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Today's Prayer Partnership request posted by The Presbyterian Church in Canada <> on 04/25/2018
Pray that as we look into God's Word, we will find the find the love, mercy, and wisdom we need to govern our lives.

More On "Guidance", originally posted on 4/14/2018:
"I bring my niece before You for prayer. She works in a job which is very very stressful and even..." (more)
Update posted on 4/25/2018: My niece "M" has severe pain in her knee and is to have an MRI plus an appointment with a specialist. Her doctor says she will be off work for 4 weeks and at the end she will reassess her. The doctor says she cannot continue working at her present job unless it is in a less active role. The job she has involves actively working with handicapped patients. Father, we commend "M" to you. She is in a lot of severe pain and is feeling quite discouraged. May Your will be done and Your name praised. Amen.

Lower Stress Level posted on 4/24/2018
Please continue to pray for B. He has a full part-time position now but requires more hours so he can pay his bills which will lower his stress. Pray that he can pick up more shifts or get another part-time position to help meet his bills and rent.

Loneliness posted on 4/24/2018
Please pray for C as he needs a friend or girlfriend. Life is lonely without someone to share with. He has struggled for a long time, but I know God is in control. Pray that he will find someone and that he will be appreciated at work. Pray that God will give him patience and happiness.

Pray for evil to be removed from a community posted on 4/23/2018
A community centre was created a number of years ago in the most impoverished area of the city. Many people came together to provide a new hope for a lost community. Pray that the hardened hearts of two men will be changed so that the Holy Spirit will move in their lives, as they continue to cause so much damage. For the past 12 years, it hasn't stopped, and they continue to malign people's characters for their perceived gain. They have been given many benefits, and they continue to hurt people. Pray that Jesus will protect us from this evil.

More On "One step of the long journey has been successful", originally posted by Janana Hughes on 4/17/2018:
"Update on K: Her angiogram was successful even though she has been poorly with a chest infection..." (more)
Update posted on 4/22/2018: K had some joyful times this week especially being able to have a picnic with her family in the hospital and also having time with her children last night. Praise Jesus that He is with her on this journey but please, please keep praying for her as it is still a long way to go and every day has its ups and downs. Help this family keep their faith and have a miraculous outcome for K. Thank you all for your prayers.

More On "Prayer for arbitration meeting", originally posted by Lizle on 4/15/2018:
"Please pray with me that the meeting will be fair and end in my favour. I pray in Jesus' name...." (more)
Update posted on 4/19/2018: Thanks for all the prayers. I am blessed to have people pray for me. The arbitration was postponed because forms were not filled in correctly. The people who called for arbitration now also laid charges at fraud and corruption. This was all because they never thought the youngest person in the group could have prepared herself with knowledge from the Internet to be able answer interview questions. The two most likely to have been succsessful were thrown out because the application letter was completed incorrectly.

More On "Returning to Work 3", originally posted by Ruth Burk on 3/24/2018:
"Thanks to all who have prayed as I returned to work. These prayers have supported me as I returned..." (more)
Update posted on 4/19/2018: I talked with Christopher last evening, and he tells me that he is really ENJOYING his new job, even with the many challenges that come with doing something completely different from what he has done before. May he continue to feel God's presence with him and thank you once again for all your prayers.

Prayers for Melia posted by Elaine Hazel Lytle on 4/18/2018
My dear friends in prayer, I have been requested by my niece to add 2-year-old Melia to our prayer list. Melia has leukemia and has been through nine procedures already in her young lifetime, and her cancer has returned. She is about to begin conditioning therapy to prepare her for a bone marrow transplant, and therefore needs all of our prayers for her and her family. Thank you all for joining me in prayer.

Update Sandra posted on 4/18/2018
Sandra came home from hospital on Monday. She is doing well. Pray she will continue to follow doctor's orders. As she waits for biopsy reports may she draw near to God as He lovingly heals her. All praise to Him.

Stepping out in faith with God posted by Delores Smith on 4/17/2018
I appreciate prayer for my friend, Connie, who has a lot of pain now with fibromyalgia. She cannot do everyday things because of fibromyalgia, a real disease. Please pray for a healing for her. Stop the pain for her with prayers to our God. Thanks in advance!!!

Friend posted on 4/16/2018
Please pray for Sandra. She has a very rare form of cancer that had been in remission and now seems to be back and attacking her body agressively. Please pray that God will draw her near to Him and that He will comfort her and give her strength.

More On "Digital News Editor Depressed", originally posted on 3/3/2018:
"Some of you have prayed for CH before. Prayer was answered at that time by a hostile neighbor..." (more)
Update posted on 4/11/2018: Still in anguish from harrassments of landlord and neighbors. Pray for him to find rest and faith in Christ Jesus.

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