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Update on "Update" originally posted by Karen A. Goodings on 11/4/2017:
"My prayer line request was for our Great Granddaughter who underwent surgery on November 1, 2017...." (more)
Praise Report posted on 11/6/2017: The situation has taken a slip back and she must remain flat on her back for at least 48 hours to attempt to stop the leak of spinal fluid. More prayers are being requested to the Lord to bless this family of three and to keep the faith strong that she will be healed.

Lower Stress Level posted on 11/6/2017
Please pray for B. He is so stressed out I am afraid for him. He has started attending church and I feel the enemy is attacking him. He is shown no respect at work and pressure is getting to him. Please pray for the peace that passes all understanding from our Lord. Faith, Trust and Peace for B

Update on my husband's ultrasound posted by Lori Ciccanti on 11/6/2017
Thank you again to everyone who has been praying for my husband's latest scan and ultrasound. There's a mass in his kidney that's been there for the past 6 years and has fluctuated in size; it's smaller now than on previous scans. They can't tell if it's cancer or not, but in either case, the treatment is the same so a biopsy is unnecessary. We really appreciate all the prayers and support we have received through this ministry. God bless you all. In His Love, Lori

Healing, comfort and peace for Jen posted on 11/5/2017
Please pray for Jen who has found out she must undergo radiation, chemotherapy and a double mastectomy for breast cancer. She has two types of cancer. Pray for healing, guidance for her medical team and peace and comfort for her family as she travels through the valley of death.Thanks to all who pray.

Job for Andrew posted on 11/5/2017
Thank you to all who prayed for a job for Andrew. Praise the Lord, he has found one that pays better and has opportunities for advancement. God is good!

Update on "healing gracie" originally posted by josephinekamau322 on 9/27/2017:
"Good morning my fellow Christians. God is good all the time, He is surely very merciful to us. Mine..." (more)
Praise Report posted on 11/2/2017: Good afternoon my dear friends in Jesus Christ. I will always Praise our dear Lord Jesus Christ. He is so lovingly and merciful even to a poor sinner like me. Lets always glorify His Mighty Name join me in thanks giving unto to Him for He is a wonderful God, the Greatest Physician of all times both spiritual healer and physical. I thank you all for the prayers for my Down syndrome daughter Gracie she has improved a lot, may our good Lord bless you all. Thank you Father, Son and the Holy Spirit for your love. Amen

Grandson needs awakening and Spiritual deliverance! posted on 11/2/2017
My grandson T. May be lose yet another job that he has only had for a very short time. This has been a pattern with him the past few years. He has responsibilities that he is not taking care of, yet he finds a way to continue to get high daily with his girlfriend who is carrying his child due in a few months. They need to be taking life seriously and it saddens me to see them living in darkness. He also has a 3 year old daughter that he is behind in paying child support to her mom. God there needs to be an awakening and deliverance for T. And his girlfriend H. Before this baby comes into this world. May you guide their hearts and minds toward you Lord God and surrender all to you In Jesus name! Amen I pray for all that are being deceived by darkness that they will be delivered from addiction. May they hunger for and feed on God's Holy Word. In Jesus name, amen

Finalize adoption!! posted by Ruth Baker on 11/1/2017
Daughter CJ and son in law C, have been going through the process of adopting two children. It was supposed to be finalized several months ago but yet again something has come up to cause a delay. This time someone did not file the proper paperwork concerning an instant sibling of the two children who is being raised by the grandparent. The baby has different cather than the two that my daughter is adopting. The children come from an abusive and criminal lifestyle and they need closure. God please bring peace and finalize this adoption if it is your will. There's kids are loved greatly and the delays have caused my daughter much stress! The children love my daughter and her husband and would be devistated if this adoption is stopped. They have been living in my daughters home since spring. The adoption process has been going on for nearly two years now.

Update on "Please pray for S" originally posted on 10/21/2017:
"My husband has had a foot wound for 8 months. Despite vigorous treatment the wound has had minimum..." (more)
Praise Report posted on 11/1/2017: Many thanks to all who have prayed and those who continue to pray for my husband's foot problem. There has been some improvement and we are looking for positive results from the infectious diseases doctor on Nov. 7th. God Bless all.

Concerned Mom posted on 10/31/2017
Please pray for my son, JR, who is addicted to drugs and also has a mental illness. He is losing a lot of weight and hardly sleeps. He needs healing from the Lord! Thank you so much.

Breast cancer posted on 10/30/2017
Please pray for Dorothy who has Stage 3 breast cancer, Lord hear our prayer.

Medical update posted by Janana Hughes on 10/30/2017
Please keep praying for Kate as her meeting with the health team has been delayed to Nov.7th and she is still in Intensive Care. Pray that she will get well enough soon to be with her children before this meeting. Heavenly Father we pray and know that everything is in your time and that this delay will eventually lead to a great outcome for this mother. We pray this in the name of Your son Jesus. Thank you.

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