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He Gave Life

April 8, 2017

A friend returned from a blood donor clinic sporting a red Band-Aid® with the words "I gave life". That made me think about blood and how important it is. Blood is life. By the fifth week of pregnancy — the first week that a mother …( read more )

The Door

March 21, 2017

In the past year, several opportunities or "doors" have been opened to me. One was to lead a much larger church group than I'm used to. Even when asked to take a small group, I was sure that someone else could do a better job. Now, here …( read more )

The Bread Of Life

February 28, 2017

I enjoy toast for breakfast. Peanut butter and jam is my favourite morning fare on bread, and has been for years. It's good to know that peanut butter, in moderation, is good for you — protein, right? I love a sandwich for lunch, but in …( read more )

My Sheep Hear My Voice

February 1, 2017

My wife Ruth and I farmed on the shores of Kagawong Lake on Manitoulin Island in Ontario, Canada. We had the privilege of raising sheep for a number of years. Since then, we have also had the privilege of doing short-term mission work in …( read more )

The Shepherd's Voice

January 11, 2017

During the time when I lived in the Sultanate of Muscat and Oman, I saw many flocks of sheep in the desert area where we were building a 175-mile pipeline. On several occasions, I had to fly to our field office in the interior of the …( read more )

I Stole Watermelons Only Once

October 17, 2016

The young person sat before me and said, "I stole watermelons only once." I don't recall even nodding before the rest of the story came out: A group of us young people went in a car to large fields known for their watermelon patches. …( read more )

A Brush With The Enemy

February 5, 2016

I can see a how a grieving person could be drawn into the false comfort of turning to a medium or a spiritist. Like a moth to the flame, some might seek out such a "practitioner" to try to re-connect desperately with the dear departed. …( read more )

Listen To The Voice

January 31, 2016

Our daughter is "horse crazy". She has been since she was ten years old, when she went with a friend to his riding lesson for the disabled, as they were both deaf. Shortly after that, she began taking riding lessons, too. Over the years, …( read more )

Divine Invitations

November 16, 2015

I have always loved parties. As a child, nothing excited me more than a little piece of paper that said, Come to my birthday party. Nothing much has changed in that respect — I still love get-togethers. I have had more than my share of …( read more )

The Talking Snake

September 22, 2015

A talking snake story? How can anyone believe that ancient myth about a snake who once talked to Eve, saying, "God knows that when you eat of [the fruit] your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil"? …( read more )

An Old Joke

September 7, 2015

Like most pastors, I'm often jokingly told that our jobs are easy because we work only one day a week. Usually, I laugh along with the person, who thinks that this is exceedingly funny, but within my heart, I'm actually weeping for myself …( read more )

Strange Happenings

August 18, 2015

Many years ago when I was a young man and a Christian, but not living for the Lord, my life was not what it should have been. Driving from south-western Ontario to Calgary, Alberta, Canada, I picked up a hitchhiker in northern Ontario. …( read more )

The Gate

August 4, 2015

After five years, I was finally able to expand my corral. It is now almost twice as large, and the horses and goats love it. With the expansion came a second gate, making access to the paddock so much easier. Frank, my gelding, however, …( read more )

Ancient Doors

April 27, 2015

When my son was in Bible college, he had the opportunity to travel to Israel with a group of fellow students. One of the items that he brought home was a book entitled The Holy Land in Color. This was a wonderful gift that enabled me to …( read more )

Lectio Divina – The Good Shepherd

January 16, 2015

A few weeks ago, the leader of our Bible study group took us through an experience of Lectio Divina (Latin for "divine reading") using the Scripture passage where Jesus speaks of Himself as the Good Shepherd in John 10:3-15. *Lectio …( read more )

Witness For His Love

January 1, 2015

Last New Year's Day, I received by email a New Year's poem written by Frances Ridley Havergal 140 years ago. With research, I found that it may be sung to the tune used for the hymn, "The Church's one foundation". Another year is dawning, …( read more )

Bible Study

March 28, 2014

I had moved to a new community and looked for a church to go to, a church that would be Christ-centred and welcoming for a newcomer. In no time, I was involved in a Bible study, and at one point, I was asked how I had found the study. My …( read more )

Total Commitment

March 9, 2014

My dear friend, Shirl, was close to the end of her agonizing struggle with multiple sclerosis, family breakdown, and abandonment, when she asked me to write her life story. It was her hope that women, who were suffering in any manner, …( read more )

Stolen Dinner

February 10, 2014

My wife and I, along with her dad, decided to visit her mother in the hospital following her surgery. Before I left home, I pulled out a couple of frozen prime steaks and placed them on the kitchen counter to thaw while we were away, …( read more )

The Benefits Of Belonging

January 26, 2014

He loved to stray, and it often got him into predicaments. I once owned a stubborn rooster that loved to stay outside his pen more than he loved to stay in it. But when it was feeding time, all I had to do was open the gate, and he headed …( read more )

Spider Webs

October 1, 2013

In the early fall, one thing that I always notice as I'm delivering the community newspaper on my route is the abundance of spider webs. It seems that the tiny creatures sense the onset of winter and prepare by working assiduously to …( read more )

Meaning And Purpose

September 2, 2013

Recently, I have had a need for a computer technician. It has been amazing to watch a young person going through the different phases of fixing my computer, clicking keys to control the manifold systems with understanding and skill, …( read more )

Dogging Jesus' Heels

April 19, 2013

This past February, my son and I drove to Ohio to adopt a new "furever" friend. Elliot is a "Velcro" critter who gives new meaning to the phrase "dogging my heels". Everywhere I go, and I mean everywhere, he is right at my heels, often …( read more )

Life To Its Fullest

January 17, 2013

One morning this past summer, during our morning walk, my wife and I stopped for a break at our usual bistro. It was a beautiful morning, and we decided to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine. Sitting at a nearby table was a group of three …( read more )

A Celebration Of Life

November 2, 2012

The brilliant mix of reds, oranges, and yellows silhouetted against the blue background of the sky almost takes my breath away. Our heavenly Father, the Great Artist, has splashed a panorama of colours across the canvas of His creation, …( read more )

Try, Try Again

August 15, 2012

I remember when ballpoint pens first appeared in the late 'forties. Most teachers in South Africa wanted nothing to do with them. They preferred, actually demanded, that all submitted work be done with either dipping pen and ink or with … (read more)

Make Every Day Count

March 4, 2012

The fresh snow on the small hill behind our home was a magnet drawing a group of children, sleds in tow, for some winter coasting. The sleds were of varying sizes and styles, but the children's sole purpose was to … (read more)

A Satisfying Drink

February 13, 2012

Few of us go through a day without somehow encountering the effects of spiritual dryness in our society. Perhaps you have noticed that many young adolescent girls are obsessed with making their bodies sexually attractive to males. Really, they are … (read more)

Heel And Follow

February 7, 2012

My dog always begs for a walk, regardless of the weather. But on sunny winter days, when the breeze teases my hair from beneath my toque, I am much more inclined to amble along, enjoying our day. Sometimes, her sensitive … (read more)

Robber Rabbits

October 24, 2011

This year, the rabbits robbed my orderly rows of green beans. They nipped nearly every plant neatly off at the stem. All that hard work tilling, raking, planting, and weeding produced mere stubs of plants! The only remedy for the … (read more)

Gallivanting Beagle

September 23, 2011

Recently, a beagle wandered into our neighbourhood behaving like a lost dog. Doubtless, in his doggy mind, he was having an adventure. Trailing a chewed-off leash behind him, he was having the time of his doggy life. He saw absolutely … (read more)

The Blue And Yellow Spray Can

April 10, 2011

The directions on the blue and yellow spray can promise us that it: – Lubricates (helps things to run more smoothly) – Cleans (removes dirt, adhesives, and much more) – Protects (against rust and corrosion) – Penetrates (infiltrates) – Displaces … (read more)

The Wanderer

March 27, 2010

George and Henry were busy running about the apartment while I was cleaning. They often did this and never failed to come when I called. Never failed to come, that is, until one fine day when George appeared when I … (read more)

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