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Today's Prayer Partnership request posted by The Presbyterian Church in Canada <> on 11/23/2017
Pray for members of the Life and Mission Agency Committee as they meet this week.

Thankful posted by Karen A. Goodings on 11/21/2017
This is more of a praise report and giving thanks that our great granddaughter is now home and recovering from her operation. Her body functions are working on their own and her parents, grandparents, family members continue their prayers that she will be totally healed. Time will tell and if needed a second operation will be in about three months. Thank you to all who have prayed for her.

Depression posted on 11/21/2017
Hi: Please pray for B is getting more depressed every day. His job has a lot of pressure and he asked for help from his boss who is ignoring him. He needs help from his boss to help easy the pressure. He urgently needs our prayers. Please pray he will get the help and support he desperately needs.

Joyce posted by Joyce on 11/21/2017
My son John was unexpectedly told his work will end this coming Friday Nov. 24th. A telephone message arrived for him yesterday from a previous application he had made a year ago for a position. Pray to our Lord for John to find work immediately and give him peace in his heart. Thanks be to Jesus.

Update on "In God we trust" originally posted by Adriana Avram on 11/19/2017:
"Going for knee replacement and having to go through the surgery and recoup all alone, just me and..." (more)
Praise Report posted on 11/21/2017: Thank you all for the extraordinary outpour of compassion. Please continue to pray for a little bit.

Unexpected job threat posted on 11/21/2017
My sister was just informed the business she works for has unexpectedly been put up for sale. Should this work place not be bought, she and others will lose their job. Please join me in prayer that God will guide these people through this worrisome time. May God's will be done. Amen.

Finalize adoption! posted on 11/21/2017
Daughter C and son in law C are still awaiting the finalization of the adoption of A and His sister F. It has been in the process for over a year and they need closure! Final paper signing has been delayed several time due to someone's error of filing wrong paperwork. In Jesus name may all be completed if they are to adopt these beautiful children that are loved by our large family. Amen

Urgent Request posted on 11/20/2017
Awhile back I posted a request for prayers for my Daughter "J' and her husband "J". They've been having terrible marriage issues due to his drinking. While we were away yesterday my Daughter left an urgent call on our Answering-machine. We don't know all the details yet because we were unable to talk to you. They had a huge fight and her husband kicked a door in to get to her. She was bracing the door and she sustained tissue damage to one of her arms and had to go to the Hospital. Her spirit is so broken and she's unable to take anymore stress. I'm very concerned about my Daughter's well-fair and that of her four Daughters. Please pray for this escalating situation. God please touch their troubled souls, fix what's going on and give them strength to get through the rough days to come. Amen.

Heart Issues posted on 11/20/2017
Yesterday my Sister "A" told us that her Heart is under Investigation after being Hospitalized for a week. She did not disclose the information to either my oldest Brother "G" or Myself "J" prior to our get-together. Her Husband "M" also has severe existing Heart issues. "A" is my big Sister who I've always looked up to and means so much to me. Please pray that God will heal them both. Amen.

Haze on left eye posted by Myrtle Macdonald on 11/18/2017
Update on "White haze hides vision of left eye". It has cleared a little. The diagnosis is partial Vitreous Prolapse. I compared scans of both eyes and saw the loss of detail on the left side and above the left pupil. A new prescription for glasses may help. Laser might do more harm than good. Please pray for healing.

Challenging times posted on 11/16/2017
We are all trying to juggle a lot right now, and need prayer to help us through this challenging time. Please pray for my little one who is in the midst of all this, my parents, and all of the wonderful friends who are supporting us through all this. May God help us arrive at a positive outcome for all concerned. There is so much that is murky right now, and we need clarity and light.

Continued Prayer urgently required posted on 11/14/2017
Kate is still in hospital but will be meeting with the expert doctors in the beginning of December and we pray that this will be the beginning of her healing journey. Prayer is also required for her parents who are also dealing with their own health problems. Thank you Jesus that you will look after this family and bring them together to watch their children and grandchildren grow.

thank you posted by Judith Birt on 11/13/2017
I am writing to express my thanks for all the prayers you have lifted up for me and my daughter as I have had surgery and treatment for cancer. I cannot express in words what your devotion to praying for our needs has meant to us. Please delete my former request. It is a comfort to know I can call on you again if needed . For now, my radiation has been completed and I am feeling very thankful. Thank you so very much. Judy

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