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The Ride

October 12, 2017

Our grey tabby cat, Joey Been, was so called as it truly seemed that he had been everywhere — a born adventurer. We never knew where we might find him next. One day, however, Joey and his whereabouts really took me by surprise. It was …( read more )

The View From Above

October 2, 2017

This past summer, friends of ours flew in unexpectedly to nearby Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, for a holiday. By the time that we had found out about their visit, they had already rented bicycles and cycled all around the lengthy …( read more )

Talking To God

October 27, 2016

Some time ago, I was asked to visit a lady in the hospital. She had just survived a serious operation, she was in extreme pain, and she was worried about her husband who was at home alone and not coping well. She wanted to tell me about …( read more )

The Cure

April 26, 2016

My mare, Mama had a crippled front leg when I bought her. How it happened, I don't know. For many years, she wore a leg brace, which was helpful in keeping her comfortable and mobile. One morning, however, we looked out to the corral and …( read more )

The Spirit Of Prophecy

October 14, 2015

Whenever my husband and I travel upstate to visit our son, we pass by a home that has a sign on the front lawn. In bold, red letters, it says, "Psychic Readings". Then underneath, it advertises, "$10 special". The sign always brings back …( read more )

You Are The Change

July 8, 2015

Tomorrowland, the movie, is a 2015 American science fiction adventure film. The film tells the story of a former boy genius, jaded by disillusionment, and a young girl, bright, optimistic, and bursting with scientific curiosity, who …( read more )

The Difference

May 30, 2015

Devastation! — the only word to describe the horrendous scenes of destruction caused by vicious tornadoes and torrential rain which built up into furious flooding, washing out dams, sweeping away countless homes, and resulting in loss …( read more )

It's All About Him

August 28, 2014

Bastian, a quiet boy who loves to read, is accosted by bullies on his way to school. He hides in a bookstore, interrupting the grumpy bookseller. Bastian asks about one of the books he sees, but the bookseller warns him that it is not …( read more )

Sprawling Dog

July 22, 2014

We have had a Yellow Labrador Retriever from the age of six weeks. We brought him into the house as a pet for the boys when they were little. Well, if the truth be known, it was I who wanted a Lab, as we had had a black one when growing …( read more )

God Willing

May 27, 2014

"God willing": I used to say those two words all the time. Whenever I talked to someone on the telephone, and, at the end, I said, "See you soon," I would add those two words: "God willing." It seemed that whenever I set up a future …( read more )

New Beginnings

January 19, 2014

As a little girl, for a time, I kept a journal. In it, I would write about the ups and downs of my days, scoldings I didn't deserve, maybe, or picking strawberries down the road at our neighbour's house. Each day was a new beginning, an …( read more )

Silver Linings

July 15, 2013

As I looked out my window this morning, I noticed a large, dark cloud looming behind the big evergreen tree on the front lawn. As I continued to look at the cloud, it became evident that the whole cloud had a glowing outline — something …( read more )

Hearing God's Voice

July 2, 2013

In the late springtime, I found myself outdoors in the early morning, enjoying the quiet part of my day before entering into the business of Saturday. My family and weekend house guests were still fast asleep indoors, soon to wake. As I …( read more )

The Problem

June 30, 2013

I had always wanted a horse, and our neighbour seemed to have just the right one for me. He was an old, retired pack horse, reliable, friendly, well-mannered, and very, very large. So large, in fact, that when I was in the saddle and he …( read more )


March 8, 2013

Recently, I received an interesting e-mail in response to a post I had written in 2006 on As you can imagine, I was very surprised and delighted finally to receive an answer after all this time! Even more amazing, this …( read more )

Sit Still And Wait Upon The Lord

July 26, 2012

Some seasons in life bring triumph, some bring trials, and some bring a little of both. As winter transitioned into spring this year, to my dismay, it nudged me further into my season of spiritual stillness, a season designed to … (read more)

In The Palm Of My Hand

June 13, 2012

Thud! Something hit the glass, and I guessed it had to be a bird. Looking outside, sure enough, there on the ground was a goldfinch, lying on its back — stunned! Not wanting to leave it there, I immediately went … (read more)

Taking A Look Inside

January 24, 2012

When I was in graduate school, I was part of a group that modelled a certain technique to the class using a fish bowl exercise. How it worked was that a group of six of us plus the professor sat … (read more)

My Plans

October 20, 2011

"I didn't climb the corporate ladder as quickly as I wanted." "I am not able to have children." "My family isn't as close as I wanted them to be." "My job isn't as prestigious as my friend's." "My car isn't … (read more)

What Is Your Script?

October 5, 2011

Entertainment is rare at the doctor's office, but on one visit, a young mom and her four-year-old twins kept us all in smiles. We needed a smile because my husband, Ron, was in the last stages of cancer. Likely hoping … (read more)

When Life Hands Us Lemons

August 20, 2011

My almost-two-year-old great-nephew, Levi, is a curious tot. Knowing that, it was only natural for him to reach for a slice of the lemons that the waitress had put on the table. Immediately, several adult hands reached out to stop … (read more)

Just As God Had Said

January 12, 2011

About six years ago, when I was nineteen, I was in a serious car accident, and survived by a matter of centimetres. I broke a vertebra in my back, and was forced to lose a semester at college. I later … (read more)

A Time For Every Purpose

November 29, 2010

Besides looking at old family photos, I sometimes enjoy listening to the voices recorded on an old fashioned reel-to-reel tape player. These familiar voices of my past brought back many childhood memories I had since forgotten. I heard a six-year-old … (read more)

I Know It's There

October 13, 2009

I enjoy word puzzle searches. Word puzzles are made up of a grid composed of letters which form words. There is a list of words with each puzzle. The trick is that the words can go in any direction on … (read more)

As God Wills

August 18, 2009

Not too long ago, I was speaking with an elderly person. This individual was telling me the story of an old gentleman in excellent health, who committed suicide. He left a note telling his friends and family that he was … (read more)

Time With The King (2)

February 28, 2009

A close, but much younger friend of mine had a continuous battle with the age-old time factor, i.e. never having enough of it! Overall, he managed his time well. However, he frequently complained that his personal relationship time with the … (read more)

Time With The King (1)

February 27, 2009

Don't you just hate it when you are in a hurry and all the traffic lights turn to red the moment you get to them? It's one of those days. I'm in a great hurry; all the traffic lights, one … (read more)


November 16, 2008

I had a very disconcerting moment recently. I left my home to pick up the current catalogues of a major retailer, and on leaving my car, I tucked my keys into my waistband and proceeded into the store. There, I … (read more)

Not Of This World

April 17, 2008

I just love it when the Scriptures come to life for me, whether it is through my reading or my daily walk with the Lord. I started out on a snowy Saturday morning to get my Tim Hortons

Inspirations In The Key Of "J"

July 5, 2007

I have been writing devotionals for a few years now. It all started rather innocently. I was subscribed to the Presbyterian Church in Canada's Daily devotional which I read every day. At the end of each devotional, there is a … (read more)

The Pointless Made Magnificent

February 19, 2007

The most beautiful and interesting specialty papers start out as messy, wet clumps of mismatched and shredded papers, bits and pieces of items such as seeds and twigs, yarn and tin foil — all blended into a scary-looking pulp that … (read more)

The Seemingly Pointless Made Magnificent

September 16, 2006

Many days since elementary school, I have battled depression. Even as an adult Christian, the Spirit of God constantly has to remind me that my life matters. One day when I was feeling particularly blue, the Lord gave me an … (read more)

Attitude Determines Altitude

July 18, 2006

Recently, I had surgery to remove a whopping seven-pound mass from around my right ovary. According to a friend who was in the operating room viewing the surgery, the mass had the looks of a seven-pound ham with a variety … (read more)

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