is the beginning of November, in just several weeks. May God bless their marriage and guide their hearts to lean on Him for all of their lives. May their faith in Him be strengthened and they always remain committed to God in their Christian walk. May they continue to trust in Him and keep The Lord as their first love always. God's words of wisdom He has given to us. Even in our unworthiness God still chooses to love us unconditionally. May the Lord strengthen the bond between all husbands and wives in the world. In Jesus name Amen.

healing gracie posted by josephinekamau322 on 9/27/2017
Good morning my fellow Christians. God is good all the time, He is surely very merciful to us. Mine is to praise Him, glorify His mighty Name and thank Him. Kindly join me to pray for my daughter Gracie who is down syndrome she has a stomach problem and even the doctors cannot detect what the problem is. Please pray for her healing. Thank you and God bless

Stress and Pain Issues posted on 9/26/2017
I "J" am enduring at lot of stress on top of many pain issues. Everything seems to be going wrong this past while and it's catching up with me. Please pray for these problems as well as journey's mercies since we will be traveling by car in two weeks for a much needed vacation. May God grant me his healing touch and "His peace that passes all understanding". Amen.

Update on "My brother WS" originally posted on 9/15/2017:
"Many have been praying for his weak right side and several falls. He preferred a walker to a wheel..." (more)
Praise Report posted on 9/23/2017: Now he will be transferred to a town facility for physiotherapy, hard for me and friends to visit him. With funding cut backs there is no physiotherapy on the P.A.T.H. ward. Because of high costs of fighting forest fires, addictions and housing needs for homeless people, there is a delay in better funding of our city hospital. Ten years ago the goal was "Closer to Home".

Dislocated Knee & Broken Ankle posted on 9/22/2017
A friend "E" recently dislocated his knee & broke his ankle. The knee is now swollen to four times it's normal size. There's a lot of blood in the area and the Doctor thinks there might be extensive damage which will result in him having surgery. "E's" house has a lot of stairs (which is difficult with his cast), a sofa that's too low, and a mattress which is slanted and the springs are coming through so he can't get comfortable anywhere. On Monday he's due for an MRI to see what damage has been done. He's planning to go back to work on Tuesday due to financial issues. Please pray for this young man. God please heal him quickly & completely. May his parents be comforted and his wife be more compassionate. Amen.

Update on "Light to come into their lives!" originally posted on 9/13/2017:
"My grandson T. Is still a mess. He has no job. He ask his uncle M. to hire him again but the..." (more)
Praise Report posted on 9/21/2017: I want to praise the Lord that job offers have been opening up finally for T. Although so far they are only part time and minimum wage it is something until God opens doors for him to do his part for his family obligations. He owes over $1000 in back support for his daughter and if not paid soon be could be placed in prison. He is still getting high on marijuana and if he would stop he might be able to acquire a better job and get his life in order! He has been jobless for several months sure to his own lack of dedication! In Jesus name may God give him the heart too so what is right in Spirit, mind and body. All praise and Honor to the Lord God! Amen

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