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More On "Praise the Lord for His faithfulness", originally posted by George L Myers on 6/25/2018:
"We praise God for His faithfulness. Several years ago, our oldest son hit a deer, then the ditch..." (more)
Update posted on 6/27/2018: Further to the T-bone and Rollover accident, my daughter-in-law has now been assessed to have a concussion and ordered two weeks off work and rest by the doctor. The younger grandson is getting physiotherapy on his shoulder. Please pray for the two weeks to do the healing and that there is nothing more serious behind it. Pray also for shock from the trauma will heal quickly in them all. thank you

Family struggles! posted by Ruth Baker on 6/27/2018
Father, I ask that you touch the life of my grandson D. He has been having severe anger issues and acting out and causing stress with his mom. He is loved greatly and has matured further in his life than they were lead to believe by professionals when he was diagnosed 15 year ago as a baby. The professionals says it is because of going through puberty that he is acting aggressive. Please Father, calm his spirit and help him to overcome the rage within. He can be very loving most of the time. But when something doesn't go his way he gets violent. You know how to handle this situation much more than any one else. In Jesus name, be with D. and the family to find peace among us. Amen

Relationship Restoration posted on 6/26/2018
Please pray for God to arrange to restore my relationship with J , and to provide a way for it to work, as it is the healthiest relationship I have known. But it is prohibited due to our professional life. However I truly believe God brought us together. We prayed together and were kind and gentle with one another. I am trying to find employment elsewhere but still close enough for us to build on what we started to the glory of God. Please pray for me to accept the will of God, regardless. Thank you

Sherry posted on 6/24/2018
You have prayed for John before (thank you!). He now has another single metastasis. He needs a PET scan to make sure there is nothing else of concern. Please, will you pray again, asking for a timely and otherwise clear PET scan. This would allow for surgical removal. We are grateful to our God for His provision of help over the past 17 months.

More On "Please continue to Pray", originally posted by Ruth Burk on 5/21/2018:
"Talked with Trish today (she had a concussion). She is taking it easy - not working / not visiting..." (more)
Update posted on 6/22/2018: Thank you for your prayers for Trish ... please keep them up.

Update posted by Lori Ciccanti on 6/22/2018
My surgery date has been scheduled for July 18th. In the meantime the doctor put me on antibiotics for 30 days. I really appreciate all your prayers. God Bless. Lori

Jessica in Texas/Breast Cancer posted by Timothy Page on 6/20/2018
Just a update from my sister: Jess started her AC chemo, a double dose. They call it devils blood. Yes, it’s red and not fun. She never physically got sick, but dizzy and very weak the first few days, spending lots of time just resting. Surgery to remove the cancer, and probably lymph nodes will be in September. Radiation is to follow, they found a few more spots during the mid chemo scans, which tested positive, and they believe that they were there all along. It now seems a mastectomy will be the route that they take. Lots of reconstructive options available, even taking tissue from her abdomen... Her husband is off for her next round of chemo on July 6. She is gonna have her MIL and I’ll come back for her end of July chemo. I would also like to come back in August for her last chemo! Hoping and praying for her to feel better on the next 3 than she did on this first round. Ugh..13 down, 3 to go. Thanks all for the constant messages and prayers.

Update on Mark posted on 6/18/2018
Father, I come again with the problem of Mark and the refusal of his doctor to sign his disability papers. The doctor will not give a reason for his refusal. Mark and his wife are living from pay cheque to pay cheque with months when it does not last. They also owe a large amount to a person who has debts and is a pensioner. Dear Father: please soften the doctor's heart. To Thee be all praise and glory. Amen

He is risen! posted on 6/18/2018
Jesus is Risen! Praise the Lord! Let us rejoice each day. Let us proclaim Jesus as risen. This is good news. Let pray that believers remember this and not take it lightly, and share it fearlessly. Let us be filled with joy each day.

Grandson once again needs prayer for repentance and job posted by Ruth Baker on 6/17/2018
Father, grandson T once again needs your help in acquiring a full time dependable job. He put his notice in on part time to quit before receiving word if he was accepted at the full time job. So now once again he is jobless and blames everyone but himself for his problems. He needs a softened repentant heart Lord. He needs You to rise above all the deceit and darkness in his life. In Jesus name remind him of the love he held for you as a little boy. He is now a 24 year old man with two children and is not being responsible for his obligations as a man! In Jesus name, Lord, bring him to his knees with heart and soul focused on You so that he will clearly see the light of truth. Amen

Son healing. Daughter and family traveling protection. posted by Ruth Baker on 6/15/2018
Father, my son is having complications after having gall bladder surgery, He was in intensive care with a problem keeping his oxygen up at a safe level. He will possibly have to be off work for several weeks with no paycheque coming in. Please heal him completely and help him keep his financial obligations up to date. Also daughter C and her family are leaving for Florida tomorrow and I am asking for traveling mercy and protection for her entire vacation and her return trip home to Pennsylvania. In Jesus name. All praise and glory to You. Amen.

Concussions posted on 6/13/2018
My Son-in-law "N"sustained a bad concussion the other day (I don't know how though), but he did have to go to the Hospital. I, "J", also sustained a minor concussion on my way back from vacation. However, it's in the same location as my previous one. God please heal both of us. Prayer warriors: your prayers would be greatly appreciated. Amen.

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