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Ms. posted on 2/7/2018
Please pray for my innocent Autistic disabled son David an inmate at DCJAIL. He has suffered his 5th assisted suicide attempt by being forced to swallow cylinder batteries. 3 surgeries in less than a year. No one can identify him at the crime yet he was arrested in Feb. 2016 waiting 2 years for trial. Now they are abusing him to take a plea to spare the expense of a trial by physical abuse. He lies naked in a suicide cell against policy. I am to speak 2/15/18 before DC City council in testimony against DOC in Washington DC. USA.Healing, deliverance,and Freedom for my son. Anointed Favor on me to speak that God will convict hearts and stop this evil.

My Husband`s very sick posted on 2/4/2018
Please pray for my Husband A who`s very sick. His COPD has started acting up again and his lungs are very sore and inflamed. There`s a lot of congestion and his cough is terrible. He feels awful and is also considering taking the day off work tomorrow which he would never do usually. Please God heal your Servant, my Husband A quickly. Amen.

Fighting cancer posted on 2/4/2018
Please pray for my longtime friend M, who is struggling with colon cancer. Right now he is in the ICU with pneumonia. Please pray also for his spouse and son. Thank you, Lord, that you never leave us or forsake us. And thanks to each of you for your generous prayers.

Lift the burden! posted by Ruth Baker on 2/3/2018
Daughter and husband have been going through adoption process of two children for over a year. Every time the final court date comes to complete the adoption their is a delay. This has become very stressful for the family. The children have been living with them for the past several months, but the left g all p a person have yet to be signed to complete again adoption. The kids adore my daughter and husband and the children are greatly loved by all. May God please bring this to completion of they are to be the parents legally. In Jesus name. closure is greatly needed to release the stress off the children be caught up in the system again. They have lived through much abuse and foster care for years...May the Lord bring peace finally to all! Amen. All glory and honor to God above...

More On "Husband with depression", originally posted on 1/8/2018:
"Please pray for my husband who has depression after a mild stroke. He has had teeth removed and..." (more)
Update posted on 2/3/2018: Thank you to all that have been praying on my husband's behalf. He is some better but the delay in getting the partial plates so that he can eat is not easy. We had an appointment on the 25 of January,no other appointments needed and now they say the final teeth will not be ready until the 26th of February. This long delay is not acceptable and it isn't helping the depression. I've asked them to try to get them done sooner. Please pray they will and that the weather will let me get him there to pick them up. None of the teeth left match up with each other so eating is very difficult.

More On "God does answer prayer", originally posted by Ruth Burk on 1/27/2018:
"Many things from the last update have happened: Dave had a good outpatient physiotherapy..." (more)
Update posted on 2/2/2018: Bath Fitter finally came on Wednesday to start the change of the bath into a walk in shower. They discovered major complications with the plumbing situation. They want to meet with the condo board to see if they can make plumbing changes. Please pray that they will get permission to make changes needed to install the walk in shower. Yesterday Feb 1 was a year since Dave's hemorrhagic stroke and emergency brain surgery. He has come such a long way in his recovery and God has certainly answered so many of your prayers and mine.

Please pray for Gary posted by Ruth Burk on 2/2/2018
Gary is having his left hip replaced early Monday morning in London – 9:30 a.m. I would greatly appreciate it if you would pray for a successful surgery, pain management afterwards and that his other health problems won’t flare up during his recuperation.

Using Drugs Again posted on 1/26/2018
Please pray for my nephew Andrew who has gone back to using drugs, including cocaine after being seven years clean. Please pray for God's protection over him and that He will place people in Andrew's way, who will help him find his way back. Please also pray for my sister and brother in law, for strength, right decisions, and faith and comfort. Thank you.

Praise report fir original post on January 14,2018 posted on 1/18/2018
My son met with the head of the financial department at his college today. They were able to give him a technical loan to pay for all his books and lab fees plus stethoscope and blood pressure cuff! God is good!!! Thank you for all your prayers. He will look for more scholarships during his spring break. But for now he is good. I prayed for God to send him an angel to guide him and my prayers were answered with your help!

Financial aid for school posted on 1/14/2018
My son is 43 years old he is now 4 years clean and sober! The Lord has led him on this journey from freedom from his alcoholism. He is back in college- graduated from a2 year college in May last year, is working for his Nursing Supervisor degree at a prestigious college here in Buffalo, NY. His second semester start tomorrow but he has run into difficulties with lack of funds for the books and medical instruments he needs this semester- he needs $1000 to purchase these supplies or he will have to take s semester break to try to secure funds. I can not co-sign as my cred isn’t bad but not good. His father is long deceased and my daughter lost her home during the hurricane and is struggling herself. Other children don’t have extra. Please pray that my son will be led to an answer so that he doesn’t have to take a break in school. It is urgent because he needs the supplies this week. Thank you for your prayers!

More On "Thankful", originally posted by Lizle on 1/7/2018:
"I want to thank everybody for praying for me and my daughter and also for all the encouraging..." (more)
Update posted on 1/13/2018: Thanks for all your prayers my daughter arrived home safely. Your prayers always take the fear out of my heart. School is starting this week. Please pray for us starting a new year at school in Jesus name Amen.

More On "Urgent Request", originally posted on 11/20/2017:
"Awhile back I posted a request for prayers for my Daughter "J' and her husband..." (more)
Update posted on 1/10/2018: My Daughter's husband's determined to seek help which is a start. They have been getting along a lot better. On the other hand, the two oldest girls have been causing a lot of problems and bullying them to try to get them to break up. My Daughter called me again the other day to tell me more about what's been going on and told me that her Spirit's been broken to the point where she' lost her faith, At this point she says there's basically nothing left of herself to put back together. This is breaking my heart. Please Prayer Warriors please intervene on my Daughter's behalf, Merciful God heal this family while there's still a family to fix. Amen.

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