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Today's Prayer Partnership request posted by The Presbyterian Church in Canada <> on 05/26/2017
Give thanks for Presbyterians who strive to build peace, build respect for human rights, honour right relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people, and care for God's creation.

Update on "MY SCHIZOPHRENIA/MY DEPRESSION" originally posted on 5/17/2017:
"I have been depressed for many years now.I have always had mental problems, social problems, and..." (more)
Praise Report posted on 5/25/2017: Thank u very much I feel a little better. I have exams and I need to pass with the highest grade. Please pray I do well once again thanks and keep on praying for me. God bless u all.

Update on job posted on 5/23/2017
Mark and his wife have just been told that their trial period for the job didn't work out. They have 2 weeks to move. They had moved to another town so now in two weeks they will be homeless. Dear Father guide Your children as they should go. Restore their physical health as this was a very heavy job and they are exhausted. May all things resound to Your Glory Amen

Update on "Praise God for her another answer to prayer!" originally posted by Ruth Baker on 5/5/2017:
"My dear 23 year old grandson may have just landed his first job (janitorial). Maybe he can finally..." (more)
Praise Report posted on 5/23/2017: My deaf grandson starts his job soon. He is excited to be contributing to the workforce. His dad is still a little uneasy about letting go. He is used to protecting him because of his handicap. But God is able to watching over him and guude him into a normal life. He is a Christian and lives his Jesus.

My daughter D posted on 5/23/2017
Please pray for my daughter D she does not want to go to her father on weekends she is always in tears when she has to go to him. I don't know why she cant tell me. I'm very worried she says he hates weekends and holidays because she has to go to him. I pray that when I take her to psychologist that she would tell her everything she tells me. She is so anxious I pray that God would help her to be strong. We din't know what to do. I pray this in the name if God the Father God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. AMEN.

Prayers for Ian posted by Jean Siddall on 5/22/2017
Please pray for Ian, a friend of our daughter and son-in- law, who lives in Mich. was injured in Pa. while attending a "tough mudder" event, he and a friend from Canada were in a car accident while there. and he received severe brain trauma. is being taken out of coma slowly, and needs all our prayers for a full recovery

Sherry posted on 5/20/2017
John's chemo yielded good results. He will have surgery to remove his tumour early in July. The single metastasis to his lung is now smaller. More chemo will follow surgery. Please pray for a cure. We thank our loving God for walking beside us the whole way, and we thank you for prayer.

Prayer for ailing friends posted by Thomas Campbell Locke on 5/20/2017
Please support Stan and Linda in their upcoming battle with cancer.

Job security posted on 5/19/2017
Mark and his wife are due for 3 month review of job soon. Please pray that they may meet the strict requirements and be accepted as full time employees. In all things Father may Your will be done. Amen

Doctor's cooperation posted on 5/19/2017
I asked for prayer last year that the doctor would complete the form for disability. Despite many requests this has not happened. Please pray that this situation will be resolved very soon. Thank You Father for Your Care.

Follow up to Mexico kidnapping posted by Timothy Page on 5/18/2017
Thanks for all those who have been praying for this original post of April 20th... The guy kidnapped, has been released after they paid a ransom, but he is struggling with emotional issues (as well as the family) since then. Continue to keep him in your prayers. Thank you!

Journey's Mercies posted on 5/18/2017
We're leaving on vacation this Fri. May 19th. Please pray for Journey's Mercies and my fragile health which has many pain issues. Dear God please have mercy on us, bless our vacation with safety, and refreshment of mind, body, soul, and spirit. Amen.

update on our friend posted on 5/17/2017
Thank you for continued prayers for our friend. Her life is in turmoil. Someone continues to make up lies about her which affects herself, family and work. She is very discouraged. Please pray for God to intervene and protect her work and reputation. Thanks very much

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