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As Good As It Gets

March 7, 2012

I recently enjoyed a movie entitled "As Good As It Gets". The movie is about an abrasive, obsessive-compulsive author (played by Jack Nicholson) who gets a new lease on life when he falls for a waitress (played by Helen Hunt). … (read more)

Snow Squalls

February 10, 2012

It was a bright, sunny day as I drove into town. As the day progressed, the brightness slowly started to fade, and clouds started rolling in. The sun vanished and was replaced by heavy snowfall and developing winds. All of … (read more)

The Roller-Coaster Ride

January 4, 2012

With the brand new beginning of another year underway, I wonder what 2012 will bring. I can't believe how quickly the years have passed; the older I get, the faster the time seems to fly by. Last year, my life … (read more)

A Sci-Fi Tale

September 20, 2011

I love science fiction. I enjoy reading someone's sometimes-unbelievable concept of a futuristic society. I remember watching episodes of "Star Trek" and "Lost in Space" in the late 1960s and 1970s. Captain James T. Kirk, the commander of the Starship … (read more)

Words Of Comfort

August 3, 2011

Not too long ago, I wrote about my husband having a mini-stroke during surgery on his carotid artery. I was overwhelmed at the e-mail responses I received. To see such tremendous support from writers and readers alike brought a thankful … (read more)

Mind Games

July 6, 2011

Near the beginning of June, my husband had surgery on his carotid artery. It was at that time that he suffered a mini-stroke. I knew that there was something wrong because it was a long time before he came out … (read more)

Crown Of Thorns

June 25, 2011

In my living room sits a plant that is called "The Crown of Thorns", also known as "The Christ Plant". It is a member of the Poinsettia family. It is said that the crown of thorns worn by Christ at … (read more)

The Celestial Butterfly

June 6, 2011

We live a few kilometres outside a small town. There are no street lights or tall buildings to obstruct our view of the night sky. On a beautiful clear night, millions of stars lit up the sky, and my eye … (read more)

A Labour Of Love

May 3, 2011

A few years ago, my friend, Mary, hand-crocheted a beautiful afghan for me. It must have taken her many hours to crochet this blanket because not only did she crochet a pattern, but also she weaved long strands of wool … (read more)

A Tough Decision

March 21, 2011

Not too long ago, my uncle passed away. He had been suffering from Parkinson's disease and dementia for a few years, but it was the last week of his life on this earth that was very hard for his family. … (read more)

The Break

February 4, 2011

It was a Wednesday evening, and I had just returned home from my friend's house. It was almost eleven o'clock, so I decided to turn the television on to watch the evening news. My mother, who lives downstairs, had just … (read more)

Games Galore

November 18, 2010

It happened again! I couldn't believe that I could be enticed again. But there it was — staring me in the face — and tempting me to play the latest edition of a new "Hidden Object" game on the Internet. … (read more)

The Power Outage

November 3, 2010

It happened so quickly and unexpectedly. In a split second, there was darkness. Our source of power, which we take for granted, was taken from us. Apparently, lightning struck a transformer not too far away from us which caused this … (read more)

The Unwanted Visitor

October 18, 2010

It started out with a tickle in my throat. I immediately mixed some salt and warm water and began gargling. But by the following morning, I had a headache, a sore throat, plugged ears, and a runny nose, and in … (read more)

Church For Sale

October 4, 2010

One of the hardest things in my life has been seeing a "For Sale" sign on our church property, especially since I was a part of the organizational process. Our liturgical congregation was drowning in mortgage debt, and the few … (read more)

Filtered Water

September 20, 2010

Our main source of water is from a ninety-five-foot drilled well. When the water enters through a pipe into our house, it first goes through a filter. This process eliminates impurities that would otherwise enter our tap water and, of … (read more)


September 5, 2010

One of the hardest things in life for an expectant mother is to find out that the baby that she has been carrying for almost eight months is stillborn. In a moment's time, the world of the expectant father and … (read more)


August 14, 2010

The other morning, when I was just about to brush my teeth, I noticed that the toothpaste seemed a bit runny. I picked up the toothpaste tube and found out that it contained RUB-A535 ® instead. What a shock … (read more)

Rain, Rain Go Away?

July 28, 2010

Today was a dreary day. It looked like we are going to be blessed with rain again. We've had quite a bit of rain lately, and I am sure that the plants and trees and farmers are very thankful. As … (read more)


July 4, 2010

It has been a few years now since I have worked at a local delicatessen and restaurant. I remember my very first day starting at the deli, and coming from a banking background, I found it to be very, very … (read more)


June 1, 2010

Have you ever done something in your life that you regret now, and you wish that it had never happened and that you could start all over again? I know I have, and not only once, but a few times. … (read more)

One Of Those Days

May 24, 2010

Did you ever have one of those days when everything seems to go wrong — and sometimes the wrong lasts more than a few days? It all started when we were driving home from our holidays on Manitoulin Island. Approximately … (read more)


May 17, 2010

I grew up in a slum area. When I entered grade seven, I was a bad kid. I hung around with a rowdy bunch of kids, and I am sure my parents wondered what would become of me. My father … (read more)

A Little Leaven Goes A Long Way

May 8, 2010

I enjoy baking. I bake a lot: I bake for special occasions; I bake for my children, grandchildren, and friends. It was a day like any other day when I got a call from my daughter. She asked me if … (read more)

A Grandmother's Anxiety

April 27, 2010

"Congratulations, a baby boy!" The words were taken in by a beaming and proud grandma. On February 14, 2010, Carter Nicholas was born, our fourth grandchild. What an exciting time! He is such a sweet, newborn baby boy, and I … (read more)

Bad News

April 15, 2010

It was a cloudy and rainy day. The "folk music" satellite station had just finished playing the song, "Love Hurts", and my mind recalled a telephone call from my friend a few years before. I remember the way my friend … (read more)


March 26, 2010

Not too long ago, I wrote about receiving a telephone call from a person who encouraged me to start writing devotionals again and who asked where I got my inspiration. Afterwards, I found myself searching for a manila folder that … (read more)

Clicking Noises

March 18, 2010

A click here and a click there, and then another click, and another click. The index finger keeps clicking on the mouse and the eyes keep watching the computer monitor to see the white arrow deleting and manipulating the coloured … (read more)

Tiny Running Feet

March 8, 2010

The stillness is suddenly interrupted by the sound of tiny feet, in socks, running exuberantly down the aisle. Eyes sparkling with delight, the little boy runs towards the front of the church with outstretched arms. The assistant to the pastor … (read more)

The Telephone Call

February 21, 2010

It all started with a telephone call. "Hello. Is this the home of Rosemary Hagedorn, who writes devotionals for the local newspaper?" The person on the other end of the phone line was asking me where I get my inspiration … (read more)

The Empty Shell (2)

September 21, 2006

I remember being invited to attend a Bible study held at our church, and being very reluctant to attend it, but for some reason, my busy schedule allowed it. The Bible study, indeed, was a life-changer! At the end of … (read more)

The Empty Shell (1)

September 20, 2006

"An empty shell": these words of truth kept echoing over and over in my mind. I was driving my friend, Anna, home from church, and I mentioned to her how I had been neglecting my Bible reading and prayer time … (read more)

Tears In My Wallpaper

May 11, 2006

My granddaughter, Sierra, now six years old, came to visit her grandpa and grandma during the Christmas holidays. "Magga," (her name for Grandma) "would you come to the bathroom with me?" she asked me. "Of course, I will," I answered. … (read more)

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