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Today's Prayer Partnership request posted by The Presbyterian Church in Canada <> on 08/18/2017
Pray for the ministry of our chaplains serving in prisons across Canada and for those under their care.

peace posted on 8/17/2017
Have had a hard time with financial things in the past threw God I have turned things around. .Just married 2 years ago and now wanting to buy a house need pray that all paper work and my record is wiped clean so we can move on to purchase a new home ....

Update on "Cancers attack!" originally posted by Ruth Baker on 6/26/2017:
"My cousin L. found out she has cancerous tumors in her brain. They put her through a week of..." (more)
Praise Report posted on 8/16/2017: Pray for family L. Lost the battle against cancer!

Dave and Linda posted by Ruth Burk on 8/16/2017
Thank you for all your prayers. Dave is responding well to the therapy in his new abode. Linda and son Jon are working hard to get the house ready to sell so that she can move to a condo suitable for Dave to live in. Jon is staying home to help, and then looking for a better job rather than school. God is with them, and they thank you for all your prayers as they work together in His strength.

Lin posted on 8/16/2017
I have just found out that I have a tumor that must be removed -- so surgery for sure. I live on my own as I lost my husband a year ago to cancer. I know God has a plan for all of us but, I'm really struggling with fear and doubt. I need prayers and support -- Lin

M posted by Marlene Starkey on 8/15/2017
Please pray for my husband R who is to have cancer surgery Wednesday or Friday. Pray for his medical team and for a calmness in R. Thank you in advance for you concern.

Sherry posted on 8/15/2017
Thank you from our hearts for your prayers! John has restarted chemo. He is now awaiting a radiation consult, and consultation with a surgeon to deal with a lung metastasis. Please pray for healing. We know our faithful God is near and that 'underneath are the everlasting arms'.

travel prayers needed posted on 8/14/2017
Please pray that God will guide and watch over "S". Please pray God will keep him safe on his long journey. Thank you.

Depression posted on 8/14/2017
I ask prayer for a 52 year old man who is depressed. He does not feel he has any worth. Gentle Jesus speak to him and show him the worth he has in You. May Your Name be Glorified. Amen

Update posted on 8/12/2017
I am thrilled to tell you that I went to the bank yesterday and a great plan was developed re my finances. Please pray that the reason for my low finances will be settled soon.

Prayer for God's Direction posted on 8/10/2017
Through no fault of their own, my son and his wife find themselves in an incredibly difficult situation financially. Because decisions must be made soon,they very much need God's intervention and direction. Please pray that God will give them peace, open an avenue for them to follow and truly direct their path. Thank you for caring. Mary

Finances posted on 8/10/2017
I come asking that my financial situation will improve soon. There is an investigation which seems to be taking a long time. I thank God that He will never leave me or see me be in want. May His Name be Glorified through this situation.

Update on "Please Pray for Help and Peace" originally posted on 8/2/2017:
"G has had a 3rd stroke and now at 48 is in a nursing home. Her husband C is struggling as he has..." (more)
Praise Report posted on 8/7/2017: Thank you to all that are praying for my cousins. They are in real need of prayer. They know the Lord but have stepped away from their faith due to the circumstances they are currently in. Slowly I believe that C is coming back to believing God is working in their lives. Again thanks for your kind prayers

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