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Today's Prayer Partnership request posted by The Presbyterian Church in Canada2
Pray for God's anointing and guidance for the congregations and people in the Presbytery of Eastern Han Ca as they find creative and compelling ways to serve people from Atlantic Canada across to Ontario.

More On "Prayer for my brother Jerry", originally posted by Christine Basa Kelley on 5/22/2019526
"Please pray that Jerry who’s undergoing dialysis 3 times a week will get the support and love..." (more)
Update posted on 7/19/2019: Please continue to pray! Now that it has been determined that he needs a graft, he needs to be tested to make sure he does not have infection so the graft can be put in and he can continue with his dialysis treatments. I’m so stressed being so far away from my brother. It breaks my heart that I’m not physically near him. Please pray that he will be healthy and that the graft will be put in with no complications and he will live a better life! In Jesus name, I pray!

More On "Prayer for my daughter in law is", originally posted on 7/14/201986
"My daughter-in-law had her last radiation treatment for breast cancer which came back after her..." (more)
Update posted on 7/19/2019: Blessings to all who prayed for my daughter-in-law and her family. Her scans, including her MRI, showed no cancer in her body. Thank you

Job posted on 7/19/20194
Please pray for P and B. Both have part-time jobs but not enough hours to meet their bills. Please pray they get more hours at work and become full time in the near future. God is good and I know that he has plans for these two

More On "Stage 4 Kidney Failure", originally posted by Kathy Nelson on 3/11/20191141
"Please Pray for my friend Job. He is in stage 4 kidney failure and needs a transplant. He needs a..." (more)
Update posted on 7/18/2019: Job continues to have multiple issues with his diabetic ulcer and kidney function. Please pray for both of them to improve and continue to pray that God will send him a helpmate so that he is not alone in this and that he will feel God’s presence and peaceful spirit. Thank you!

Additional request for Dave and Linda posted by Ruth Burk on 7/17/201953
Dave’s recent tests at the hospital did not show signs of a TIA or mini-stroke, but the neurologist has ordered an MRI to see if there is evidence of recent seizures or anything else that might be causing his severe headaches. Please pray for Linda as well as she has been dealing with back and hip pain for the past month. Thanks for your continued prayers.

More On "Moving - A transition", originally posted on 6/22/2019390
"We are making a big move from Ontario to PEI to downsize and be relieved of some financial burdens..." (more)
Update posted on 7/14/2019: Thank you, Lord, and thank you prayer family. The open house was well attended. The weather cooperated and the feedback from people was positive. We also had an honest and transparent conversation with our realtor about next steps and expectations for marketing and communication and we feel more at ease about how she is working for us. Now we pray for it to unfold as the Lord has planned and trust. Thank you.

More On "Prayers for Healing", originally posted by Grammy on 6/18/2019403
"I fell last week and am still quite sore. Prayers for healing appreciated. Praising God still. It..." (more)
Update posted on 7/13/2019: Praise God, the Great Healer, all tests came back showing good results. No bleeding, clots, or tumors...but tests confirm that I do have a brain...just saying, in case there was some doubt. Joking.??? Praise God!!

More On "Supernatural Provision", originally posted on 7/8/2019123
"Please join me to pray for God's supernatural provision so that I can pay for my tuition and..." (more)
Update posted on 7/12/2019: The prayers are much appreciated.I am still trusting God to supernaturally provide for me to cover my tuition.I believe He can and He will.

Robin Ross Update posted by George L Myers on 7/9/2019141
Our Presbycan Technical Director and overall overseer, Robin Ross had suffered a "Minor Heart Attack." After nearly 48 hours in various hospitals, testing and inserting three stents in 3 areas of 90% blockage, he is back home with instructions to rest easy, don't drive etc. for 2 weeks anyway. He is eager to go. Pray with me that Robin follows instructions and takes it easy and that our God will grant him a LONG and thorough recovery. Praise God that it was no worse.

More On "Friend suffering from addiction suddenly bereaved (husband)", originally posted on 3/30/2019785
"Heavenly Father, we do not know Your plan, but trust in You. Please hold my friend suffering from..." (more)
Update posted on 7/9/2019: So yesterday I saw my friend over Face Time at an event, and she is managing the struggle - enough! Sometimes I think that God is happy with us just being ‘good enough’ for Him, because that is when His power can work through us. Ephesians 3;20 says God "is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine.", when we turn to Him in prayer, to rest, or however we can. Thank you for your continued prayers. God’s love changes people and situations, I know it.

More On "Young couple, new job!", originally posted on 6/24/2019215
"Praise God for providing a new job for the young lady that I pray for! She begins tomorrow, and it..." (more)
Update posted on 7/9/2019: Thank you for your prayers. My young friend and her fiancé weathered a difficult week, not only by getting through it, but with high spirits and jobs well done. Only the power of God gave them strength, I am sure, because it was a challenge. Our God promises to turn things around for us when we come to Him. Thank you all for your prayers and to God for his many mercies and grace. These add up over time, as God helps us through the steps of our days. Praise Him!

More On "Update on Victoria", originally posted on 6/14/2019216
"Victoria has had a bit of a setback. She insists that she is no better than she was last year. She..." (more)
Update posted on 7/7/2019: Update on Victoria. We were at the 3rd birthday party for her niece yesterday. Victoria fully participated for almost 6 hours with no signs of panic. Praise the Lord. She says that she Is feeling a bit better. Grant Father, that this trend will continue. May Your Name be glorified. Amen.

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