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Sudden Change
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Friday, April 26, 2019

Today's Devotional

Sudden Change

Psalm 136:1 – Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good. His love endures forever. (NIV)

Change is constant. From the time we are infants, we continually adapt to changing circumstances. What is important is how we react to the changes.

Even institutions such as the PresbyCan Daily Devotional change. When I first started reading the daily devotionals, I would enjoy, from time to time, reading devotionals written by Rev. Iris Ford. When ill health caused her to stop, the hard-working editor encouraged other prospective writers to contribute.

But when a change occurs suddenly, it is usually much more difficult to handle, particularly if it is perceived as a negative change. While adapting to change is a normal part of life, our reaction to sudden change really tests our belief structure.

Two such changes occurred in April 2018, and we were all reminded of them in April 2019.

On April 6th, I watched the telecast of the anniversary of the terrible crash of the bus carrying the Humboldt hockey team in rural Saskatchewan. Sixteen were suddenly killed, and thirteen others were seriously injured.

The service, with thousands in attendance and watched by hundreds of thousands more — perhaps millions — on television, had a strong religious element. Belief was often mentioned with the necessity of not allowing this terrible, sudden tragedy to ruin the future.

Later that month last year, on a Tuesday afternoon, a van drove down a sidewalk on Yonge Street with many shoppers walking on it. Far from a terrible accident on a relatively remote rural road, this happened on "the longest street in North America" in the heart of the largest city in Canada.

Ten were killed and many injured — totally incomprehensible and again very sudden.

On a Sunday following the tragedy, there was a walk down Yonge Street, led by government leaders. It passed right by the building where I live and where I had stood on my balcony and watched dead bodies lying on the street and sidewalk.

I can still hear hundreds of the marchers singing the words by Kristin Chenoweth, made famous by Bill Gaither:

    Because He lives, I can face tomorrow
    Because He lives, all fear is gone
    Because I know He holds the future
    And life is worth the living,
    Just because He lives.

You and I face constant change. But sudden change is often more difficult to handle.

Perhaps, like me, you have faced the loss of a spouse after 60 years. Or the loss of a 41-year-old son from pancreatic cancer. Or the loss of a daughter-in-law just 20 days after being diagnosed with the same disease.

Personally, these sudden changes have challenged my own beliefs and forced me to rely heavily on my faith. The challenge for you and me is always to try to react positively by sharing God's never-failing love as shown by His gift of Jesus.

There is a solution as expressed in the words by Albert Simpson published in 1890:

    Yesterday, today, forever, Jesus is the same,
    All may change, but Jesus never — glory to His name!

Prayer: Dear God, we thank You that Your love remains with us forever. Thank You for showing us that love through the gift of Your Son. Help us ever to be proactive in responding to sudden change by sharing Your love with others and not falling into the trap of feeling sorry for ourselves. In Jesus' name, we pray. Amen.

Vincent Walter <>
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Today's Thought: The greatest mistake we can make is to stay on the ground after falling. – Victor Manuel Rivera
Today's Verse: Psalm 10:14 – But you, O God, do see trouble and grief; you consider it to take it in hand. The victim commits himself to you; you are the helper of the fatherless. (NIV)
Today's Bible Readings:
One-Year* Scripture Passage: Job 33-34
Two-Year* Scripture Passages: 1 Chronicles 9:3-44; Luke 21:20-38
Canadian Bible Society Daily Bible Reading: Psalm 118:1-14
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THANK YOU posted by Peggy White on 4/25/2019
Please praise God with us for bringing us through a rough winter. My husband, Brian, had two heart attacks in early February and a stent was placed in his artery. Two weeks later I had emergency surgery of a quadruple bypass. We didn't expect any of this. Our son came home from Texas to take care of us. Now, in April we are still recuperating and starting our cardio rehab. We Praise God that he brought us through together, and we have more years to spend with each other and worship and praise Him!.

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Update posted on 4/25/2019: I heard from "C" yesterday by email. In three weeks the doctor is going to stop her heart and restart it. During the three weeks wait, she is to get as much weight off as safely possible because she's very overweight. This is very dangerous during the procedure especially since she's also Asthmatic. Needless to say she's very frightened. Please pray for God to help her and to give her His "Peace that passes all understanding. Amen.

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Update posted on 4/25/2019: "M" continues to improve and is determined to get better quickly because he and his wife are due to take a trip which was booked a long time ago. They're both looking forward to the trip and it would be a welcome break after the stress they've both been through. Please pray that all goes well, especially after all his hard work. Amen.

More On "We need new place to live", originally posted on 3/15/2019
"We need a new place to live. That way the amount of work needed to care for our home will be gone...." (more)
Update posted on 4/25/2019: It's been three months since we started to prepare our house to put on the market. Besides both of us sorting out items, my husband has painted two rooms and still has a third one to do. He has purchased hard wood flooring on sale to be applied to the two latest rooms. It's a lot of work because many heavy items need to be taken out for the time being. Please pray that God gives us the strength to do what needs to be done and blesses us with a place that is easier to handle. Amen.

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* The One-Year Bible Reading Plan is from ©1996-2006 by Michael Coley and used by permission.
* The Two-Year Bible Reading Plan is from the Cambridge Daily Reading Bible ©1995 Cambridge University Press and used by permission.
* Our public domain music is courtesy of The Cyber Hymnal
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Robin Ross, Technical and Oversight Editor.

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37 comments on this post.
  1. Marg. Read:

    It’s good to receive these devotionals again! Thank you.

  2. Denise Pauls:

    I learn much from these devotionals and send them to friends near and far.

  3. Paul L.:

    Please pray for my friend D’ S. who is dealing with depression. Please pray that she will be healed that she will experience new joy, peace, love and Hope..AMEN. Thank you.

  4. Bernie Louwerse:

    I have enjoyed receiving the devotionals for the past number of years. I love to hear about life experiences/related to scripture that people have had involving the hand of God, they have spoken volumes into my life.

  5. Denise Pauls:

    I can only say Amen amen to the above comments. I find the devotionals add volumes to my knowledge and understanding.

  6. Tom:

    Thanks I think I’ll enjoy the daily devotional

  7. Jo-anne Smith:

    Good Morning to other Christian Friends, I enjoy starting my day in prayer & devotions, god is so Good, it is good to pray for others, God Bless all who write these devotions

  8. Jo-anne Smith:

    Good Morning it is so good to start our day in prayer and devotions God Bless all who write these devotions,

  9. Roman and Myrna Evancic:

    Keep up the good work….Thanks

  10. Linda Dooley:

    Thanks for the devotionals. They are an inspiration.

  11. Ed Scharringa:

    Thank you for writings like this to inspire us to deeper Godly thinking.

  12. Gifty Nimako:


    I just signed up for the devotionals and I am looking forward to having my spirit uplifted and my mind mentally refreshed by the word of Jesus Christ.

  13. PresbyCan Feedback:

    Robin: In my humble opinion the devotionals are getting better and better. for me anyway.
    The devotionals provide for me a foundation for each day, and I am grateful.

  14. Sheila Jakus:

    I have kept many copis of the Devotionals which I use on several occasions – e.g. our weekly choir practice, WMS meetings, Ladies Retreat. There is always one that is “just right” for the service.

  15. angeline:

    I thank God for the group that writes the devotions. Starting the day with prayer and a well chosen bible message daily brightens the day and lightens the pressures we face in this fast pace world. God Bless you all


  16. Ngoran Pius:

    Thanks for preaching and reaching thousands online.

  17. Richard Shumpert:

    I respond often to the authors. This is my way of starting my day. I read it first, sometimes I miss the devotional if I am away from the computer, rarely though. May Father rain down blessings upon each author and you.

  18. Richard Shumpert:

    These devotionals have jump started my day from wherever my travels have landed me for many years. I have come to recognize each author by thier words & style…some write more frequent than others, but all are beautiful facets on this jewel of a site & service this site provides….

    I am about to once again to send another gift subscription… I pray the recipient receives the blessings daily as I do…

    My FATHERS blessings continue to rain upon this site, writers & staff…
    In JESUS name i pray
    AMEN & AMEN,
    richard shumpert
    Lake Texoma, Texas shore

  19. Dell Gessay:

    I am looking forward to receiving your Daily Devotionals daily. Thank you for your support.

  20. Mike Shainline:

    The perfect start to any (every) day.

  21. Margaret Sisk-McCully:

    I am looking forward to receiving my subscription to Presbycan Daily Devotional. Thank you in advance to all who prepare them.

  22. Brian:

    Thank you so much for this wonderful site, I so appreciate the comfort and encouragement. May God Bless you all.

  23. Karen:

    Thank you for these devotionals which will help keep me focused on Christ’s teaching daily.

  24. Clare Lalley:

    I received from a friend, and liked it so much. I appreciate my friend for sharing with me. You do a great service. Thank you!

  25. Rick potter:

    Robin and Staff

    Congratulations on 20 years of faithfulness to God and to your subscribers! I have enjoyed getting the Daily Devotional for 10 years now, and have also been privileged to have been able to make a modest commitment to the writing of Devotionals

  26. Margaret:

    I’m not new to the Daily Devotional, but glad to be back. It is here, waiting for me, when I open the computer in the morning for devotions and prayer. Thank you, Robin and staff, for all the years of dedicated service and thank you to all who share in this ministry by writing devotions.

  27. Johne202:

    I was suggested this blog by my cousin. I’m not sure whether this post is written by him as no one else knows such details about my difficulty. You are wonderful! Thanks!

  28. G A Quinton Kuschei:

    My sincere “thank you” to Robin Ross, and to each of the Christian men and women who write thoughtful and thought-provoking articles that I appreciate, ponder over, learn from, and enjoy. I am pleased to have this opportunity to let each of you know how very much I value the thought and effort that you put into this work and it is evident from some of the personal moments you touch upon that you take time from otherwise busy lives to share your faith with us. (I’m a member of the Anglican communion and am so pleased that some kind, and to this day still unbeknownst, friend sent me a membership. I am indebted.) “Thank you” one and all.

  29. Christine Hunter:

    I am a Stephen Minister and am always amazed (but I shouldn’t be) how often one of the Daily Devotions talks about the situation my care receiver is struggling with! I have often printed a devotional off and taken it to share at our next meeting! They are always well received – and kept to be read again later! Thank you so much for being part of my God Circle!

  30. Dorothy Alexander:

    I wish to say a big ‘THANK YOU’ to all the writers of PresbyCan Daily Devotion. You are a very talented group, I enjoy all of the daily devotions and the prayers especially.
    One of the first task each day for me is reading these devotions and I really look forward to receiving them.
    Keep up the good work and may God’s richest blessings and guidance continue to be with all of you.

  31. Anita McLennan:

    Thank you

  32. Robert Miller:

    I am responsible for our church’s outdoor sign. When there isn’t a notice to put up I often use the Devotional’s thought for the day. People passing by on the street have told me how much they enjoy reading these thoughts.

  33. Gail Day:

    Thank you, Robin and crew for your fine work. This daily devotional has helped me to focus through some very rough patches in my life,and I look forward to receiving it. So often the words strike a chord, and help me to remember that God is always here beside me , helping me through.

  34. Gail Quinton Kuschei:

    I am blessed each and every day by what is shared in PresbyCan Daily Devotional. Thank you one and all and a special “Thank you” Robin Ross. May God bless you.


    Hello, I am unsubscribing because I am moving this week. The current internet connection, etc. will be cut off tomorrow. When I have my new email address, I will subscribe again. This may take up to a week.
    I have very much enjoyed these devotionals over several years now, and will miss them until I can start again. Thank you very much.

  36. Audrey Thompson:

    I will miss these devotionals while on vacation. I so appreciate and enjoy them.
    As Mike (above) says “the perfect start to every day”. Thanks to all who contribute

  37. Joyce Augustson:

    My friend Karen Milam is an author and writes inspired devotionals. She told me about this. God bless this special friend who studies the scriptures with me!

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