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More On "More Prayer requested for Dave", originally posted by Ruth Burk on 7/2/2018:
"Dave has been having more frequent headaches. He has an appointment on July 10. However, he had one of his bad headaches but also weakness and noticeable lack of grip on his left good hand, so we went to hospital. All the tests done were clear. His grip seemed to return, but the emergency doctor admitted him to the acute stroke wing (likely until Wednesday morning)for further testing and evaluation. We are hoping this not a sign of mini-strokes. Please pray for this evaluation and results. We know that God knows what is happening, even when we don't. Thank you for your prayers for both Dave and Linda."
Update posted on 7/10/2018: Yesterday was Dave's first day with no headaches since Friday. Pray that this might be better this week as well. We travel to Hamilton July 10 for his 6 month CT scan. The follow up appointment with the neurosurgeon is tentatively booked for July 27. On the whole he has been doing quite well since his return from the hospital last Tuesday. This week our conversation group will meet Thursday rather than Tuesday. Pray for the fall for the English groups and conversation matches. I would like, Lord willing, to do a Bible study for those who need simple English. I do have a location on campus and am checking out accessible parking spots over the summer so that Dave can come with me. Pray for this need. On Saturday we celebrated our 34th anniversary with coffee out in the morning, relaxing and watching a movie, and supper out at Swiss Chalet. Thank you for your prayers, Linda.

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