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Throw In The Towel

May 4, 2006

Learning to trust God for the little things in our lives can help us to learn to trust God in the bigger things in our lives. Hearing God is just one part of how we can trust God. On my … (read more)

Broken Resolutions

January 21, 2005

Here we are late into the New Year. The January 1st crunch of resolution has passed. So has most of my resolve. I really struggled with my weight loss plans from November right into January. That is, I had a … (read more)

Just One Wrong Stitch

February 21, 2003

When I decided to do some knitting the other day, I was out of practice, especially with any fancy stitches. The pattern that I chose seemed to be simple enough, but I was soon in trouble. Was I adding, dropping, … (read more)

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