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More On "Praise the Lord for His faithfulness", originally posted by George L Myers on 6/25/2018:
"We praise God for His faithfulness. Several years ago, our oldest son hit a deer, then the ditch and rolled five times, and walked away with bruises and and a few cuts. Yesterday, early, on the way home from friends, with wife and two boys, they were hit broadside by an alleged drunk driver, and rolled unto the roof, all four hanging upside down in seat belts. Praise God for seatvbelts and air bags. They all crawled out with bruises and cuts and lived to tell about it. We are just praising the Lord now for keeping them all safe."
Update posted on 6/27/2018: Further to the T-bone and Rollover accident, my daughter-in-law has now been assessed to have a concussion and ordered two weeks off work and rest by the doctor. The younger grandson is getting physiotherapy on his shoulder. Please pray for the two weeks to do the healing and that there is nothing more serious behind it. Pray also for shock from the trauma will heal quickly in them all. thank you

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