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thank you posted by Judith Birt on 11/13/2017
I am writing to express my thanks for all the prayers you have lifted up for me and my daughter as I have had surgery and treatment for cancer. I cannot express in words what your devotion to praying for our needs has meant to us. Please delete my former request. It is a comfort to know I can call on you again if needed . For now, my radiation has been completed and I am feeling very thankful. Thank you so very much. Judy

Update on "update re forms" originally posted on 11/1/2017:
"The doctor still has not signed the forms for Mark despite having assured Mark he would sign at the..." (more)
Praise Report posted on 11/13/2017: The problem of Mark's forms has now been brought to the attention of his Member of Parliament. Dear Father we pray that this will soon be resolved. there is also a possibility of a part time job which would be ideal for him. May all things be done in Your Time and Will. Amen

Family Prayers posted on 11/13/2017
Pray for my family and their relationship with each other. There are some festering sores that need to be healed. Recent events and discussion with one child have let me know more about my kids than I did before. Pray for us all. Thank you.

Update on "They've all moved" originally posted by Ruth Burk on 10/26/2017:
"Linda and son Jon moved into her new home last Saturday with help from friends. She is thankful to..." (more)
Praise Report posted on 11/13/2017: Dave has returned to Guelph and he could be home in the next 2 weeks. Pray with them as Linda learns how to transfer him to and from his wheelchair. Equipment, including a hospital type-bed, has to be decided on and ordered, etc. Your prayers mean a lot to both Dave and Linda. Dave seems to be happy about the prospect of coming home but it will be an adjustment. Thank you for your many prayers ...and please keep on praying!

Update on "Heart problems" originally posted by Anita McLennan on 10/27/2017:
"Please pray for a young man "M" who has had a heart attack and may need surgery. He had..." (more)
Praise Report posted on 11/12/2017: M is having surgery in January. Until then they are treating another medical problem that needs to be cleared before the surgery. Thank you for your prayers.

Adoption Finalized! posted on 11/10/2017
Father this adoption process that C. my daughter and her husband C. have been going through has had many issues preventing the finalization of the adoption. The children D. And F. have lived a difficult life and need this closure so that they can have peace knowing that they finally have a loving family and shelter from harm and abuse. I know you also love their biological family and I do pray that they find your grace and forgiveness in their lives. But this adoption process has caused much stress for nearly two years now. Our family does love these children as our own and want what is best for them, according to your plan. Whatever the outcome Father, may closure and peace of mind come and the decision be finalized and legal documents be signed to end this stressful event.. In Jesus name all glory and Honor to you Lord for allowing my daughter and her husband to experience being parents and for our family to have been blessed with these two precious children in our lives. Amen

Update on "Sherry" originally posted on 10/6/2017:
"Please pray for G, a young husband and father of two small children. He suffers from a rare,..." (more)
Praise Report posted on 11/9/2017: Praise and thanks to God! G. is now having regular iron infusions which were previously sporadic due to lack of availability. Also, he has been referred to two specialists in Toronto who deal in rare GI diseases. The appointments are in the New Year but his current doctor is trying to move them forward. Please pray this happens. Thank you for prayer!

The direction of my family posted by Sherry Mikell on 11/9/2017
I request prayer for my family. 2 of my sons are moving out on their own and my prayer is that they would be a light to others. They both need Full-time jobs to support themselves. I also pray for my husband we are struggling financially right now as we all prepare to move. Help us to continue to shine our light as we head into a storm. Pray that the Lord guides us and protects us as we wait for direction.

Prayer for my neighbour posted on 11/7/2017
Please continue to pray for my neighbour whose breast cancer is not responding to treatment.

position in the trained field posted on 11/7/2017
Please pray for my husband (R) and I(J), that our health remains stable, and for our grand daughter (B) who needs to find work she has trained for. I know God answers our prayers.

Please pray for healing and the gift of faith posted on 11/7/2017
Please pray for my friend Garth whose tumor has returned. Please pray also that he receive the gift of faith and understanding. That which is impossible with men is possible with God. Thank you.

Prayer posted by Joyce on 11/7/2017
Please pray for Wesley and his wife and young son who have just arrived from Brazil. Pray for work for Wesley and that the college where he is taking an english course goes off strike. They attend our Church and have great faith in our Lord.

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