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Today's Prayer Partnership request posted by The Presbyterian Church in Canada <> on 12/10/2018
(Human Rights Day) Pray for courageous individuals and organizations defending human rights around the world.

Justice and Mercy posted on 12/8/2018
We need to pray for the safety of the people of Paris, France. The past protests have been violent. Please pray for a hedge of protection and safety. Pray that it will be a civil, non- violent protest. We need peace on earth.

Prayer for Carole posted on 12/7/2018
Please ask the Holy Spirit to lay his healing hands upon Carole to stabilize her blood pressure levels as it is quite high at the moment. Please ask for a complete healing. Blessings to all. Don.

More On "Thank you for prayers", originally posted by Jo Ann Sutherland on 12/5/2018:
"Thank you for your prayers. I play piano for the Shalom Singers. We had three concerts today and it..." (more)
Update posted on 12/7/2018: Praise Report. Thank you brothers and sisters in Christ for your prayers and support. God gave me the strength and endurance that was needed. Why did I worry? Happy Advent dear friends.

Praise the Lord for His faithfulness posted on 12/6/2018
Please pray for all Church musicians. Lord, please give them give strength and energy. Thank you, Jo Ann Sutherland

Update on "V" posted on 12/6/2018
Victoria says she is feeling better, Praise God. She made arrangements to meet her Mum but cancelled at last minute. She does not want her Mum to call her. Dear Father comfort her and speak to her. May she return fully to You. May the voices in her head cease. All glory to You. Amen

Update on "M" posted on 12/6/2018
Michelle has now a diagnosis and has an appointment with a specialist Dec. 20. She is getting unexpected financial help to attend her medical appointments in another town. She is feeling better. Pray she may be able to retrain for employment. Thank you for your prayers. Praise to our God who is an awesome God.

Family is sick posted on 12/5/2018
Please pray for the two branches of my family who are experiencing the Flu. We are supposed to get together on Saturday to go cut down our "Christmas trees". Please pray that everyone will be well by then and that no one else will come down with the flu from being in contact with each other. Amen.

Friend needs your prayers posted on 12/5/2018
I just had an email from my friend "C" saying she has serious health issues but she has not said what they are. Please pray for her during this difficult time and especially during this blessed time of the year. May God heal her so she can enjoy good health and her Christmas. Amen.

Servant posted on 12/5/2018
Please pray that a six year old child will be placed in a safe environment at a child custody trial 12/18/18.

Mrs posted on 12/5/2018
Prayers needed for my younger sister who has been diagnosed with cancer and it is far advanced. Pray for the doctors today, as we see what can be done. But God is always the great healer, I know. Thank you for praying

Still suicidal and separated posted on 12/5/2018
EM is still rejected by RB, the mother of their three daughters. The oldest is in grade two and they sleep with a male friend. He goes home and cooks there sometimes. His car is pawned. She has postpartum depression and he is depressed. Please pray for physical and mental health, Christian leadership, fellowship, jobs, mutual understanding and trust.

Mrs posted on 12/4/2018
Thank you for praying for my son and his court date. It has been extended for two weeks and could possibly be house arrest. Please pray that the judge would grant house arrest. I know God as a perfect plan for my son.

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