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MRS posted on 11/14/2018

Please pray for successful treatment posted on 11/13/2018
Please pray for JH, an active, 80 years "young" woman who has spent her life caring for others. She is in otherwise good health, but is now facing the fight of her life with stage 4 metastatic squamous cell carcinoma. Surgery is not an option. May our prayer be that a treatment plan can be devised to shrink the tumour and stop further spread, and that this can be done in her home country where everyone and everything is familiar to her. We ask this in Jesus name. Amen

Prayer for Granddaughter & family posted on 11/9/2018
My granddaughter "H" let her mother know recently in a text message that she's carved "fat" on her upper leg and has been thinking about suicide for the past 5 years. She's barely over-weight but she has large bones from her father's side. She's only 16 years old and in March, shortly after her birthday, she decided to live with another family but comes home periodically. At 16 children are now considered adults and can do whatever they want and the parents have no control. My daughter 'J" is beside herself. "H" has now been getting counseling and she needs Meds for a 'Hereditary Imbalance". Please pray for this precious child, and family, that God our Father will heal and save her. I beseech you, Prayer Warriors. . Amen.

Travel Mercies posted by Lori Ciccanti on 11/9/2018
Lord willing, my daughter and I are going with a church group to the Holy Land next week (November 15th to the 24th)! We would really appreciate your prayers during that time: for traveling mercies and for our group's safe return home. Thank you so much! Blessings. Lori

Barbara Lock passed away posted by Myrtle Macdonald on 11/8/2018
Here was my anonymous prayer request for her: "Friend with Bowel Cancer posted on 8/30/2018. She also has immunity problems and severe pain and is in isolation in the hospital. She is not a believer but when I realized she is afraid and wanting encouragement from me, I suggested that she could now turn to the Comforter and Advocate. She seemed pleased and relieved. I thanked her for phoning me." She had chemo three times. Please pray for her family and friends. For many years she was excellent secretary for Regional Mental Health and Chilliwack branch of Rail for the Valley. We praise God for her life.

More On "Prayers requested following a fall", originally posted by Evelyn Witmer on 10/21/2018:
"Please pray for HS who broke her leg from a fall. No weight bearing allowed until it is healed...." (more)
Update posted on 11/7/2018: HS wants to thank all for their prayers. She is over half way to the end of the no weight bearing. Then there will likely be some therapy to get the muscles in the leg going. She has been brave and strong through this.

More On "Needing prayers desperately", originally posted on 10/24/2018:
"I have been having a really rough time lately. My child is being abused by my estranged husband and..." (more)
Update posted on 11/7/2018: Please continue to pray for this situation. I believe that his dad is now lying about our son and making concerning allegations. I am trying to do the right things and would benefit from your prayers.

Thank you for your prayers for "D R" posted on 11/6/2018
Thank you to everyone who kept DR in their prayers for the rotator cuffs in both his shoulders. It is in the care of his doctors now. Thanks be to God. Amen.

Family Challenge posted on 11/6/2018
I know that the prayers of the righteous availeth much, so I am requesting that you pray for my family in the most recent turn of events as it relates to my brother's estate. My brother owes a huge amount to the IRS. I am praying that this bill will be able to be settled without losing our family home which is in my brother's name. My elderly sister and my disabled nephew live in the home. Neither is in a position to pay rent elsewhere. It appears that we need a miracle. I know that God is faithful and able to turn what seems impossible to possible. As executor of my brother's estate, this has been overwhelming for me. Please pray for all concerns.

Surgery on the 5th of November and follow up recovery posted by Timothy Page on 11/5/2018
I value the ability to update you on my niece, Jessica, in Texas, who is fighting her breast cancer diagnosis from February 2018. Here is her latest: We have finished chemo and radiation. Tomorrow we have surgery, mastectomy and reconstruction. From what we have been told it will be about a 10 hour surgery with a 4-5 hospital stay. I thank you all in advance for your continued prayers.

W and LH posted on 11/1/2018
Please pray for twin boys William and Luke who are in the midst of a difficult custody battle where there are allegations of abuse on the part of their father. It is in US military court and there are requests for a hearing. Please pray also for their mom Nashwa. The case is in the media but apparently more pressure is necessary for it to be reopened in spite of very concerning evidence.

Update on "V" posted on 10/31/2018
The new medication seems to be working. Praise the Lord. Pray that the panic attacks will soon disappear. Thank you for your prayers. May His name be glorified. Amen

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