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Promotional Package

November 29, 2017

I had been "in the woods" with my telephone, television, and Internet provider for what seemed like a very long time. I felt that something was wrong with my bills, and I began to inquire about it. I took to the telephone to call the …( read more )

The Love Of God

September 16, 2017

Now being 85, I have been busy writing my latest book on the story of my life. In so doing, I have recognized that the basic force that has guided me all my life is the love of God moving in my soul. John puts it clearly: It is obvious …( read more )

Once Upon A Time

August 23, 2017

It is a beautiful evening. The sky is painted with brush strokes of deep purple and orange, with splashes of pink throughout the expanse. The waves create a melodious chant, as they gently kiss the shoreline. The wind is warm as it blows …( read more )

Love Expands

February 18, 2017

I have always had a challenge understanding the idea of "infinity". Even as a child in science and math class, I had difficulty grasping infinite time or infinite space. So, too, with the love of God: I've heard many ministers and Sunday …( read more )

Blue Jays

January 30, 2016

This morning when I drove into the church parking lot, I was surprised to see a flock of blue jays hopping on the grass in front of our Fellowship Hall. They were feeding on something, but as there were no berries on the trees, I wondered …( read more )

The Ramp

July 24, 2014

My three miniature long-haired dachshunds love to be with me. They follow me wherever they can, which includes going up to bed with me at night. Unfortunately for them, however, they cannot get onto my bed. Their little legs are simply …( read more )

Trash Or Treasure

July 14, 2014

A gentleman whom I see on a regular basis shared with me that he was quite excited about the possible purchase of a sailboat that he was going to see at the end of his work day. A few days passed until I saw him again. After greetings, …( read more )

A Tale Of Two Cities

May 2, 2014

The cross and the guillotine have some things in common: they were both cruel methods of execution. The guillotine was used by Germans and perfected by a French doctor, who hoped to make the beheading of a condemned person more efficient …( read more )

Unquenchable Love

March 16, 2014

Some time ago, a dear friend gave me a special gift of heart-shaped measuring spoons, a memento from her nephew's wedding. Knowing that I would put the spoons to good practical use, she wanted me to have them. So now, whenever I bake, I …( read more )

God's Christmas Tree

December 18, 2013

Recently, during a time of reflection regarding the Christmas tree, I read a very interesting study entitled, God's Christmas Tree, written by J. Hampton Keathley III, Th.M. The premise of the study is that although some may question the …( read more )

Rocks, Tree Stumps, And Crevices

October 2, 2013

It was a dreary, windy, and cloudy day as some of us went for a long walk to "Gerry's Point". Gerry was one of the friends with whom we had gone camping on Manitoulin Island and who had passed away. One day a few years before, as he went …( read more )

The Kissed Hand

October 25, 2012

I was invited to join a family for a birthday supper. When we were all seated, a little toddler in his highchair stretched out his chubby arm to the centre of the table and stuck his fingers into the frothy … (read more)

The Hero Of All Heroes

July 27, 2012

In Aurora, Colorado, USA, on Friday, July 20, 2012, violence leaped from the movie screen into the audience in the form a demented shooter clad in body armour. Gunfire thudded into innocent people during the latest Batman movie, The Dark … (read more)

Sit Still And Wait Upon The Lord

July 26, 2012

Some seasons in life bring triumph, some bring trials, and some bring a little of both. As winter transitioned into spring this year, to my dismay, it nudged me further into my season of spiritual stillness, a season designed to … (read more)

Just In Time

September 1, 2011

I was extremely anxious. I had a family to support, but felt God's call into ministry. It was an appeal I had run from for some time. I finally gave in, knowing that it would mean uprooting my family and … (read more)

Criminal Activity

August 27, 2011

Two years after we were married, my husband took a second job as a social worker. His main duty was to supervise teens and plan activities at a teen centre. Despite well-meaning programs, the teens still got into trouble. Sometimes, … (read more)

The Law Of Undulation

August 17, 2011

I am part of a group of men at my church studying the entertaining yet profound fictional Christian classic, The Screwtape Letters, by C. S. Lewis. These "letters" are those of a senior devil, Screwtape, instructing a junior demon, Wormwood, … (read more)

Sin's Thoroughness

August 8, 2011

Yeast rolls are a sumptuous delight when served piping hot. In fact, when served at a restaurant, I could make my meal on them and would almost choose them instead of a high-quality steak. There is just something about the … (read more)

Carving Hearts

July 19, 2011

When I was a "tween" (between childhood and adolescence), I was sweet on a boy in my class. Like many tween girls do, I found excuses to walk out of my way past his house. My hope was to catch … (read more)

Those Dreaded Comparisons

July 10, 2011

There are three boys in my family. As I compare myself to my brothers, I discover stark differences. I was the firstborn and have a Type A personality. My parents expected much of me. They taught me responsibility through chores … (read more)

Let Jesus' Love Flow

June 20, 2011

Initially in my early church life, I'd be most uncomfortable when anyone preached on the above Scripture. I didn't believe that I could attain to Jesus' love for every Christian in and outside my church. No, not me! Oh, my, … (read more)

God's Marvellous Love And Grace

May 11, 2011

After a few weeks of repeatedly throwing kitchen peelings, food scraps, waste, and various animal manures on the top of the other rotting vegetation on my compost heap, it is frequently necessary to open up the heap to merge the … (read more)

The Roof Lesson

April 1, 2011

A fair bit of snow had fallen during this winter. My husband, who had recently acquired an antique car, had put it in an old shed so that it would have shelter for the winter. Knowing that work on the … (read more)


February 10, 2011

One summer, I decided that I would read through the book of Romans. I'm a detailed, orderly, organized person, so I thought that if I could read two chapters a day, that would take eight days to complete. That would … (read more)

Tools Of The Trade

November 5, 2010

I recently spent some time at a fairly common coffee establishment in town. As I sat down to grab a few minutes to read a book, I found my eyes being drawn to a lady who was drawing. She had … (read more)


August 31, 2010

It was the worst mud I have ever encountered. Within minutes, I was three inches taller! The soles of my boots were caked with the stuff, and trying to get it off was next to impossible; it dried like cement. … (read more)

A Display of Faithfulness

April 16, 2010

What a delightful season we are entering! Robins return home and tiny crocuses poke their little heads up through the warming earth, even amidst the last bit of clinging snow. Baby ducklings follow mama duck, curiously turning to and fro, … (read more)

The Difference

April 3, 2010

The young man had six silver balls pierced through his lower lip. Three studs were on each side of a semi-circle loop which joined them together. Another woman had a silver stud through her tongue and half a dozen gold … (read more)

Seasons Of Growth

March 23, 2010

Living in New Brunswick, Canada, we are certainly well acquainted with the seasons. Every season brings with it its own unique beauty. While I may complain about the cold winter weather (more so since getting older) and scooping the snow, … (read more)

Cat In A Cage

October 20, 2009

The minivan was packed to the limit for the two-thousand-kilometre trip to our new home. Tent, sleeping bags, portable fencing, duffle bags, deck box full of food and necessities, my daughter, myself, ten dogs, and two cats made up the … (read more)

The Lesson

May 13, 2009

Over the past five years, my daughter and I have experienced one heartache after another, as we have been used or abused by people. Financially, we lost a large amount, due to a close relative who cheated us. I lost … (read more)

Keeping It Fresh

April 21, 2009

During my childhood in England, shopping was an almost daily occurrence, in order to ensure that our food was as fresh as possible. Home refrigerators were rare, because they were not even close to affordable for the average household. My … (read more)

God's Antidote

June 7, 2008

Many years ago, when I was a young, inexperienced seminarian, my path crossed that of a woman who was consumed by guilt. Seeing my clergy collar, she wailed, "God may forgive you, but never me, never me, never me…" Her … (read more)

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