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Facing the loss of a loved one posted by Mary Elyn Carroll on 8/28/2018
A very close friend of mine recently lost her 25-year-old son in an accident. Words cannot express the sorrow she is experiencing. Please pray for her and her family and that they will embrace the words of the Psalmist, "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want..."

Latest update on Jessica's battle with Cancer posted by Timothy Page on 8/27/2018
For those who have been so faithfully praying for my niece, Jessica, in Texas... Tim in North Hills, CA. She wrote the following: We finished Chemo last Monday!!!!! We had a little set back and it got pushed back a few days since I caught some sort of bug on our trip home for the wedding. We meet with our surgeon tomorrow to get all the details about my surgery plan. As of right now, we have a single mastectomy scheduled for September 26. Tomorrow we will find out if we need to do any additional scans or not. I will update again if anything in the plan changes after our appointment tomorrow. Thank you for the continued prayers!

More On "surgery and pain", originally posted on 8/24/2018:
"Pray for my friends AK who has had bowel surgery and DK also following surgery. May the Doctors..." (more)
Update posted on 8/27/2018: Thank all of you who have lifted up my friends, AK and DK, in last three days. I know that they appreciate the prayers.

More On "Healing of Blood vessels", originally posted on 7/28/2018:
"May you pray for the healing of Carole's blood vessels and that the medication will have no..." (more)
Update posted on 8/26/2018: Carole has had great improvement the past month and is slowly gaining new strength each day. May you keep Carole in prayer for on going healing. The doctor is pleased with the results of the medication and the blood tests. Thank you all for your wonderful prayers. In Jesus name we pray

Marriage problems posted on 8/24/2018
This couple seem to be as far apart as ever. There is no respect between them. The wife is at her wits end. She does not know how to proceed. Father lead them in the way they should go. Bless their 2 year old. All Glory to Your name Amen.

Update on Mark posted on 8/24/2018
We are still waiting for the doctor to sign his disability form. Mark is discouraged. Please grant the doctor will sign the forms so that the disability can be approved, and the money will come so that a debt can be repaid to a person who is in desperate straits with bills. Lord may Your will be done. All praise to You. Amen

New employment posted on 8/24/2018
Please continue to pray for M. Her hip and knee are still very painful and she is unable to work. She is planning to open a new business for which she is well qualified. Father, please, if this is Your will, grant that the opportunity will open up. All glory and praise to Your name. Amen

Depression posted on 8/24/2018
I come again for Victoria she is 24 years old and experiences severe panic attacks with sweating problems. Her cat died last week. She is depressed and is having medical help but had been misdiagnosed for years. She is now on the right path. Pray that her new medications will help her. She says she will end it all if there is no improvement soon. Pray her family can minister to her as she lives away from home. Dear Father, hear us as we plead for this dear one. May she return to Your fold. May Your will be done. Amen.

My dog Sonny is resting posted on 8/21/2018
My dog Sonny is resting now, after the removal of his toe this morning by the Vet. We hope to find out if it was cancer or an infection. Please continue to pray for Sonny. May the Lord makes sure he is comforted and that Sonny leaves it alone so the Lord can heal him. May he recover from this fully. I thank the Lord also for such a great and caring Vet! May she and others sense the Lords love through our prayers, and just by being with Sonny. May you know that God hears your prayers (even those that are just tears). He knows all of your needs. I pray you find Him faithful. In Jesus Name. Amen.

Upcoming Trip is upsetting me posted on 8/18/2018
We have a upcoming trip in October and it's upsetting me. I feel that I'm going to be what they call "Odd person out" because my Husband will be so busy with his family that I'll be ignored. I've had that happen many times before and I'm having anxiety attacks about this. Please pray that God gives me the power to put away my anxiety and gives me the "Peace that passes all understanding". Amen.

Prayer Needed posted on 8/18/2018
Pray for daughter-in-law who was in an accident. She said that a fellow made an unsafe lane change and side- swiped her car. There is a lot of damage, but supposed to be repairable, but very expensive. The fellow isn't admitting that it was his fault. Pray that things will work out well for her.

Healing posted on 8/17/2018
Good morning fellow prayer warriors. Please join me in praying for a young man (Kamau) in ICU with cancer. He is fighting for his life. Pray for God's intervention. In Jesus Mighty Name I claim the healing of Kamau, Doctors have their own limitations but You Lord You have the power. A word and he will be well in the great Mighty Name of our Lord Jesus Christ I pray. Amen

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