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More On "orlanda", originally posted by Orlanda Drebit on 12/8/2019252
"Please pray for my dear friend M. She suffers from depression and anxiety and has just lost her..." (more)
Update posted on 1/7/2020: Please continue to pray for my dear friend M. She continues to struggle with depression and anxiety. Please pray for God to touch her mightily and reduce these symptoms.

More On "Prayers Requested for healing", originally posted by Grammy on 11/14/2019792
"I had another surgery on my chest yesterday for invasive ductal carcinoma. The doctor thinks that..." (more)
Update posted on 1/7/2020: I am at the beginning of four weeks of treatments...please keep praying. Blessings, Cass

Surgery posted on 1/6/2020110
Thank you for your prayers. I am going in for surgery tomorrow. Please pray for Gods favour. Thank you.

More On "Prayers please", originally posted on 11/15/2019560
"I will be seeing a Neurologist next week for some health issues that I have been having. I would..." (more)
Update posted on 1/5/2020: Praise be to God. Your prayers truly helped me through surgery which went very well. My pain is significantly less. Thank you also for the individual messages and prayers of encouragement. You will never know how much your words have helped me. I go for follow up in two weeks. Thank you again for your strength and prayers.

More On "Our Sister", originally posted by Bev Feick on 12/6/2019232
"Our sister: a wife, mother, grandmother, aunt, and great aunt, died while walking on a sidewalk..." (more)
Update posted on 1/4/2020: Thank you for the prayers sent to me....our first Christmas without our sister at the family table. My son and I travelled east to spend 4 days sharing in this bittersweet time. At every turn, there are loving reminders...she continues to be so alive for us. I shall read your prayers often. Blessful thanks.

Prayers for Australia posted on 1/4/2020114
Please pray without ceasing for the people, animals, wildlife, birds, and (so far) untouched forest in Australia. Pray that God will keep all firefighters, first responders and medical staff safe and give them space to rest. Pray also for our world wide Leaders to do the right thing for our planet. We ask this in Jesus name. Amen.

Spiritual maturity! posted by Ruth Baker on 1/4/202091
Father, the world is filled with sin and people have no respect for anyone! Your creation is falling away from you daily! People are not raising their families to know your word or to seek your Holy Spirit in their lives! Many confess of not believing in your existence or the need of you in their lives. Father open their hearts to receive your Son and Saviour Jesus Christ

Ms posted on 1/3/202092
Please pray that our Father, ABBA will work through the events and people of today to direct my grandson’s future according to His will and love. I thank Him for upholding us with His enduring love and strength.

Miserable Single Mother posted on 1/1/2020110
She is complusive, judgmental and has angry tirades against her mother, brother, aunt, and sons. Alcoholism is treated with breath-alizer tests required before being allowed to drive, and with a guide dog. She was brought up by teen-aged mother, and her harsh mother and grandparents. She is a high school drop out with General Eqivalency Diploma. Please pray for Godly friends and mentors, salvation and love of the Word. Pray for her to love and respect her relatives.

Update posted by Lori Ciccanti on 1/1/2020112
Since stopping the chemo about two months ago, Lou is responding very well to immunotherapy; actually he hasn’t felt this good in a long time. Treatments are administered every three weeks at the cancer center and so far there have been no side-effects, praise God! I will let you know after the next scan in February if the immunotherapy has been successful in treating the cancer. Thank you all so much for your prayers. Happy New Year to you and yours!

More On "Pray For Healing", originally posted on 12/29/2019177
"Please pray for Pat as she has had a 2nd fracture in her hip due to the cancer. Pray that the..." (more)
Update posted on 12/31/2019: Dear Friends, thank you for your continued prayers for my sister. She has had an operation on her broken hip but they want to do the other hip as well. . Thank you so much

More On "Overwhelmed", originally posted on 12/11/2019269
"I'm overwhelmed and praying that God will help with a serious situation. Amen."
Update posted on 12/29/2019: It is better to have a mature reasonable talk then to let things fester for years and be miserable. I'm praying that God will continue to help with all the issues. Amen.

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