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Today's Prayer Partnership request posted by The Presbyterian Church in Canada <> on 03/23/2019
Give thanks that we live in a part of the world where we can enjoy the change of seasons and the wonder of God's creations.

More On "Reuniting!", originally posted by Ruth Baker on 3/14/2019:
"Father B has not been part of his son's D's life for over six years due to conflict with..." (more)
Update posted on 3/18/2019: Meeting went well. Praise God.

We need new place to live posted on 3/15/2019
We need a new place to live. That way the amount of work needed to care for our home will be gone. My husband, due to back issues and age,, is having increasing problems keeping up with the snow, grass, and heavy salt for the water-softener. We would like to move into a condominium apartment as soon as possible. The past four weeks we have been decluttering in preparations to move. Please pray that a place comes on the market soon and that we'll be able to move before our vacation. God please help us, but in your timing, and not ours. Amen.

More On "Prayers for my Brother-in-law", originally posted on 3/4/2019:
"I just found out that my brother-in-law "M" fell yesterday and fractured his right hip...." (more)
Update posted on 3/15/2019: "M" had his surgery but the new ball joint kept popping out so it had to be replaced. The surgery took longer than expected. My sister "A" is exhausted and is now staying at her daughter's. She was at the hospital from 9:00 a.m. until midnight. "M" has been transferred to a different hospital for his physio. Please continue to pray for his recovery. Thank you, God, for everything. Amen.

More On "Update on Friend needs prayers", originally posted on 2/5/2019:
"Original request posted on 12/05/18 I just had an email from my friend "C" saying she has..." (more)
Update posted on 3/15/2019: "C" is now waiting for a date for heart surgery. She's very afraid because if things don't go as planned, they might have to crack open her chest to do open heart surgery. Her asthma problems could further complicate everything. Her heart rate at one point was 146 and she now has to wear a wrist monitor to gauge how high it goes. If the pain lasts longer than 20 minutes she has to be rushed to the hospital. Please God give her the "Peace that passes all understanding" and heal her quickly and completely. Amen.

More On "More on Comfort Needed", originally posted by Grammy on 3/8/2019:
"Our original prayer line post read: Our granddaughter has been suffering from extreme anxiety...." (more)
Update posted on 3/15/2019: Update: my granddaughter has been given medication which seems to be helping her. Her mother is going for a visit soon and will travel back with her daughter. Thank you for your prayers. They're much appreciated.

More On "Faithful Service", originally posted on 3/5/2019:
"originally posted on 2/1/2019: "Please pray for healing for my brother Jerry who is undergoing..." (more)
Update posted on 3/15/2019: This is an update and praise report on my brother, Jerry. His one tumour has reduced in size by 25% and the other is stabilized. No other growths are reported. Please continue to keep him in prayer. My friend, Brenda has been released from hospital to recover from surgery before continuing on with her chemo treatments. Please continue to lift her up in prayer as well. I thank God for all of your prayers.

Prayers for continued healing after surgery posted on 3/14/2019
Alex has had some troubles regulating his heart rhythm and blood pressure since coming home from open heart surgery. His hand is still numb and his arm and shoulder hurt. Please pray for continued healing, patience and encouragement. Thank you!

Prayer Request #4075 - Brain Scan posted by Ida Nicoletti on 3/14/2019
I thank God that no anomaly was found in my brain. However, my condition is still the same -- heaviness in the lower portion of my body from the waist down. My balance is not quite right. I feel groggy most of the time. I still need your prayers, please and thank you!

Family issues-Grandson T! posted by Ruth Baker on 3/14/2019
Grandson T has been doing well. He has a job and has his own apartment for his family of four. Now he has no transportation to work because those he rode with quit their jobs to do something else. With no car and no public transportation that travels that route, T may loose his job and not be able to pay his bills. In Jesus name, make a way Lord. You speak the word and it is done according to your plan. All glory and Praise to you Lord. AMEN

Traveling protection! posted by Ruth Baker on 3/14/2019
Father, you know the planning three daughters have to spend a week together! D and C are flying out of Buffalo on Saturday, to join their youngest sister in Florida with her family and also to visit their dad and step mother. I ask for traveling protection for all, and that they enjoy each other's company in making new memories. In Jesus name may they return safely together to their families here. Thank you for being our all in all Lord, Amen

God's Healing posted on 3/12/2019
The doctor found a golfball size mass in my neck. I go for an ultrasound and a biopsy on Friday. Please pray for God's healing whatever the tests reveal.

Cannibis smoke victimizes through thin walls posted on 3/12/2019
Second hand smoke has become a serious problem in multi-unit housing. Neighbours upstairs and next door are victims with no way to control how much the smokers force second hand smoke on us, because we share thin walls, ceilings, stairwells and vents. Also when windows are open unwanted smoke enters. Pray for provincial legislation. Sign the multi-unit smoking ban petition. The warning red light in my new $300 air cleaner came on in two months, the huge filter plugged with oily brown junk. Warm water did not remove it. Detergent suds and a brush turned the filter white again did. Pray for patience and grace.

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