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Today's Prayer Partnership request posted by The Presbyterian Church in Canada0
Pray for ministry leadership teams, that they may be guided by the Holy Spirit as they prepare for worship and ministry programming this fall.

More On "Daughter’s need", originally posted on 7/30/2019116
"Lord I come to you not knowing how to pray for my daughter who is suffering after surgery. We live..." (more)
Update posted on 8/22/2019: This ordeal has become isolating and discouraging, please pray for daily strength, courage and hope. This experience could open new doors if she Is able to make some changes, I pray she will find a less stressful and local job. May God guide her steps and our prayers. Please pray for.

My Son's having health problems posted on 8/22/20191
My Son "J" is having health problems. He might have torn something below his rib-cage while we were on vacation and it's causing him extreme pain plus fainting spells. Unfortunately, his Doctor is on vacation and the hospital tests have not shown what's wrong but he should be having an Ultrasound. Please pray that he is feeling well enough to attend his grandmother's funeral tomorrow because he's determined to go. I'm so worried about him. Help him please Father God. Amen.

More On "Young couple, new job!", originally posted on 6/24/2019345
"Praise God for providing a new job for the young lady that I pray for! She begins tomorrow, and it..." (more)
Update posted on 8/22/2019: Thank you for your prayers and support. The couple is tired, and sometimes overwhelmed with all the changes. Please pray that they will take the time to put relationships first, and that they will recognize God’s mercy and love each day.

More On "Friend suffering from addiction suddenly bereaved (husband)", originally posted on 3/30/2019917
"Heavenly Father, we do not know Your plan, but trust in You. Please hold my friend suffering from..." (more)
Update posted on 8/22/2019: Keep praying, Thank you for your prayers! We know God is at work even when we don’t hear about it! God bless you

A Sorrowful Time posted on 8/22/20191
On Monday as we awaited for our ride home after a lengthy delay in our flight, my husband decided to answer the urgent texts he had received. We found out his mother had just passed away a couple of hours prior. I've known her for almost 50 years and I'm heart-broken over her passing. Over the past 6 months we've been run off our feet with decluttering, selling our house, packing to move, packing for 3+ weeks abroad on vacation which had it's own problems, and now unpacking from vacation, still packing to move, preparing for the funeral tomorrow and be ready by Friday next week to move. Needless to say our stress level is extreme. Please pray for us all during this sorrowful time. May God grant us His Peace that passes all understanding and uphold us in the days to come. Amen.

More On "Prayer for my brother Jerry", originally posted by Christine Basa Kelley on 5/22/2019777
"Please pray that Jerry who’s undergoing dialysis 3 times a week will get the support and love..." (more)
Update posted on 8/21/2019: My brother Jerry is hospitalized since yesterday! He fell while using the bathroom early morning, banged his head on the tile and had blood in his stool. His blood lab work showed infection and his blood pressure is low. Please pray for strength, better health, support from all his children and just peace for him that he will rely on God’s blessings and grace in this time of sickness.

More On "Sherry", originally posted on 6/13/2019335
"You have prayed before re John's colon cancer, metastatic to lung. He has had 3 surgeries and..." (more)
Update posted on 8/21/2019: Thank you dear prayer warriors for praying with us. There has been no growth in the nodule in John's lung and it is presumed benign. There will be one more full body scan in November and, if clear, then annual surveillance. God's grace and your prayers have upheld us these 2-1/2 years.

God’s Intersection posted by Jonnie on 8/21/201955
On Monday, I saw a man, a very thin man, dressed neatly in very old blue clothing. He was moving quickly to cross the street. What caught my attention most, though, was his face. He had just seen the bus coming out of the corner of his eye. He tilted back his head & stopped. His face in anguish said clearly, ‘Oh, no. I’ve screwed up again.’ His entire body slumped as the bus began turning left. No problem. I don’t know where he was going, but clearly it was important, probably essential. God has kept that scene in my mind now for 2 days. Please join me in praying for this very thin, anguished man, that God will guide him and meet his needs. Thank you so much!

More On "Family", originally posted on 8/15/2019153
"Please pray for my family to reunited. My oldest daughter, who goes to church and knows the Bible,..." (more)
Update posted on 8/21/2019: I want to thank you all for the prayers. God is so wonderful. I can feel a difference. There is nothing like prayer to heal the weak soul. I thank you so much and ask that you keep my family in your prayers. God has blessed me with your prayers. God bless you all. Thank you so much.

home/daughters health in school year posted by Cynthia Vazquez on 8/21/201960
My daughter suffers from anxiety and ADD and stomach chronic esophagitis. Her name is Geniya and at the start of every school year she suffers more. She is a Senior and I am asking for prayer for her school year, for compassion from all her school teachers and administration. This is most important for my daughter. More importantly for us, we need a home. We sold our home and need to be out in 10 days but we have no home. We could no longer afford our current home. Please pray for us to find a home quickly. This can add more stress to my daughter needing stability. Thank you everyone for your prayers.

Surgery today posted on 8/21/201952
Please pray for my friend J and his new spouse S. He is having radical surgery for aggressive prostate cancer today. Please pray that it was caught early enough. Thank you for your kindness.

Update on "M" posted on 8/20/201967
M went to her doctor on 19th. Her results were minimally elevated. The doctor thinks that this is because of all the other things going on in her body. The tests will be repeated in 3 months. Her heart is also to be monitored Father give her calm and peace so that her B/P will return to normal, May Your Name be Glorified Amen

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