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Today's Prayer Partnership request posted by The Presbyterian Church in Canada <> on 06/18/2018
Give thanks for ministry students who are serving in rural and remote congregations and ministries across Canada this summer. May they be blessed by and be a blessing to the communities they are serving.

Grandson once again needs prayer for repentance and job posted by Ruth Baker on 6/17/2018
Father, grandson T once again needs your help in acquiring a full time dependable job. He put his notice in on part time to quit before receiving word if he was accepted at the full time job. So now once again he is jobless and blames everyone but himself for his problems. He needs a softened repentant heart Lord. He needs You to rise above all the deceit and darkness in his life. In Jesus name remind him of the love he held for you as a little boy. He is now a 24 year old man with two children and is not being responsible for his obligations as a man! In Jesus name, Lord, bring him to his knees with heart and soul focused on You so that he will clearly see the light of truth. Amen

Update on Marie posted on 6/16/2018
My good friend, Marie, has colon cancer and has been receiving chemo. She went the 14th for a recheck to see if chemo has helped. Thank you for your prayers. Marie is to have 3 more months of chemo, but with only one med instead of the two that she has had. Her blood work has improved and the scan showed no signs of metastasis. God is truly good.

Son healing. Daughter and family traveling protection. posted by Ruth Baker on 6/15/2018
Father, my son is having complications after having gall bladder surgery, He was in intensive care with a problem keeping his oxygen up at a safe level. He will possibly have to be off work for several weeks with no paycheque coming in. Please heal him completely and help him keep his financial obligations up to date. Also daughter C and her family are leaving for Florida tomorrow and I am asking for traveling mercy and protection for her entire vacation and her return trip home to Pennsylvania. In Jesus name. All praise and glory to You. Amen.

Praters for Marilyn posted by Lloyd Weeks on 6/14/2018
Yesterday, we found out what has been causing Marilyn to have such bad head aches. She has a brain Haematoma. An operation will take place as soon as possible in Hamilton. Prayers please for complete healing and all that lies ahead.

Concussions posted on 6/13/2018
My Son-in-law "N"sustained a bad concussion the other day (I don't know how though), but he did have to go to the Hospital. I, "J", also sustained a minor concussion on my way back from vacation. However, it's in the same location as my previous one. God please heal both of us. Prayer warriors: your prayers would be greatly appreciated. Amen.

God for Making a way... posted on 6/11/2018
For God the Father, God the son, Jesus, and God the Holy Spirit for making a way for my son at school all these years and again now at the end of this year and giving me a peace about his failures.

More On "K and her father still need lots of prayer", originally posted by Janana Hughes on 6/3/2018:
"This week K was in the hospital again. She was to be discharged Monday, but since she improved, she..." (more)
Update posted on 6/10/2018: Thank you, Jesus, that K's father is healing from his day surgery and seems to be in good form. Unfortunately, K has landed back in the hospital in extremely severe pain. Dear Jesus: take away this pain. Help her get on the transplant list ASAP so that the source of this pain may go away... Your prayers for this family are really needed and appreciated. Thank you.

More On "Need Your Prayers", originally posted by Lori Ciccanti on 6/5/2018:
"Please pray for wisdom in diagnosing and treating a chronic wound that has never completely healed..." (more)
Update posted on 6/9/2018: Thank you so much for your prayers! My doctor visit went well and he doesn't think the infection is in the bone. He took a wound culture and some blood tests to be sure. Either way I have to have the metal taken out because it's irritating my ankle. The surgery will be scheduled in a few weeks. I will keep you posted. Blessings, Lori

My heart's breaking posted on 6/7/2018
My heart's breaking because I'm overwhelmed with problems in my family and myself that have transpired throughout the past 20 years. There are injuries, sicknesses, and severe marital problems involved with no break in sight. We're all suffering in one way of another. May God have mercy upon us and help us during our time of great need. Amen.

Son injured his ankle and his wife sprained her elbow posted on 6/7/2018
I found out last night that while I was away on vacation my Son "J" badly injured his ankle because he landed on it when it turned side-ways as he stepped off a friend's porch. His Wife "S" sprained her elbow when it was hyper- extended because their youngest daughter jumped on it. They both need healing prayers. God please heal them quickly & completely. Amen from a concerned parent.

My Daughter's Having Heart & Marital Problems posted on 6/7/2018
My Daughter "V" is having heart problems and she's only 37 years of age. The doctor gave her a heart monitor that she has to wear for a week, until they can figure out what's causing everything. She has a heart murmur, and low thyroid problems. There's also severe martiial problems which could be the end of a 19 year marriage to a husband who unfortunately has a Pornography obsession. He said he was over it a few years back but has been hiding it from her. Now she just found out he never quit. She's heart-broken. Please pray for a speedy recovery with her heart issues and the marital issues. Please God, wrap her in Your loving arms and help her through this terrible time in her life. Amen.

More On "Travelling mercies", originally posted on 5/14/2018:
"Please pray for traveling mercies for my husband "A", myself "J" (we are..." (more)
Update posted on 6/7/2018: We arrived back late Tues. night. Although the trip was interesting, I suffered from Heat Stroke each day which had all the usual symptoms, eg Migraines, Exhaustion, Nausea, which prevented me from eating, etc. I also had multiple minor injuries plus to top it all off I'm sick as well. Your prayers for a speedy recovery would be appreciated.

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