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Today's Prayer Partnership request posted by The Presbyterian Church in Canada <> on 08/14/2018
Pray that laughter and fun will be the lasting memories for the children of Samuel House in Miscke, Romania, as they enjoy summer camp on the nearby farm.

More On "Relationship Restoration", originally posted on 6/26/2018:
"Please pray for God to arrange to restore my relationship with J , and to provide a way for it to..." (more)
Update posted on 8/13/2018: Tuesday, I found out that J is getting reassigned for approximately 6 months...we will be states away from each other but I want to believe this is God at work. Also, because of the situation at work J and I have not communicated much in the last 6 months but he made a point to let me know face to face about the reassignment before it came out in official email ......Today was the 2 yr anniversary of when we first hung please keep us in your prayers over the next few months Thank you so much!

More On "Son", originally posted on 7/22/2018:
"My son is off to his dad’s for an extended period. I won’t be able to talk to him over..." (more)
Update posted on 8/13/2018: He came home last night. We are having a marvelous time! We have actually gone on a trip and he is proving to be a wonderful travel companion. He is going to meet some new people on our trip. Please pray that this goes well and that he is able to have a few relatively carefree days. Thank you for praying for our situation. He has some more transitions to make before school starts so your continued prayers would be appreciated.

Update posted by Lori Ciccanti on 8/13/2018
We still need lots of prayers. The results of my husband’s scan showed a slight increase of cancer. We will see the oncologist this Wednesday. So I’m asking prayer for wisdom in making the right decisions in regard to his medical treatment. Thank you so much for your on-going support.

Thank you for praying for boot camp grandson posted by Cheremiah on 8/12/2018
Grandson Marcelo earned 5 minutes and wrote home. He misses everyone but is doing fine. On the first day he made a mistake being chow runner but survived. He is Gideon bearer, which means at forefront of the pack. His key to survival “Just shut up and do what they say.” He thanks everyone who has and is praying for him, and so do I. Thank you Cheremiah

Suicidal Unemployed posted on 8/11/2018
Please pray for EM whose relationship seems beyond healing. He is a good father of three but needs a job. He is meeting with his mother in a few minutes. I pray for wise faithful support. I pray for a sense of God's salvation to fill their hearts. His partner RB has mood disorders and feels neglected by friends and picked apart on e-mail. May she too sense the love of Christ meeting all their needs.

Biopsy coming posted on 8/11/2018
Please pray for God's best for me. I am to have ultra sound on both breasts, and biopsy of right breast.

Upsetting Time posted on 8/10/2018
I'm going through a very upsetting time. May God grant me the peace that passes all understanding and sort out all my problems. Amen.

healing and peace posted on 8/8/2018
Please pray for me as I am facing a potentially serious health issue, including major surgery. Pray that God will be very near and bring peace of mind and healing. At the moment, I am very afraid. Thank you.

Sherry posted on 8/8/2018
Thank you, friends, for your prayers. John is feeling well at the moment. We learned yesterday that there isn’t to be a cure. Please pray for our family to make the most of the time we have together and to trust God to uphold him and us in the time ahead.

More On "God for Making a way...", originally posted on 6/11/2018:
"For God the Father, God the son, Jesus, and God the Holy Spirit for making a way for my son at..." (more)
Update posted on 8/7/2018: Thank you Lord for not owning vape and for NOT, for the first time, vaping in the morning -- praise report. Please pray to make a way mentally for us as a family of God in David's mind. Pray for the Lord Jesus, God the Father and Holy Spirit, to help David, to desire to finish school and to graduate from Grade 12. Please help him and all his immediate family to also think of us as a good, kind, loving, godly family. Please pray for me, also. Bless you for your prayers. Always

Medical posted on 8/7/2018
Please pray for healing for both of my shoulders, tears in the rotater cuff. One doctor suggested surgery for my right shoulder. I'm in my 80's and I don't want surgery. Pray for healing for both shoulders. Thank you for your prayers.

More On "Prayer for K and her family", originally posted by Janana Hughes on 7/30/2018:
"K spent 10 happy days with her beautiful children but alas on Saturday had a set back and had to be..." (more)
Update posted on 8/7/2018: It is over a week and K is still in hospital. She has had a few set-backs, but, thank you Jesus, she is back smiling. Please please keep praying for this family who are on a wild roller coaster ride and require all the prayers we can give. Thank you.

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