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Please keep praying posted on 3/14/2017
With thanks that R is now open to asking God's help for some decisions, and that being present in church has become important in his life, and knowing that R, L, and L truly need God's guidance for their lives and his protection and ongoing peace for their young children who are experiencing big changes within their homes. Pray that God will continue to make his presence and his love known to each person, including those who strive to help.

Update on "Friend desperately seeking relationship with God" originally posted on 2/15/2017:
"She is desperately seeking a relationship with the Lord, but feels she's going down hill. She..." (more)
Praise Report posted on 3/14/2017: We are thankful that she is developing relationships to be comfortable attending church, and did return to work. This week, however, a fall at work has resulted in an injured prayers for her speedy and complete recovery would be a welcome addition to prayers for her to sense God's light in her life each day.

New position posted on 3/13/2017
I come with thanksgiving on behalf of Mark and M They are happily settled in their new apartment and have had a very varied week The Super and his wife have been very helpful and the stress has eased Thank you for your prayers. All praise and glory to our loving Heavenly Father. Amen

Update on "First time prayer request." originally posted on 2/25/2017:
"I don't normally ask for prayers, but I am struggling with anxiety lately and feel alone with..." (more)
Praise Report posted on 3/13/2017: Thank you for your prayers. My anxiety is a bit better and I have found someone to talk to about some of my issues. I am starting to read the bible again after many years, and I am finding comfort within the passages. Thanks be to God.

Update on "Please pray for little Ridley" originally posted by Melissa Spencer on 3/7/2017:
"My 3 week old granddaughter is undergoing surgery today. Please join me in praying for God's..." (more)
Praise Report posted on 3/10/2017: Many thanks for all your prayers! I am happy to report that Ridley is home with her family and doing great! God is truly a great and glorious healer. God bless you all.

Update on "More treatment for K" originally posted by Ruth on 2/2/2017:
"This is a request and a thank you. My friend K has been the subject of a few requests over the past..." (more)
Praise Report posted on 3/8/2017: Thank you, Lord, that the daily sessions are over, and the doctor seems pleased with things right now. Follow-up visit in May for which we ask for healing and recovery. Thanks for your prayers through this time.

Update on K. posted on 3/8/2017
My niece had set back but is somewhat better this week. She experienced kidney failure and is managed by heart drugs and a very strict diet. She remains on the heart transplant list. She is at home currently. We ask for continued prayers. On behalf of Gayle ad Tom.

A six year old boy had brain damage at birth posted by Myrtle Macdonald on 3/7/2017
For financial help in education he needs and accurate neurological and cognitive report. One hand is weak. One diagnosis was mild cerebral palsy. However he has serious mental disabilities. He remembers but cannot put into words what he has learned. What is the correct term for this disability? For example he can count up to 100 but next day only get to 40 and in frustration cannot continue. Who can make a proper diagnosis and request for funding? He gets angry when frustrated.

Christian Spouse posted on 3/7/2017
My dear friend E and I have been "sisters in Christ" for many years! We have prayed continually for one another's husbands, children, circumstances, etc.! We both have sons that are not married, J and P. Our prayer is that God will bring God's hand chosen spouses into their lives! We have both prayed for that since they were children! Please stand with us as well! Thank you and may God bless you!!!

Sepsis and Pending Amputation posted by Sonja V. Edwards on 3/6/2017
My sister Karin needs surgery to remove every part of the infection that is in her foot. Intensive antibiotic treatments over the past two weeks have not healed the infection that started in her big toe. She now has sepsis. Please pray for Father God to provide His Wisdom to the doctors, minimize the degree of partial amputation and put His Healing Hand on Karin for a swift and full recovery from all of her many medical issues. Thank you in advance for your Faithful prayers. In Christ, Sonja

Struggling Family posted by Prayer Partner on 3/5/2017
Just recently our oldest daughter passed away, her 4 siblings are really struggling. We ask that our great God would keep our family together, the enemy is working hard to destroy us.... wisdom for my wife and I, and that they would be open to counseling.... praise His name

Update on "Update on Dave" originally posted by Ruth on 2/23/2017:
"The procedure to switch the feeding tube to his stomach was done successfully this afternoon. The..." (more)
Praise Report posted on 3/2/2017: The doctor called tonight to let me know the results of the latest catscan. There is evidence of swelling in the brain again. There is a procedure that might work but they are not doing anything until they see how he is, whether he still is at the stage of progress he was at or if there is any deterioration. Please pray that there will be no deterioration, no affect on his progress to date, and that he will improve. Let us ask our God for His specific touch at this time on his brain. He is able. Linda

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