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Being Offensive

July 28, 2012

Faith isn't a game, a pastime, a leisure pursuit, or even an extra-curricular activity. It's not even a lifestyle choice. It's an eternal lifestyle choice, which too many people take for granted and never take seriously. Everybody is big right … (read more)

Never Out Of Place

August 6, 2005

I once had a red maple tree that grew from seed in a privet hedge that lined the driveway. I thought the tree was so precious that I let it continue to grow, with full intentions to transplant it one … (read more)

What Is It?

November 11, 2000

It's a metal box, with a faceplate full of knobs and dials. Most people don't notice it, and even if they do, they have to ask, "What is it?" "It" is a Canadian Marconi model FR12 transmitter/receiver. Some people would … (read more)

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