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Car issues posted on 6/10/2017
I am asking for prayers today because I am having major car issues and I am on a limited income. Recently cost over $1000 in repairs. I had to borrow the money. I still owe $4900 on the car loan so a new car is not an option right now, I really need the car as I work 3 days a week and no bus route. I also take care of my mom as dad died just before Easter and she has mild dementia. So I need to be able to get there for the visiting nurse and to make meals and give her her meds 4 days a week, my nephew gives her evening pills, my daughter does one day. My Sister does one day and niece does one. I don't know what to do and pray that God shows me the way, if I could pay the car off then I could get a new one. I am semi retired and get my deceased spouses social security, and I work 3 days a week. This covers my bills but no money for extras.

Update on "Accommodation needed" originally posted on 6/3/2017:
"Mark and his wife need a home urgently. They are in a place till 10th June and then homeless. They..." (more)
Praise Report posted on 6/9/2017: Praise God they have a place to move into while they search for permanent apt, Thank you so much for all your prayers May God's name be glorified all praise and thanks to Him

Emergency Surgery posted on 6/8/2017
Please pray for my Brother-in-law "M" who's 72 years of age and having emergency surgery on Friday for a large Kidney Stone which is 7+ cm. My Sister "A" phoned to tell me last night and has asked for prayers. She's extremely upset. Many years ago she was a Registered Nurse and she knows the problems associated with this. Your prayers would be greatly appreciated. God have mercy and help during this time of great need. Amen.

Prosecution posted on 6/8/2017
Dear Lord I pray for protection against people who prosecute me. God You gave me this promotion but now people are trying to cause my downfall please help me to forgive them and protect me from all their plans to cause my downfall. Lord I don't know what to do. I know that You are my protector against them Lord. I bind it in the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

praise God posted by Lizle on 6/8/2017
Lord Jesus Christ I want to Worship and Praise You for being in my life for never leaving me in times of trouble or times where I don't know what to do. Times when my faith is so low I'm ashamed to say that I see no way out and God You are amazing You always know what to do. Forgive me my sins Lord. Help me to forgive those who want to harm me Lord. Give me wisdom Lord bless them with wisdom Lord.I pray in the name Of God the Father God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Job Requests posted on 6/6/2017
My poor Son-in-law "J" has been unjustly let go at work so he needs another job to help my Daughter "J" support their family of 6. He's feeling defeated and my daughter can't stand the pressure of supporting their family alone anymore. An older Friend of ours "D" is in desperate need of a closer job. Currently, he has to drive three and a half hours each way to and from work plus work straight nights. The job is exhausting him and it's affecting his health according to the medical tests he's been given. He's put in a resume` in where my Husband works and it would be great if he could get in there. Please pray for these two men who need God's help in their lives. Amen.

Damaged ligament in right wrist posted on 6/5/2017
JS damaged her wrist two years ago and has had numerous examinations by a specialist and much physiotherapy. An MRI in December still showed ligament and bone damage. She wears a wrist brace and can only work three to 5 hours a day. Her 4th and 5th fingers tingle and pain increases. Please pray for healing of body and soul and for Christian mentors. Pray also for her three sons and an estranged daughter-in-law MM and two grandchildren. One visits eagerly once a week. The baby makes strange.

WS loses balance posted by Myrtle Macdonald on 6/3/2017
Some of you have been praying for my brother since 4/18/2017.He has trouble walking because of weak leg muscles because of strokes, some years ago. His prostate cancer problems are worsening, although the PSA is kept down. We returned the electric wheel chair because he bumped into things and was afraid to use it. He can hardly lift his right knee to walk with his walker or with his quad cane. Please pray for physiotherapy, urology (surgery perhaps) and encouragement.

Need For Prayer And Fasting posted by Sonja V. Edwards on 6/2/2017
My sister, K.T., had her big toe amputated due to complications from diabetes about two months ago; her situation has digressed to the point she may be forced to go to a nursing home because of the degree of muscular atrophy she now has for not following the recommendations of her physical therapist. If K.T. ends up in a nursing home our 95 year old mother will become homeless and heart broken. I am asking for prayers and fasting for my sister's physical and spiritual healing. Thank you in advance for your Faithful prayers. In Christ, Sonja

Update on Dave .... posted by Ruth Burk on 6/2/2017
Dave's assessment from ABI went very well this morning, both the meeting with the lead nurse and therapy teams, as well as the meeting with Dave and me. Information will be presented to a team back in Hamilton and a decision made by the end of next week. However, the assessment worker wanted to let me know if he is not accepted into the program it is not because he has not made enough progress but that he has progressed too far and they may recommend a stroke recovery program instead. There may be something like that available where he is now. Then, a program too when he comes home. Pray for God's will and direction. There is still encouragement and answered prayer in this assessment and searching out the next step will happen after the decision is reached next week. Thank you for your continued prayers. Linda

Jobs not working out posted by Angie Davis on 6/1/2017
My boyfriend has recently taken a job in another city so that we can be together. He's struggling as it is less challenging that his previous one where he had a more senior role. Asking for Gods help. Maybe by providing a challenging project to fill him and use his talents, or a coworker that he can work with on a team who to form a friendship with. I'm very concerned he's becoming depressed and loosing confidence.

Lonely posted on 5/29/2017
Hi: Can you please pray for C. He is getting very depressed. He spends too much time alone. Pray he meets a nice woman to share time with. Life is lonely without someone to share it with especially as a young man. Please pray for full time employment as well He has rent and bills to pay and I am sure that is playing on his mind. Thanks

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